Tava Pulav | तवा पुलाव | Chef Ranveer
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Tava Pulav | तवा पुलाव | Chef Ranveer

You know one Mumbai dish that always fascinates me I have always liked it. That is “Mumbai’s Tava Pulav” Tava is widely used on the streets of mumbai Primarily used for “Pav bhaji” But when, Bhaji is not available and there is no pav on side So the little bit leftover bhaji and its flavor is used By adding rice Spices Very interesting pulav is created, which is
served with raita and papad So, we are making Mumbai style “Tava Pulav” You and me, actually I’m making and you are watching But I promise you will learn Yeah! Alright All good things start with Butter Everyone became so happy, see! So happy I took butters name And everyones happy! And Here’s oil Or the butter will completely burn And the pulav will turn brown instead of red And you will say “Ranveer didn’t tell us” Cumin Jeera(cumin) Sliced onions There’s a “Canon” Pav Bhaji stall outside VT Station I like their Tawa pulao the most Its a delight watching them People are aware, its turn for Tawa Pulav to be made So everyone, garthers around the stall where Tawa Pulav is going to be prepared Then the Tawa Pulav gets over Then they go to the other stalls where Pav Bhaji is being prepared It is quite a delight to watch them Again Don’t, no overcooking There is no enough time for over cooking So That’s it Don’t have to cook them brown Okay! Now Ginger garlic paste And now, this chilly paste This is the most important part, okay? What’s in this? There is Soaked Kashmiri chilly Right! Inside that There’s garlic There’s cumin And then you make a paste Okay! The beauty of the dish is this paste Essentially for volume And now basically all those vegetables, which are added to Pav Bhaji Capsicum Tomato Potato Beans Basically, what’s happening here is that there’s juicness from tomatoes, sweetness from capsicum there’s body of cabbage and there’s satiation from potatoes, which means Potatoes are there to fill your tummy And most importantly The ingredient that binds everything together that is the chilli paste, Which is most Most! Most! Important Lets add green peas as well. Green pea is already boiled so, it wont take time to cook Done! Now its time to put the rice Now Lemon juice, for little sourness Butter And now Pav bhaji masala Traditionally when you’re making this, there’s so much leftover bhaji on the tava that there is no need to add Pav bhaji masala But, if you want that taste of dirty tava In which there’s some Pav bhaji, some Pulav So it is the good idea to add Pav bhaji masala And we are done Okay! I don’t think it needs any garnish But, now that we have decorated such a big tava we won’t leave it without the garnish And along with it, Papad And raita Nice Now so much is made, that the whole neighbourhood can eat! I am going to call the neighbours You can like,share, comment and subscribe And what else And do all the good things all social media Everyone says Ranveer doesn’t tell these things!

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100 thoughts on “Tava Pulav | तवा पुलाव | Chef Ranveer

  1. Ranveeer bhaiya i love it the way u cook plus apka jo aandaaz hain butter butter bolne ka uff bhai butter se hi pyar hogaya

  2. He Would be great to hang out with, he would take us to the most amazing places to eat.
    Sir apki aisi hi recommendation mil Jaye toh bas, sab sahi ho jayega

  3. Hi ranveer you are a wonderful chef I like your anchoring also the way you describe the recipes awesome but there is one complaint at the time of describing the recipe sometime you forget take name of ingredient camera show the ingredient in pan it's get difficult to guess because some viewers doesn't guess properly that's all about and one thing while when I was preparing food my customers make some small mistake but you correct my mistake I mean after watching your video I understand mistake thanks for all keep going on

  4. Wow amazing recipes👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  5. Awsm recepie..will try is asap.. but plz do tell me from where to get this Tawa ??? Which looks like flat kadhai !!!!!!

  6. Big fan of yours Ranveer and beautiful plastic free kitchen i always notice there is no utensils made up of plastic in your kitchen which is great to see and learn

  7. i love to watch your videos and follow them while cooking . btw, what knife is it ? i would like to buy. please …

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