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The Best Breakfast Sandwich Is Actually A Meatloaf – The Cooking Show

-And I’m back. [ Laughs ]
[ Applause ] I hate everyone.
[ Laughs ] Get your camera ready, boy, ’cause you’re gonna
want to see this. Welcome back to
“The Cooking Show.” I’m Farideh, and today, we are making meat loaf, but not just any meat loaf,
’cause I fucking hate meat loaf. I think it’s disgusting. It just makes me sad.
It makes me sad. So, we’re not making
a sad meat loaf. We are making a fucking happy, delicious breakfast meat loaf sandwich. The reason it’s breakfast,
because it’s got eggs in it, cheese, and bacon. Meat loaf is fucking gross. Here’s why —
It’s a loaf of meat. [ Laughs ] Like,
that’s pure and simple. I don’t know.
That’s a lot of fucking meat. Ketchup is always on or in
meat loaf. Why? Ketchup is the most
disgusting condiment. I hate it.
I hate it, hate it, hate it. It’s like I gave myself
a challenge of, like, “Here. Let’s make a meat loaf that even the haters
are going to love.” I did it. I fucking did it. [ Applause ]
To me. That’s all to me. What I’m going to do first
is grease my loaf pan. Like, meat loaf.
It’s a weird — It’s a gross word.
It’s like nut butter. It’s like…
[ Man laughs ] Zeke laughs from the audience. Alright.
This is nice and greased. We can put it aside.
So this is a kaiser roll. Alright?
You need bread crumbs. I think that the thing
about meat loaf is, it always has
bread crumbs in it, ’cause the breadcrumbs
we’re doing, and I’m gonna soak it in milk. It’s gonna add moisture to this,
which you need. This is a crazy meat loaf. There’s, like,
so much shit in here. Not so much shit in here —
it’s actually very simple but it’s, like…dank. I just said, “dank.”
Whatever. Okay. Putting this in. We’re gonna pulse it up. ♪♪ It was hypnotizing. I just, like, got lost in this.
Did you notice that? I just, like, stopped,
and I was just like, staring at it. Look at this.
This is so beautiful. Now, we only need
2/3 of a cup of this. One there just like that. I’m gonna add some milk
and just going to soak it, and that’s gonna make it
even more moist. Give it a little stir. My water is boiling. I’m going to…
add my eggs in. So I’ve got three eggs here. We’re going to do
5-minute boiled eggs. So a little bit of garlic,
mince up this garlic like so, just run your knife through it. Just roughly chop it, okay? Because you’re going to use
the blade of your knife to make a paste
with the salt. So about a teaspoon of salt just on your cutting board
right there. So we’re just going to take
the blade of our knife and just mash it. Listen to it squeaking. I’ve never heard it
do that before. Salt has literally made this
into such a paste, and you’re just using
your knife, really smashing it in there. So in there. I’m gonna drain out some
of this water in here. And I’m just gonna run
cold water over it. Grate our onion. Okay. Watch your fingers on this. Check it out. Look.
All that liquid it released. You don’t need to squeeze
this out or anything. I don’t mind that there’s
a little extra liquid. It is starting to make me
tear up a bit. Phew. We’re gonna
take our knife. You can squeeze out some. No —
Oh, it’s hitting me. Oh, it’s got me.
It’s got me. [ Sighs, laughs ]
What the fuck? [ Sniffles ] Laugh —
Everyone laugh at me. Take this moment to enjoy
the fact that I’m crying. Oh, I’m just holding it.
I’ve got to get rid of it. That extra layer of protection,
the goggles probably do help. Do you really want
to be that nerd wearing goggles while
you’re chopping an onion that takes literally
five minutes? I just think it’s ridiculous. Oh, it’s hitting me. Oh, it’s got me. [ Sighs ] Ooh!
I’m okay now. Ground beef in this guy —
1 1/2 pounds probably? I’m just gonna
put that in there. We’re using breakfast sausage. You have all those
good breakfast sausage, like, vibes in there,
Parmesan cheese because cheese, 1/4 teaspoon of fresh pepper,
black pepper. Then maybe it’s another
2 teaspoons or so of salt. Check the recipe. I don’t remember
exactly what it was. Put that in there,
a little bit of cayenne, so it adds a little bit
of heat to it. We’re going to crack
two of our eggs in it… just like that. This is an easy recipe. It is like a, you know, a dump-and-stir type thing. We need like
2 tablespoons of parsley, I think, so… finely chop it. Gonna take my bacon, and I’m gonna cut it in half. I’m gonna mix all this together, and then I’m gonna
add the cheese into it. First, I do need… to peel my eggs, so carefully peel it. You know what the trick to,
like, getting your eggs to peel without, like,
completely fucking shit up is? Not using fresh eggs and also having your eggs
at room temperature. It makes them easier to peel
and then makes them also not crack when they go
into the water. ♪♪ This is mixed.
Now I’m gonna add the cheese in. So I’ve got chunks of cheese.
So I want to do it… You could grate cheese
into there. I wanted to do cubes because I thought
it would be really fun to have pockets of cheese in it. I’m going to take, like,
two-thirds of this mixture. It looks so beautiful.
It doesn’t. Push it into my greased up pan. I’m gonna make three
little nests or holes. We’re using our 5-minute eggs. They’re a little bit softer
in here. You can see it.
Like, they’re not hard. They’re just, like,
squishy and soft. It holds its shape in there. We’re going to put the rest
of our meat back on top, and this is now the little eggs, and the nests have
their blanket on top. Okay?
Look at this. Fuck. I really am a mad genius. [ Thunder rumbles ]
[ Maniacal laughter ] We’ve got our bacon.
We tucked our eggs in. Now we’re tucking our meat in.
Okay? [ Laughs ] Stagger it on here, and then tucking our bacon
into the sides because as the bacon cooks,
it’s going to contract. We’re putting bacon on top
because bacon is gonna crisp up. Look at that.
Oh, yeah. Look at that.
I just literally was like, mm. That was weird.
Sorry. I am putting a little tray
underneath of this. It’s not gonna bubble over, but you’ll see, like,
so much, like — It’s like cheese and fat and all that goodness, like,
kind of pools around this. 400-degree oven. We’re not covering it
with foil or anything. It’s gonna go in there
the whole time uncovered. Okay? There we go. For about an hour
and 15 minutes, maybe a little bit more,
maybe a little bit less. The meat loaf’s out of the oven. We let it rest, as I mentioned, for about 15, 20 minutes. Meanwhile, while that’s resting, you can prepare your sandwich. Remember that kaiser roll?
We’re using them again. Slice this guy in half. Melt a little bit of butter
in the old skillet. I’m using, that’s right,
Kraft Singles ’cause I’m not better than
fucking Kraft Singles, okay? You might be, and that’s fine.
You do you. I really like Kraft Singles.
I think they melt really well. They’re perfect for
breakfast sandwiches. Because also, like,
look how cute they are. Who doesn’t love the fact
that they come in these nice little… floppy-ass plasticky things? It comes in what it’s made with. So the butter is
pretty much melted. Our bread is good to go. We’re gonna go like this
and toast it, like this and toast it. You heard me say… how many times that
I hate ketchup? And I do. I hate it.
I hate it, hate it, hate it. But with a breakfast sandwich, I think that you have to dip
your fucking sandwich in a combo
of sriracha and ketchup. So that’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna mix this and this. It’s like a two-to-one
ratio of sriracha, so put that on in there. Make sure there is ketchup,
give it a little stir. I would normally squirt it
on the plate or something and mix it together
on the plate, like you dip your sandwich
in there and squirt it. Maybe I should’ve done that.
Doesn’t matter. I’m being classy right now
and mixing it. Let’s see what our bread
looks like. Ooh, perfect.
Okay. We’re gonna cross-section it
like that. Ooh, perfect. Beautiful. Okay. And now what we’re
all here for — the loaf of meat. So this has been sitting here,
and you’re like, “How do I get this out?” What I do,
Because it’s been sitting, and it’s, like, just
warm enough to handle, is that I go like this and then like that. Yay. Oh, motherfucker.
Look at that. Look at this,
how beautiful this is. Look at that. You can see the little
pockets of cheese in there, little pockets of cheese, big old nested egg
right there. Perfectly cooked. It sat there
and rested for a bit. That’s so cute,
but it’s not done yet. This is gonna go on to here
just like that, but it gets better,
because we’re going to take these beautiful two
pieces of cheese… I know.
Look how pretty that is. I’m gonna cover it up
with this cheese, but it’s cheese,
so it’s okay. Put it right there.
I’m going to take that off. We’re going to put this
under our salamander, our broiler, whatever. It’s gonna melt…
[ Sighing ] Oh. It’s good. Oh, it’s ready. Ooh, yeah. ♪♪ ♪♪ Look at that.
It’s perfect. Look at the cheese.
It’s melted perfectly. The egg is nicely cooked
in there. Look at the cheese.
It just keeps going. ♪ It just is the gift
that keeps on giving ♪ Okay.
There we go. [ Sighing ]
Oh, yeah. Only time I fuck with ketchup,
right here. Okay. Look at this —
little dip-a-roo. It’s good. ♪♪ That’s so good. The bacon is crispy. You can taste
the breakfast sausage. There’s a little of that spice
from the cayenne. Regardless if you want
sriracha and ketchup or not, it’s really good with it. The egg is in there. The cheese —
the little pockets of cheese with those, like,
cubes of cheese. This is fucking insane.
You’re welcome. Ugh. God, it’s so good.
This shit, damn. For your ultimate
breakfast-meat-loaf sandwich, click the link
in the description below. Make this and then have it
in your fridge, so when you’re hungover
as fuck, the next day, you can just, like, do this
and eat it for breakfast, and you’ll be so happy. This is the best.
You’re welcome. You’re…wel…come. Bye. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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