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Tampa Community Behavioral Health Overview

(soft piano pop music) – My name is Mark Cardillo. I’m a licensed clinical social worker and I am the program director
at Tampa Community Hospital for behavioral health and addictions. Our behavioral health unit here
at Tampa Community Hospital is a Baker Act receiving facility, the goal here at Tampa Community Hospital for that particular unit
to stabilize patients that have mental health
problems and may be in a crisis, such as patients that
are actively suicidal or actively having psychotic symptoms due to their mental illness. Our goal is to stabilize
them on medications, correct any situations that may
be going on in their family, such as marital issues or familial issues, and also to establish some
kind of discharge plan so that the patient can follow up, make sure that they
receive their medications, and that they have active therapy when they’re discharged from the hospital. So, there’s a couple different ways that you may come to the
behavioral health unit at Tampa Community Hospital. One would be that you
might get Baker Act-ed, which means you might be
placed here involuntarily. You can also come on a voluntary basis if you feel you need that. Part of what you’ll encounter
when you arrive here would be a medical clearance that would happen in our
emergency department. They would do a general
physical assessment to make sure that you, medically you’re stable
and can be on our unit. The second part of what you could expect would be an admission to the unit, meaning you would meet
with the nursing staff, with the therapists, all of which would gather
information about you, about your past, about your
medications and various things that might be impacting
your mental illness so that the physician can have a good idea of where we need to go
in terms of medication and in terms of your treatment. You’ll participate in establishing a treatment plan for yourself,
so you’ll have full awareness of what the physician is working on, what medications you’ll be taking, and why you would be taking them. You would have daily interaction
with our psychiatrist. They would see you every day
that you are in the hospital. But our average length of stay is anywhere between three and seven days. Your safety is our biggest concern, and so there are items that
you cannot have on the unit. There is a list of those items that you’ll be given when you come in. If there’s anything that you have that you’ve brought with you
that’s not allowed on the unit, we either send it home with your family or we place it in storage so that at the time of your discharge we return those items to you. We hope that your stay at
Tampa Community Hospital will be a pleasant one
under the circumstances. Oftentimes it’s not the choice
of the patient to be here, but we try to make your experience a pleasant one under the circumstances. We have what we call the
high-five experience. So, you’ll see on the
unit, staff coming around and asking you if you’re
having a high-five experience. That really means that we want you to have the best experience that you can under the circumstances you’re here. You also receive a satisfaction survey at the end of your time and
we really want your feedback, both positive and negative,
whatever it is that you have so that we can help the
program to be better.

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