Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers
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Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers

really Get his Plate you are driving here an i am resting we ride quietly you blame me that i attacked you but i believe that you shouldnt drive here what are you doing why did you pushed us with our bikes i know you what do you mean what the hell was that why you cut me off i almost rann in to you you where on the inside and i whas on the outside dude i almost rann in to you i whas about to speed up alright alright! dude there was enough room whats up you good? your fallowing to close there i cut you off?

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    01:31 ZAB Enduro – Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2016 – (LICENSED by FLIGHT PATH MEDIA) –
    04:07 Andoni Linaza – Biker Crashes into Stupid Pedestrian –
    04:33 Alex Shoe – Road Rage – Pulled Over Twice –
    05:12 MOTOSKANDA – Angry Guy Attacks Biker – Near Crashing – (LICENSED by FLIGHT PATH MEDIA) –
    07:19 Marten Brookes – A Little Argument at the Motocross Track –
    08:22 Akshay 2646 – Stupid Driver's Near Head on With Motorcyclist –
    08:47 AlexandeRR – Guy Doesn't Like Lane Splitting – (LICENSED by FLIGHT PATH MEDIA) –


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    Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers 2016 | Road Rage [Ep.#46] –
    A bunch of stupid and angry people getting upset with dirtbike and road bike riders. The biggest and best Road Rage series on Youtube.
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  2. Lane spliting is not a safe way to ride, and it get on car driver nerve. If a car driver crush you, he wil have your death on his mind forever. Dont think that if someone yell at you it's because he doesn't like you. Mabe he is afraid to hurt you. To all motorcycleliste, DRIVE SAFE for everyone. Respect yourself and others.

  3. I want to see the video where these bikers do this to the wrong person and they get the shit stomped out of them like they deserve.

  4. А я бы не разговаривал, снял бы дубиналом голову вместе со шлемом ! Люди отдыхать приехали , а эти ослоебы на своих драчулинах, покоя не дают !

  5. absolutely right, the fools are the motorists who have to put up with those idiots on motorcycles, who think they are the masters of the road, I hope you crash.

  6. На минивене пидар еще тот. Нормально машину поставьте и отдыхай. Козел жирный, пизды надо было навалять.

  7. I love bikes, but in this YouTube channel people cry a lot, there are many situations that are pretty stupid to even make a video

  8. First clip they need serious help idiots can you imagine how scared the person would have been
    inside the car
    I hope the get licences taken of them.

  9. возле отдыхающих да еще когда ребенок спит….уроды и вообще оказавшись на мотоцикле становятся наглыми все пох…Кок то по молодсти какойто наглец вот так выебывался на дороге в итоге сбил его..хорошо покалечился мужик вся семья бегала деньги на лечение требова крендель то еще и бухой оказался из принципа не дал,не жалко наглеца забашлял в суде и адокату и все разрулили.мужик до сих пор на костылях скачет….Дорога не театр едь спокойно уважай других и скорее всего приедешь куда ехал…

  10. 4:15
    he just walked out into the middle of the road and stood there im guessing the dude is going for insurance fraud fuckin idiot

  11. I know people wrong bikers, but bikers, please be the bigger man, dont break the law just to confront the people that wronged you, just walk away when possible

  12. 10 min mark i woulda ran u over sorry not sorry if u jump in frount of me n go slower best believe u will know. one way or another u are fuked when it comes to a car or truck vs a bike… Better think about ur actions when ur on a bike in traffic ive seen people get closed line/doored splitting traffic j/s

  13. People in first part of video failed to maintain there lane which is illegal second they vandalized that person's car!!! They should be in jail!!!

  14. People in cars are the stupidest.The cars they drive are like battering rams to bikers. Drivers are in an enclosed vehicle and are more safer than bikers. When bikers get hit they fly and body parts are exposed. Common sense. Just plain and simple otherwise go to an amger management class or something.

  15. Fgsfddihgfjhgdcdjhgfutifxjytcjytcstxcytsbvdyutcsjhskuyfdyjtceiiyd&gjdtsojdbdjxoxhebfhcobcncicmconekd9skosj£ochwle8mxidl)wke9cjlshhrljs

  16. There are people in this world that are just rude, yeah I know people are rude but what’s destroying their cars going to do? Make them like bikers more? (I speak wisdom)

  17. First clip 2 Bell ends riding slow AF taking up two lanes, and the guy on left gets triggered and Roid Rages on a Woman because the dumb cunt can't ride for shit drifting across both lanes at his leisure lol. Tough guys with their stack hats on bet a duel nipple cripple would take both down.

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