The Best Castella Recipe (Moist and Gooey Kasutera Sponge Cake) | Cooking with Dog
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The Best Castella Recipe (Moist and Gooey Kasutera Sponge Cake) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, place the Kraft paper or bakery paper in the cardboard box wrapped with aluminum foil and distribute the coarse demerara sugar or coffee sugar crystals. Lightly beat the eggs in a bowl with a hand mixer at a low speed. Add the sugar and mix. Float the bowl in hot water and gradually heat the egg. When it begins to slightly warm up, remove the bowl and continue mixing. Turn off the burner and heat a glass of water as shown. Now, beat the egg at high speed for about 8 minutes until the color turns white, and it reaches a soft peak stage. When you lift the mixer, the rippling pattern should remain on the surface as you see here. Now, dilute the honey with the heated water. Add it to the beaten egg and mix with the hand mixer for 1 more minute at high speed. Switch to low speed and mix for about another minute until it has a fine, glossy texture. Now, distribute the bread flour onto the egg mixture. At medium speed, whip the mixture for about 2 minutes until it has a smooth texture again. Drop the bowl a few times to break any air bubbles. Then, pour the batter into the square mold. Slash the batter with a spatula to remove any air bubbles. And now, place the batter into a preheated conventional oven. For the first 15 minutes, bake at 170 degrees Celsius. Then, reduce the heat to 160 degrees Celsius and bake it for about 50 more minutes. Now, pierce the castella with a bamboo stick. If the stick is slightly moist, it is ready. When the stick is dry and clean, the castella has lost its moist texture. Drop the mold on the counter a few times to prevent the castella from shrinking. Place a tray covered with plastic wrap on top. Then, flip it over. Now, remove the mold. Wrap it with 2 layers of plastic wrap crosswise, completely covering the castella. Let it sit to cool and then store the castella in the fridge for one whole day. This will make it moist and even more delicious. Now, let’s serve the castella. Carefully remove the Kraft paper and slice off the edges. For each cut, wipe the knife with a dampened towel to help make a clean cut. Cut the castella in half. Then, slice it into 3cm or 1 inch pieces. Arrange the pieces onto a plate. All-purpose flour or cake flour can be also used but we recommend using bread flour to help create a moist and kind of gooey texture. The moist texture is essential for delicious castella so avoid over-baking. You can keep the castella in the fridge for 1 week or store it in the freezer for up to 1 month. Good luck in the kitchen. Now, I will show you how to make the homemade mold for castella. This is the Kraft paper with 4 slits. The cardboard box is wrapped with aluminum foil. To wrap the box, carefully cover it with a long strip of aluminum foil. Then, cover it with another aluminum strip crosswise. If you don’t have a square cake pan, try making it as shown. Thanks for watching to the end!

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99 thoughts on “The Best Castella Recipe (Moist and Gooey Kasutera Sponge Cake) | Cooking with Dog

  1. Thank you so much for the recipe!! me and my 2 daughters are going to make it this weekend. Greeting from Miami, FL USA

  2. is there a reason why she uses kraft paper instead of parchment paper? heeelp :'( what happens if i use parchment paper?

  3. What is the bread flour there actually? The one we have here is not white and fluffy. What does it contain so I can find the closest matching..?

  4. First time I tasted Castella was in Nagasaki then when I was in Taipei there are bakeries selling Castella as well. Both were yummy.

    Thanks for sharing how to use a regular box for a pan. It saves me from looking for a square pan.

  5. It's such a great recipe!! But when I tried to bake it, the bottom of my cake also turns out to be really dense. Like the whole bottom block was a solid piece of rubber! Can somebody pls tell me what is the problem?

  6. We love for the eating Castella Cake was here at Tous Les Jours was some in the branches and first in the Philippines to the making of the recipe today.

  7. What the Menu of Castella Cake at Tous Les Jours at S.M. North EDSA in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

  8. Unlike the Filipino sponge cake of the Philippines as "Mamon" and include now as the Japanese Castella Cake.

  9. We love on my Japanese Honey Castella Cake in Japan among them the Filipino Mamon Cake in the Philippines was some taste with life. Salamat po sa iyong paghahanda na aming pagkain at sa aming pagdating para sa iyong lahat!

  10. i've been searching for this recipe and very happy to find this. i tried this yesterday , and very happy with the outcome, finally. thank you.

  11. Using a cardbox is safe? Sorry for the question but my family wouldn't allow me to use that method because they think I will start a fire. Thank you

  12. It's funny that you think I'm going to wait long enough for it to cool, let alone store it for a week in the fridge, or up to a month in the freezer, although I'm sure that's what civilized people do.

    Also, I hope dog got a taste. Dog is very well-behaved.

  13. The best Castella cake. 👍👍👍💚💛💙💜❤️ I never share francis' Castella cake. It's always made at midnight with the kitchen doors closed.

  14. I just made this with 4 inch cake pan by dividing 2 of all the ingredients😍😍 mini tips for those that wish to make a smaller cake

  15. Se sabe que los japoneses son muy crueles con los animales pero no pensé que también fueran crueles con los animales de compañía

  16. I wished my dog was that well- behaved 🤔. I have made this but only waited 6hrs before I tried it-it was delicious! Yes, it was quite moist after 24 hrs but waiting for that long is too tempting 🙄. Wonderful recipe. Thank you. 😊👍

  17. Does the Castella have a honey layer at the bottom? I've followed the recipe twice but it doesn't look like your cake. I I used granulate sugar because I don't have crystal sugar. Should I need to warm up the mold before pouring the batter or should I bake at the lower temperature?

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