Taste Testing The Fastest Pizza Dough You’ll Ever Make.
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Taste Testing The Fastest Pizza Dough You’ll Ever Make.

(upbeat music) – You wanna make pizza tonight, right. But you forgot to make the
dough the night before. Same here. Pizza, no pizza dough. So what do you do? I wanted to make a pizza and figure out, can I make like a 30
minute pizza dough recipe? Let’s try this see what happens. Alright pre-heat your
oven as hot as it’ll go. I think this goes to 500. Ooh it goes higher, well
let’s say 500 start. Put your rack (rack clinging) on the top. And then take and these are my tiles, if you have a stone, stone works. Use what you got, okay? (metal clinging) (supplies popping) So I firmly believe that
we all are more capable of stuff, doing stuff then we really are. I mean I’m always like, oh
I don’t think I can do that. And then I try it and I can and
I think you’re the same way. And I think that extends
to pizza dough as well. I mean last night I didn’t
remember to make the pizza dough. But tonight I want pizza and I’m like, can I make a quick pizza dough? Can you? Can I? (bags tapping) So here’s my thought here, this is a pretty good
flour for pizza dough. You may or may or may not
have it in your kitchen. But I know you have this in your kitchen and probably some instant yeast right? So first we’re gonna make
a pizza dough with this. Then we’re gonna make a
pizza dough with this. Stay to the end do a taste test. Ready? Let’s go. Okay test number 1. We’re gonna have two cups of the OO flour in your food processor. One and a half teaspoons of sugar. I just had the cane sugar
so that’s what we’re using. ‘Cause here in GardenFork we’re
all about use what you got and that’s what I got was
cane sugar and it’s sugar. So it works and the
camera’s tilting, alright. Three quarters of a teaspoon
of sugar and this kosher so I’m gonna add a little more. Then a whole packet of the super yeast. (bag tapping) (lid banging) Ready to go! Just gonna mix the dry
ingredients real quick. (mixer whirring) Right now we’re gonna
add in oil and hot water. Hot means hot but not too hot, 110 maybe. But has to activate the yeast okay. (mixer whirring) Put the oil in first. And then I’m gonna slowly
drizzle in maybe two thirds of this cup of water maybe not
we’ll see what happens here. (mixer whirring) Alright I think I put in just
a little bit too much water. I’m just gonna throw
some flour in real quick. (mixer whirring) There you go. It just comes out nice. (dough bangs) Put flour on your hands. So we’re just gonna form this into a ball. See how I’m kinda tucking it under itself. I just love this, I love
how it all of a sudden just comes together, don’t you? It’s kinda like, oh maybe this’ll work. And then this, we’ll
let sit for 10 minutes in some plastic wrap. Hello, are you looking for the pizza? Okay so this in some plastic wrap. Let that sit. Oh, who’s this? So our challenge now is to get the. Oh sorry little girl. Get the pizza in the oven
right on to the stone. An upstate I have some a pizza peel. I made a wooden pizza peel, there’s a video about that at the end. But I don’t have that here but. Alright you may not know
this but during the week I live in New York City,
Brooklyn specifically. The other day for the
skillet pan pizza we had to get some ingredients. So we went down to my other
part of the neighborhood. Today we’re going to another intrigue part of the neighborhood which is
a big reason why I live here. Ready? Here we go. (piano music) Okay this is what four
blocks from my house. Favorite store right here. No pizza peel but I got
this it’s a pizza screen. Maybe we’ll try it. I got the tiles in the oven, but. I know, it’s three dollars
and I asked for the pizza peel and they said, politely
wrong, wrong neighborhood. (laughs) They were nice. So we’re gonna see if
this works with that. I mean, we’re making pizza,
it doesn’t have to be like artisanal, super-duper pizza. It’s us making pizza. I remember when I was a kid. I mean in the mission of
fixing everything we could try and fix in the house. We also just cooked all the time as well. ‘Cause going out was expensive. But pizza was easy. My dad would make the crust. We would all add our ingredients. And they weren’t beautiful. But they we’re beautiful
and it was home-made pizza. What’s not to like about that? Whenever I turn the camera
on she shows up how unusual. This is the 00 flour which
is what a lot of pizza places make their dough out of and
this is all purpose flour. This is I’m really not a flour expert. Maybe the test kitchen people
would help us out with this. This says soft wheat flour,
OO is the grind I think. The mill grinding, it’s
very smooth, soft smooth. Is that a word? But all purpose flour,
you have it, I have it. So we’re gonna throw
the odd one in the oven. And then we’re gonna
make the all purpose one. And at the end of the video
we’re gonna have a taste test. Stick around to the end,
taste test, see what happens. Looks pretty good. So I learned this from Jim Lahey. We’re just gonna go around the edge. I can never make a circular pizza okay. But we’re gonna go a round the edge and that is the crust now okay. That it’s got a little spring back. So yeah I push it and
it comes back like that? That’s okay I mean it’s
not an overnight dough. You can just let it rest
for a minute they say. I’ve never really got it to do that. But I do like that I have the crust here. And that’s, how big of a pizza is that? I’m just always surprised
when it works, aren’t you? I mean that looks good so far. I’m excited to put it in there. (peel sliding) I like sauce, I don’t think you need a ton of sauce especially on this (spoon tapping) kind of pizza. Couple of people on the cast
iron skillet pizza video talked about their home-made mozzarella. That’s on our to-do list. Pecorino romano. This is, I dunno I just like it. This has a lot of salt
in it, so you don’t need to add more salt on the top okay. Here’s a trick I learned from Jim Lahey, just before we’re gonna
put this pizza in, sorry. We’re on bake, we’re
gonna turn it on broil. Alright, can I, can I get
this off of here you think? Yes. Yes. Broiler is on, stone is wampen hot. I’m gonna guess six minutes. (beep) This is going really
well and I’m wondering you know in GardenFork also
and things kinda go oops. I don’t think there’s gonna
be an oops moment here. This is, it’s pizza I
get that pizza for lunch. How cool is that? This is the pizza stare-down. (mixer bangs) Let’s make the all purpose dough. Okay roughly two cups of
the all purpose flour. A packet of yeast. Three quarter tablespoon of salt. One and a half teaspoons of sugar. (lid bangs) (mixer whirring) A little burnt but that’s beautiful. Man that is fantastic. Isn’t that great? So it’s a little burnt so
my fingers are burning, ow. I’m gonna adjust the oven
rack so it’s down one level. Like that. (mixer whirring) Definitely feels different. Let’s make it into a ball. This is too much flour on here hold on. It’s thicker, definitely thicker. See it kinda comes back at you. If you have some ideas about
why it’s kinda pulling back like that with the all purpose
flour let me know okay. ‘Cause I learn from you as much. Well I kinda learn by doing
isn’t that the GardenFork? (piano music) Broiler’s on, let’s try
this see what happens. (tapping pan) Our previous video was about making pizza in a cast iron skillet. These are the last two remaining pieces. ‘Cause well frankly I made
a lot of cast iron pizza. And this is part of the
reason the labradors have been well let’s say around. ‘Cause this is very fragrant. Even if it’s cold pizza it’s good pizza. The link for this video end of the video. End of this video. Alright! (pizza sizzling) How cool is that? I’m gonna put our other
pizza back in to warm up. Very uniform well a
little ununiform but warm. Very nice, okay a little. I could have baked that a little longer. Alright all purpose flour, 00 flour. Crunchy crust. Not a lot of yeasty overnight
fermentation flavor. Definitely a thinner crust, thicker crust. This is a little
under-baked, but the 00 flour does a thinner crust in a 30 second and that is pretty amazing. Let’s talk more about
this in more pizza videos which are right here okay. I’ll see you in the next one. We’ll be eating pizza together. Right there.

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32 thoughts on “Taste Testing The Fastest Pizza Dough You’ll Ever Make.

  1. Oh I have done pizza dough. It's pretty simple. And when you get to the level I'm at – you find the home cooked meals are better than one can get at a restaurant. So there's that.

  2. Pizzas are great and by adding many different types of toppings they never get boring. Thanks for sharing all your Pizza ideas with us.

  3. Love it! I have the same flour! We get together with friends and make pizzas in cast iron on the fire!!! Wompin hot!!!

  4. Your pizza looked amazing!! I owned and operated 2 pizza shops over my 30 year career as a restaurateur and I can tell you that there is nothing more satisfying or better tasting than what you just did. Well except for when using a wood burning oven. The smokiness and flavor is just out of this world. In italy we all have a wood burning oven in our yards. If I may, a good tip for flattening and stretching out your dough is to use your hand flat instead of just finger tips. That way you can feal for evenness in thickness and gets flat faster. Thanks for posting. ❤️your vids.

  5. 00 has more gluten (stuff that makes pizza stretch easy) all purpose doesn’t why it springs back into itself. I personally use King Arthur bread flour as it has a decent amount of gluten. Also how they make nyc style pizza is they cold ferment for a few days to develop the flavor of the crust, almost like sour dough.

  6. Yay just what you need for that skillet pizza. Soft wheat usually has a different amount of protein. Makes a difference in rise. Like bread flour is different from cake and all purpose.

  7. Just heard you say "home made mozzarella." That's on my bucket list, can't wait to see your video.

  8. We've used all purpose and Bisquick too. Put them in the oven until they begin to rise then press down the "pie" inside the crust area, apply topping.

  9. The gluten makes it stretchy, more gluten more stretch. If you want to use all purpose flour you can add vital wheat gluten to the mix. You can buy vital wheat gluten in the supermarket probably. I buy it at the Amish supermarket. And I use it when I make bread, I've come to find that extra wheat gluten added to bread flour gives me more of a fine crumb. Also the bread slices easy and stays fresh longer. Now I add a few more things when bake bread, I took tips from many you tubers.
    The original recipe was called Lofty white bread.
    1 1/2 C. Warm water
    2 tsp. Dry active yeast, or rapid yeast.
    2 tbs. Honey
    2 tbs. Softened butter
    2 tbs. Buttermilk powder or dry milk powder
    1 tsp. Salt
    Approximately 4 cups of bread flour.
    If anyone is interested, it makes 2 darn nice loaves of bread.

  10. Pizza is getting expensive from a pizza place. Have started making my own with store bought dough ($1.00 Trader Joes). Have always been intimidated by dough making. You sir did it for me, I can do that, after all you did it😁…no disrespect. I was hoping the "tasting lab" would have an opinion, as if I didn't know what it would be…more!

  11. I'm 44 and have never had any luck with pizza dough. I'll definitely try this one tomorrow! Thanks for sharing and I love the pups!

  12. hoping I didn't miss something….you preheated to 500 but then just used the broiler for about 8 min, is that right?!

  13. relaxing the dough causes the gluten to relax, which is usually 10-15 minutes. The springiness is the gluten.

  14. I forgot sooo much things during the last 20 Years , but i KNOW i have a Pizza Dough Receipe without any waiting for the yeast, because i LOVE fast pizza . And i am sure i have the same german Food Processor somewhere in one of my cabinets…. 🙂

  15. The Italian 00 flour you used likely was ground from semolina durum wheat. The gluten in strong in the 00 flour yet it’s not as elastic as the gluten in the all-purpose flour. All-purpose Flour is usually ground from hard red wheat. Since 00 dough gluten is less elastic, the dough doesn’t fight back as much as it does in the all-purpose flour dough. Both look tasty.

    An idea for next time when running a comparison like this, maybe make a half pizza of each and slip them onto the tiles at the same time. This ensures these would be baked for the same time and the oven conditions would be the same for both.

    Glad to see the dogs! Keep the good stuff coming. We enjoy the channel.

  16. Good one, will try it! I have had great luck with the following simple dough recipe. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours before you're ready to go in the oven. 2 cups + 1 tbsp AP flour, 1 tsp sea salt, 1 cup water @100*, 1 tsp instant yeast. I use a stand mixer w a dough hook. Put the water and salt in mixing bowl, dissolve salt. Add flour and yeast, and stir w spoon a few times until all flour is hydrated. Mount the bowl on your mixer w dough hook and mix on low/med for 4 min. Scrape the bowl down, add a bit of flour if needed. Mix for another 4 minutes. Pour out the dough ball into an oiled bowl, cover and let rest for 15 minutes. At that point its ready to mold into your oiled round or square pan, or iron skillet. It's very workable, not too elastic at all. Mold into your pizza pan, cover, let sit for 1 hr to 90 min. You're then ready to top and bake.

  17. Worked tons of zza joints, it's pulling back because you're trying to do it in 30 minutes. Dough's do this when they are under proofed. Also don't be afraid to beat up the dough, especially if you aren't tossing it. Press firmer when establishing your crust and then knead in the middle to get it even and get rid of any bubbles before you have to pop it as it bakes. Toss or hang stretch using the crust as a guide. Again, don't be afraid to hurt the dough's feelings, worst case scenario you tear a hole which can usually be repaired by pressing it back together and proceeding gently as to not retear it when you fire/spin/pull

  18. Just tried this. In the past I had only made homemade pizza using store bought dough. I will never use that again. Easy, fast and fantastic! I used all purpose flour (like you predicted I had that) and followed the recipe exactly. While my yeast package was outdated it turned out great. I don't have a food processor so I used a hand mixer instead and it worked like a charm. My new go to pizza recipe. Thanks.

  19. Hi Gardenfork pizza boy who hides his wife behind the camera who refuses to show her face! That's okay! You two are a team worth watching everyday! Love your pizza making videos.

  20. I like the intro to your films better than previous one. Would this turn out ok on the stove top? How much yeast is in a packet? I buy the yeast in jars.

  21. The all purpose flour has more gluten called a harder flour for bread's you should use a soft flour lower gluten.

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