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The Baker Twins | #MADEtoMAKE

Before YouTube The Baker Twins name was just
a cruel nickname other kids use to call us. We grew up on a small reservation in Northern
B.C. Hunting, fishing, and learning about our culture from our Grandmother. Now we live and create in L.A. Go Big or go
home! A lot of our followers are fitness enthusiasts
that want to know how we stay in shape. We may be twins but we are different in so
many ways. I’m Shannon. And I’m Shauna. We are The Baker Twins and we are made to

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25 thoughts on “The Baker Twins | #MADEtoMAKE

  1. I was wondering when I will see this because I haven't seen it on tv yet. I believe I saw the behind the scene footage on snapchat

  2. You two should just stream your gaming directly to YouTube instead of twitch. Seems like twitch is just a pain and you have tons of fans here. Too many trolls hating on you on twitch. They dont appreciate you over there.

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