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Star Children: How to Find Your Purpose

what’s up star children in this video I
want to show you how to find your life purpose now if you’re feeling lost I
feel like I don’t know what my purpose is
don’t worry about it the matrix that we live in it’s not really designed for you
it’s not really designed for you to have a purpose so this video I’m going to
show you how to find it because you don’t really have to find it all you
have to do is remove the things that are blocking it from coming through because
it’s who you are so if you’re new to this channel this is your first time
watching this video my name is Austin and I help people shift their mind to
infinity and beyond so I want you to know that if you’re even stumbled across
this video this universe is run by the law of attraction which means like
attracts like so you were meant to hear this message whether you are a star
child or not because this message is not for everybody but if you’re here it’s
for you but the star children the star seeds the light workers the wayshowers
the people who are here to increase the frequency of planet Earth to not fit in
the system for us it might actually be harder than a normal person to find
their purpose to find your purpose but nevertheless I’m going to show you some
ideas some systematic ways actually that you can go about finding
your purpose so the first one has to do with money
if money did not exist what would you do how would you spend your time because
money is a great tool it helps us live our life but that’s all it is
you know money isn’t evil it’s all about who has the money and what they’re doing
with it so if you were to ask yourself what did i do before I even cared about
money maybe it was when you were a young kid what is it that that lit you up
inside what is it that you wanted to do regardless of what you thought you were
gonna get from it you know what what did you do just for the sake of it because
that’s what your purpose is for me it was studying spiritual stuff I’ve always
been interested in it far before I ever thought I would started YouTube channel
far before ever stuff I thought I would you know do anything other than do what
I love in the moment and so that’s the first way if money did not exist what
would you do if you had all the money in the world what would you do do that and
that same funder purpose now number two is about following your passion this is
all about the frequency of excitement now we can go about this two ways it’s
like macro and micro so what would you want to do for your overarching theme in
your life well maybe you have certain big lofty goals that you were not
accomplished and that could be part of your purpose but also the thing I
encourage you is what is it in the moment that you want to do you can ask
yourself this question out of all my options right now what is the thing that
excites me the most that’s your purpose many times we get lost in this
overarching theme and yes we do have a purpose for being here we have certain
themes that we want to experience and we get to choose whatever we want but we do
a purpose however what is it that excites you the most right now because
it doesn’t have to necessarily be this big thing because part of your purpose
is to become present to the moment you know Eckhart Tolle talks about this and
the power now which is one of my favorite books of all time talks about
your primary purpose is to be present to the moment to fully engage with whatever
it is you’re doing you know you could be washing the dishes and if you were
actually fully engaged with that out of your analytical mind that would be your
purpose and you would find so much fulfillment in doing that and we
overlooked that a lot of times and the thing is is that when you do these
little things you follow your excitement you follow her excitement every chance
you get based on what you actually can do because maybe you’re in a position
where you can’t just oh well I like to skydive but maybe you don’t have the
money for that at the moment well then follow your excitement based upon what
you can do maybe you can go for a walk maybe you can listen to music maybe you
can maybe you can you know whatever it is this is actually a formula like this
is an observed observation when you follow your passion you’re in alignment
with your soul you are actually going to radiate so much positive energy by
following your excitement that your external reality will reflect your
interstate if you continuously do it over and over again and the thing is is
to flow you’re like well I know what I want to do but I can’t do it because of
the money all you have to do is micro it out
you know if you focus on it you don’t even have to know how things are gonna
happen for you they will happen for you in terms of you actually lining up with
something that you need money because money
is a side effect of you doing what you love or add value to other people but
it’s it’s true if you do what you love money is gonna flow to you because
you’re in perfect alignment with the universe and money is energy and energy
cannot be created or destroyed so we have all these beliefs about Oh money I
can’t get money but this is not about money this is about your purpose but
money comes to you based on your purpose doing your purpose so the next thing is
your beliefs your intention because if you have a belief that you know maybe I
don’t even have a purpose or you feel like yeah if you don’t feel like you
have a purpose you can’t find your purpose and so the thing I would say is
to set an intention to find it most of us we would go online for a little while
but we don’t send them we don’t send a clear intention because if you set the
intention which is a focus on a an outcome as if it has already been here
so you focusing on the verse of you who has already found your purpose set the
intention I will find my purpose all the sudden you will find all these
synchronicities in your life that are showing you the way they’re showing you
this is what you must do and if you can piece the puzzle pieces together the
purpose will fall in your lap but you have to set the intention first that’s
the most important thing another thing I would like to say is that in a sense
your purpose is to be yourself fully 100% you because creation does not make
mistakes and for all that is to be all that is
you have to be who you are and so many times we take our own individuality for
granted as star children we say well I just don’t really fit in so you know we
have all these doubts in our head but for many of us star seeds for many of us
lightworkers it is our purpose to be to be to create something new to break down
old systems like the Indigo’s to shape new systems like the crystals and to
live in that frequency of this new earth like the rainbow children if you don’t
know what I was just talking about these are all the different waves and light
workers who have different auras different personality traits all
different different ways of being that are expressed so if you feel like I
don’t know what my purpose is don’t worry about it don’t worry about it if
you’re lost right now who cares the only one that cares is the social
conditioning in your head because many times we don’t even know that we’re
being influenced by something in our head that aren’t actually us so you’re
got to trust your own journey and Trust the timing of your life because if you
act on your passion what lights you up inside every chance you get
systematically look at your 24 hours schedule in your life and dedicate okay
one hour a day I’m gonna do what I’m passionate about for me it’s reading
it’s learning about metaphysical spiritual information learning about the
law of attraction learning about you know galactic star seed information
these connections I have to other dimensions to the true history of Earth
to all these things that light me up inside and then also sharing these
YouTube videos also exercising also eating a nice meal also calling my
parents also drawing all of these things are so
available to us and this is our purpose you see it doesn’t have to be so
complicated because whenever you label something you are taking away from
something so I might say my purpose is to spread the spiritual awareness but in
reality my purpose is much deeper than that just as yours is so if you could
realize all these things that it’s not a big deal it just is what it is and
you’re more likely to find your purpose and in being yourself in being who you
really are your authentic truth people are going to feel that off you because
whenever the hardest thing to do is to be something they’re not
and oftentimes we are in this fear-based mind of trying to conform to society
you gotta understand that that’s perfectly okay because human beings are
very tribal it’s in our reptilian brain that if you were exiled from your tribe
if you were to be authentic and break the mold of maybe the people you grew up
around because many lightworkers grow up around people who don’t necessarily have
the same frequency as them then if you deep in your primal being it’s this this
fear of exile of death because if you were to be exiled by the tribe back in
ancient times that meant death so if you feel like I maybe I want to do this but
I’m not doing it it’s okay
it’s perfectly fine all you have to do is know that when you actually do make
that step you’re not gonna die right it’s a new time all of us starseeds
we’re a mixing of this highly we’re all infinite spiritual beings but we just
have these genetic markers that are activated that that will make you feel
like oh I really can’t fit in right now Matt whereas other people can probably
just get by maybe they’re just satisfied with life but for you it’s like no for
you you got to do what you got to do because you’ll reach this point you’ll
reach this point where it will become more painful to not act on your passion
and it will be to stay in your little box you know for a long time you’ll have
pain from from staying the same you’ll have pain oh I want to do this and then
when you go do it when you act in your passion show the world who you are in
this macro sense you will experience pain because the ego wants to remain the
same the ego does everything it can to survive it wants oh these are my friends
oh this is what my family thinks of me this is where I fall in the ladder of
society but as soon as you make that jump
you are going to experience all this fear all this pain
and guess what someday you’re gonna reach the point where it’s gonna be more
painful to stay in your well little known ego bubble then it would be to
expand and that’s why I’ve launched my YouTube channel because it has propelled
me so far to the point of pain where I was like I have to make a change I have
to be you I am because the hardest thing to do is to be someone you’re not and so
if you feel like I dunno what I want to do but I’m fearing for it I’m fearful of
it know that it’s okay but listen to this you got to understand something
that’s called a motivational mechanism what this means is that every single
person on the planet will always move towards what they believe will bring
them pleasure and away from what they believe will bring them pain so if you
actually believe that you will be getting pleasure from staying the same
even though that you know you have this purpose it will feel good to move in the
direction if you feel like you’ll gain more pleasure from saying the same you
will remain the same if you feel that you’ll have pain from moving in the
direction of your purpose from your passion then you won’t do it because
you’ll you’ll you’ll associate pleasure with it but here’s what you got to do to
flip this motivate motivational mechanism you have to understand that
you have to play it forward and say this is just what’s helping me guys I’m not
trying to preach so you understand what’s helped me is that you got to play
it forward and look at your life put it on 10 years down the line if I don’t act
on my passion and I just stay the same even though it’s comfortable right now
what will I actually become and you might look at yourself might
have midlife crisis later on if you don’t do it now so once you can
understand that if I don’t act on my passion if I don’t do this it’s gonna
cause pain in the future you’ll actually buy and do it and do it now because
you’ll calculate a simple observation you know most of us just don’t calculate
this simple observation where you’ll realize wait if I’m not myself I’m gonna
have all these fake relationships I’m gonna be like a solace like if you don’t
act on your passion it’s not gonna kill you okay you need water shelter air food
and then your passion but you can get a bi with it it’s like a very like
seductive thing if you don’t act on your passion if you don’t have a purpose it’s
like you can get by but eventually you can so this is what I’m saying you have
to associate pain with not moving in the direction of your purpose you have to
associate pain with staying the same this is the biggest game-changer for me
in terms of following my purpose going in the spiritual direction yes of course
that I feel pain in the present moment where I was separated from all these
people that I was familiar with my ego identity yes absolutely but what would
have been more painful it would have been playing it forward and realizing oh
Jesus Christ I would have been in a bad place in the future if I didn’t do this
now and so in being yourself it’s brave you
have to be brave to do it you have to be confident to do it and if you’re even
watching this video you are ready to do it and the thing is we all already know
what we want to do and this isn’t to scare you but this is something this is
a observational thing about the universe how it works is that if you know what
you want to do if you have a passion and then you consciously don’t do it you’re
subject to a forest fire the universe is going to send people your way
synchronicity negative synchronicity your way and it’s going to shake you out
of your little box that you’re that you know you should be out of but you’re
staying in there’s gonna be all this shit there’s gonna be all these problems
and you have to get out of the box or else you’re subject to this little
destructive mechanism because it’s actually for your highest good it might
shake up your life situation because it’s like wake up bro wake up girl you
have to get out of this little box because you know what you want to do and
if when you choose oh I’m just gonna stay the same then the universe is like
you’re subject to a kid or adult grandfather wake up
you got to go in your heart’s direction because that’s what it’s all about the
heart so determine the price that you are willing to pay now because if you
truly love what you’re doing anyway you won’t even have to pay a price the only
price will be an illusion the ego dying but which is an illusion
anyway it’s all illusion anyway with your ego so know that if you follow your
passion this is a systemic mechanism that will
bring you abundance and amazing people health wealth amazing people do you want
that then you have to be willing to put it online and I’m talking to you like
this because I know who I’m talking to you I’m not talking to you just everyone
I’m talking to star children I’m talking to people whose purpose is most likely
something like out-of-the-box something like that you will be judged oddly that
people will be like I know you is this but now you’re acting all weird so you
have to determine is it worth it because I’m telling you it’s worth it it is so
worth it now to finish this off I want to give
you something that’s gonna help you act on your purpose if you know what your
purpose is this is gonna help you act on it and that’s to be act as if you’re
being filmed in a movie you’re the star of your own movie
you’re not some role player some character in someone else’s movie
because by the way when you don’t follow your purpose and you know your purpose
and your is shaping yourselves to be this character in other people’s lives
willing to like you they like the character you’re stroking their ego they
don’t like you they like you in a certain way but anyway that was a side
tangent what you want to do is you want to act like you’re being filmed and what
this will does it will get you out of your little come your comfort zone it
will take you out of your comfort zone and it will make you say well my life is
ending right and it’s also a paradox because if you’re really following your
purpose it’s who you are when no one’s looking when no one is looking
you better reveals your true character and what your actual purpose is because
you don’t care who is watching me in a movie but at the same time if you could
make this epic for yourself you could say what if this was a movie and people
were watching me all the sudden you’re gonna be motivated what if your future
children or grandchildren we’re gonna watch a movie of your life
all’s on your dime I gotta do all this epic stuff because I need to leave my
legacy but at the same time with all this always remember your purpose is to
be in the present moment your purpose is to be yourself and all
of this is in a sense just guiding signs to get to you because I’m not telling
you anything new I’m telling you what you already know
so to recap what would you do if money were not an object if you could do
anything you wanted didn’t get paid for it what would you do for its own sake
not for to get something out of it for its own sake
number two act on your passion what makes you feel good what lights you up
gets you most excited follow that on a macro level I want to do this is my life
purpose but also follow it on us a minimal level what excites you right now
maybe you can eat a meal maybe you can go talk to your friends whatever it is
to do that and then what shit shifts you out of time like what I’m doing this I’m
not in time I don’t know what time it is time is a man-made concept and whatever
you take note of the activities that you do that bring you out of time because
that is your purpose I hope you guys enjoyed this video
my name is Austin I hope you have a beautiful day and I hope you find your
purpose set the intention Eric as much love and light peace

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