Thao Cook: Crabs With Tamarind Sauce
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Thao Cook: Crabs With Tamarind Sauce

Xin Chào (Hello by Vietnamese) how are you today?
Welcome back to Thao Cook 🙂 today I will cook crabs with tamarind. Do you Know about tamarind yet? This is special tropical fruit in Southest Asia countries. It have a sour taste, and we can use it for make drink or for cooking. first of all I will take these crabs to
take shower for them :)) I will show you the size of crabs. Hellooo Helloo I will brush it well to make sure they be clean maybe too strong! I have to make faint. Ok! I will put them to the fridge in 15 mins. After 15 mins the crabs might be tired now now I will do everything fast before them
return. we will take the legs and remove the leftover part we will do the same with the another crab I will beat it up to help the ingredients
will mix well into the crab. Prepare their crabs it’s always the part that I’m the
most lazy. Tadaaa…My crabs are ready okay I’ll keep it on the side here and prepare for the other ingredients okay now I will start with the gingers.
First of all, I will peel the gingers I will slice it to the pieces and then continue cut it as the
fiber structure Put all my gingers to this plate
next paces I will do the same things with onions and garlics Finally, I chop the chillies okay All my ingredients finished. Now I will turn on the electric stove check the heat, put a little bit oil into the pan
just a little bit…ok, just a little bit more then we’re waiting until the oil hot enough First of all, you put onions then fry it well. Then we put garlics we keep it in the low heat Chilies Put just half of these ginger. If we put all, it will be bitter then we keep stir it in five mins now I can feel smell of all these ingredients. Can you feel it? we will add three tablespoons of water. Ok! 5 tablespoons of water. Then we can raise the heat up we will add 1…2 tablespoons of soy sauce. 1 tablespoon of vinegar
I use a apple vinegar but you also can use rice vinegar or whatever
kind of vinegar. Next two tablespoons of sugar can you feel the smell of all these ingredients? Put all the crabs into the sauce now
we mix the crabs with all ingredients inside the pan then I will add some salt Then mix it well for easier to cooked I will put the lid for it. Now is the time to . make the sauce First of all, I put 2 tablespoons of chilly sauce. 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce depend on your taste, you can increase or reduce the things. I will add 1 egg put a little bit of water we can use the chopsticks to mix it well. The sauce help to make your sauce have a perfect taste. and it will be more condensed mix it well…mix it well now I will creck the crap look at its, the crabs are changed colors
turn to orange now We will put the sauce and mix it well. (We will put tamarind sauce at this time also) now I take it to the plate and
decorate it okay I will taste it first, so good (satisfy :)) we can eat crabs with bread. This crabs when we it with bread, that is a good combination
but this morning I forget to buy bread okay I will go to buy bread now. Whish you
make it successfully at home okay I would lile to find my bread now
Cảm ơn các bạn! (Thank you all in Vietnamese)…Byeee

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