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100 thoughts on “Stephen Whips Up Delicious Desserts With The Kids From MasterChef Junior

  1. That first kid was actually on The Profit too! Marcus Lemonis invested in his business. I didn't even know he was on Masterchef Junior!

  2. all these cooking bits are always so stressful. just keep Colbert away from the kitchen lol have him sit at the desk while they cook. 😉

  3. The girl was way too full of herself. Bit of a pageant princess vibe. I imagine her mother is a PTA nightmare

  4. The kids were nervous, so Stephen had to do some improv to embarrass himself and warm the audience up. It'd be more tolerable if these cooking demos captured any of the appeal of the process.

  5. Steven has to take a break from all the Rumpian news. It's making him a bit unstable. It's the only explanation for walking around throwing a sharp knife and then trying to catch it.

  6. I think some people need to get in the mindset of being with kids…..
    Stephen wasn't mentally ready to do this…. missing the point of red & green, showing off with twirling a knife…. & he was distracted! And using a swear word with kids? Yes, …at this age, they've heard it before, but it was still rude. He was way off… was he thinking about donnie??

  7. the girl has a great mix of seriousness and a sense of humor 🙂 great kids, except the big one, he should be more careful

  8. That is kinda hoody_teen behavior or thinking you are above the law — of gravity – not.
    Whew. Take normal care dude.

    Who juggles a knife? People who have been cut too many times.

  9. Those kids were perfect, so funny and each managed to burn Stephen in their own unique way – very funny :p Stephen was so funny when each kid was able to outshine home & he couldn't deal lmfao

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  11. The Girl sure put Steven in his place. The Master Chef Jr. is the best show on TV. When I was their age I was making a huge mess just trying to make a PB&J sandwich. I did watch all of the Julia Child cooking shows in the 1960's growing up.

  12. "These colors make it look like a gangrenous wound."
    Next chef "Don't use that knife it has your blood on it!"
    "I'm the only one eating it?"

  13. Stephens wife; do not let him ANYWHERE near anything that resembles a kitchen!
    CBS: immediately puts him in mini kitchen

  14. I love that he is exploiting incongruity. These kids have a scenario of how they think its going to go and he just keeps flicking their expectations in the ear.

  15. 04:48 In that France, that would have been a major political scandal if Stephen yelled it behind closed doors…

  16. I was impressed by the three chefs who showed great patients and maturity working in these somewhat disruptive and unpredictable circumstances. At the same time I loved the interaction between them and Mr. Colbert. Very cute

  17. after Stephen says, "gangrenous wound" he looks up and mouths something presumably off the teleprompter or to the producer behind the camera and I'm wondering if anyone can make out what he's saying…

  18. Of my biggest pet peeves is to see someone licking their finger while cooking or making food. PLEASE! This is nasty, especially if you're preparing food for someone else. NEVER put your saliva on your finger and then touch food that's supposed to be served to someone else. Clean your finger with a tissue or a towel instead.

  19. He owes Remy. Stephen was so rude to her and he neglected to share her accomplishments, she was the only one he did that to. Not cool stephen colberT. you got some nerve making fun of her pronunciation of Macaroon. you're a real jerk #stephencolbert #Remy #NBC #MasterchefJunior #Baking #Jerk #TheLateShow #WomensEquality #Accompolishments #ToxicMasculinity #Christmas #GirlsRock

  20. He tries so hard to be funny, has all these writers coming up with material, and then the swear-to-god funniest thing I've ever heard him say was the spontaneous, "I'm choking on maCRON!" Cannot stop laughing!

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