The Best (VEGAN) Chocolate Cake Recipe II – Hot Chocolate Hits
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The Best (VEGAN) Chocolate Cake Recipe II – Hot Chocolate Hits

Hi guys! So today I thought I would share with you
a celebration cake recipe because we recently hit a 100,000 subscribers here on Youtube not super recently but it’s been a while since
I’ve posted so today I thought I would share one of my
new favorite recipes for a chocolate cake with you, now I already have a really nice chocolate cake recipe that I posted a few years ago,
but you know times have changed you try new recipes, you discover you like
new things now this recipe is just as good if not better
than that cake it’s super fluffy, super soft, just the right
amount of chocolate and it happens to be vegan
it’s a little bit easier to make than the old recipe, which is why it has become a staple
in my house so let’s get started! Begin by adding two cups of sugar to a bowl
I’m using Demerara but brown or regular, granulated sugar is fine
Next, pour in 1/2 a cup of oil I’m using coconut oil but vegetable is fine
too Also add a tablespoon of vinegar
and 2 cups of boiling water Just gives those ingredients a quick to combine
them and then you’re going to add in 2 tsp of instant
espresso powder 1 tsp of salt, and 2 tsp of baking soda. Coffee has the tendency to intensify chocolate
flavors and you can barely taste it so I highly recommend adding it in
Now add in a heaping cup of good quality dark cocoa powder
And 2 cups of all-purpose flour Now you can also do this recipe by mixing
all the dry ingredients first then adding the wet ingredients
but really all you’re looking for is to combine everything together
and once you’re satisfied with the cake batter you can divide it between two 8-inch pans
which I have generously buttered, dusted with flour and lined with parchment paper to prevent
from sticking You could also bake this cake in 9-inch pans
or a bundt pan but keep in mind if you use the bundt pan it will take a lot longer to
bake bake the cakes at 180 degrees celcius
for about 25-30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean
Let the cakes cool completely and in the meantime you can start with the
frosting now I’m using the same recipe as I did for
my ‘The Best Chocolate Cake’ recipe but it’s vegan
I have here 1 cup of vegan butter that I’m melting in the microwave
but you can also use regular butter if you’re not vegan
To the butter, add in 1 and 1/3 cup of cocoa powder
and you’ll notice that I’ve actually doubled the ingredient quantities from the old video
and you’ll soon see why I just need to use more icing for this particular
cake Now throw in 1/2 tsp of salt
and 2 tsp of vanilla extract Next add in 2/3 cup of non-dairy milk such
as soy milk or almond milk if you’re vegan and regular milk is fine if you’re not
and you want to alternate the milk with 6 cups of confectioner’s sugar
now I know that seems like a lot of sugar but this does a lot of frosting
and it is a special occasion cake so it’s okay to indulge every now and then
and just keep beating the icing, it’s sometimes easier to use an electric mixer
but I do everything by hand and your end result should be a beautifully
thick, velvety buttercream now you are ready to frost
so once the cakes are cool you can run a knife around the edges to loosen them from the cake
pans and then flip them over
if your cakes formed a small dome while baking you can also choose to use a serrated knife
and slice the dome off but this is optional, it just makes for a
smoother top and those scraps make a lovely snack
now to assemble the cake just dab a blob of icing at the center of
your cake stand or plate it just helps the cake from shifting
and then place the cake top-side down in the center
add a generous dollop of icing atop and then using a knife or an off-set spatula
just spread it out as evenly as you can and place the second cake top-side up on top
now I like to do a crumb coat first so I’m just taking another generous blog of
icing and spreading it out to cover the cake entirely
dipping your knife in some hot water every now and then makes spreading out the icing
a whole lot smother now you can also half the icing recipe and
cover the cake in one layer of icing but I wanted to pipe on some rosettes and
take decorating to another level which is why I doubled the recipe, so I could
have more now making rosettes is super easy
you just need a piping bag fitted with a 1M star nozzle
and all you need to do is push in the center and make a nice swirl
I wanted to cover the cake entirely in rosettes so I started with the sides and made my way
to the center of the cake rosettes are super easy to make and they work
with any sort of buttercream or thick frosting I think they add a very impressive finish
to any cake now this cake is a definite show-stopper
and it’s super easy to put together as you saw
the cake itself only requires a handful of ingredients that you most likely already have
on hand and what I love about it is that it’s dietary
friendly, so a lot more people can enjoy it this cake is rich, chocolatey and definitely
better than anything that you would find in a box
and perhaps even in a bakery and it’s bound to make any chocolate lover
very, very happy thank you guys so much for watching as always
I really hope you enjoyed learning how to make this chocolate cake recipe
Now I know that I post very sporadically and I apologize for that
but YouTube for me is one of my favorite hobbies and things that I Iike to do during my free
time so I’d like to keep it that way instead of
it becoming a source of stress for me so I hope you understand
if you liked this video don”t forget to give me a ‘thumbs up’
as always you can find the full printable recipe on my blog
at for more recipes and pictures and updates
you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I’m @hotchocolatehits
and I will see you next time, bye bye!

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100 thoughts on “The Best (VEGAN) Chocolate Cake Recipe II – Hot Chocolate Hits

  1. That is the fluffiest, moist cake I ever seen!! and has such a rich color! what a great recipe 🙂 Seems so simple and delicious. thank for sharing I gotta try it 😉 hope you can upload a new video soon!

  2. If I baked this in a 9×9 square pan, is one pan sufficient for the batter? Or would I need 2 9×9 pans? 🙂

  3. The cake looks yummy but i find it easy to see ingredient in writing.
    Can you please upload everything with demonstration as well as ingredients in writing please x

  4. Hey Vedika 🤚 where are you dear ?? Hope everything is gud at ur end ❣ post something soon if you get the time to do that … much love 💖 💕

  5. Will def make this cake, looks delicious, thank you inspiring and easy, but will go for all vegan ingredients since I am a vegan.

  6. What would be the proportion if i don’t use cocoa powder? Can I use chocolate instead of cocoa powder?

  7. Hi, this looks amazing ❤️ I'm going to try this recipe out tomorrow for my boyfriends birthday! I was wondering if the butter can be salted or if it's best to avoid salty butter? Thank you! 💕

  8. Made this cake this morning and it as moist. I used 1/3 cup oil vs 1/2 cup and the cake was still moist.. But I also used 1/2 white and 1/2 brown sugar. Thanks for the recipe. It was very good and easy to make!

  9. Used single pan instead…is that y my cake wasn't fluffy?
    Also, recipe too chocolate and sweet…
    Turned out like a Fudge Brownie…but My Kids Loved it♥

  10. Hey…I need to confirm any alternative to butter in the frosting. I didn't find vegan butter anywhere? Can I use olive oil may be?

  11. Wowzeers! I made this tonight and it was so amazing!!! Thank you. Could you please make more VEGAN cake/other recipes?

  12. avoid disappointment with a 'flat' cake ……test that your baking soda is still 'active' by putting a little in a cup and mixing in vinegar ( or lemon juice) and store the baking soda box in a sealed much better to make a cake home-made……those commercial cake boxes sold in stores are way too much chemical addled. I have never gotten the same 'hangover' feeling when eating a cake made from scratch

  13. Making this cake today – so far it has turned out and easy to make. But the frosting is a little runny, what can I add to get a thicker consistency?

  14. U didn't sprinkle water before frosting the cake on the layers is this ok…pls reply….all bakers does this & they said that this step is important

  15. Million thanks for your great recipe to share with us. I made it for my daughter's birthday it came out so well. Please try to make wheat cakes and share with us

  16. Hi there very clear explanation done here, 😊btw for the buttercream frosting can we use cold freah milk? Tkns in advance 😊

  17. Why have u melted butter? Is there any specific reason…everywhere they always say do not melt butter for butter cream frosting or it will form glaze ??i hope i m not offending u …i m just confused…i really want to try this recipe….its very hot in india …will my buttercream melt?? Plzz reply

  18. I just baked this cake and all my friends and I were skeptical of the taste but it’s honestly AMAZING!!! The best compliment I got on it was that “it doesn’t taste vegan”. It’s a perfect recipe.

  19. You sold this cake ! Your narration with creation made everything sound so good to my ears. My husband is gonna go bananas for this!

  20. I just did this and it turned out AMAZING but i cut the icing ingredients into half and it turned out good, the cake crumbled the fiest time but i didn't mind😂
    Overall good recipe 💛

  21. The cake turned out good, was easy but I fucked up the frosting by adding one splash too many of milk so it ended up being weird icing 😰😥

  22. Great cake. I won’t melt the margarine next time I make the frosting though. It made it too liquid and needed to go back in the fridge for a while to thicken up before spreading on the cake. I halved the frosting – too much fat and sugar – and decorated the top with raspberries.

  23. Hi Vedika! My partner and I made this cake over the weekend and it was amazing! Still can't believe it's vegan. We are going to be making it for our friend's wedding (as the bottom tier) and we wanted to make a vegan cake that isn't chocolate for the second tier. We read that you could substitute the cocoa powder for coconut flour but just wondering if you've tried anything similar or if you had any tip! Thank you very much for this recipe! xx

  24. thoughts on adding some caramelised apricots or fresh raspberries on top? between the frosting roses? or would it be too much? x

  25. I am sooooooo tired of it doesn't taste vegan. It's a cake. What did you expect? It tasting like eggplants? Although they are good. But I'm making a cake. CAKE.

  26. Made this cake for a Vegan food fest party.
    It seems some of the guests thought I didn’t understand the rules (100% Vegan) of the party.
    It was so delicious they thought I should sell this 100 % Vegan cake.
    First try to make 100% Vegan food.
    Thanks 👩‍🍳

  27. My cakes in over 30mins and still seems to be sticking to my cake tester. Should I just cook further 5 mins at a time?

  28. Loved this cake. Made it for my bf birthday and everyone loved it. Someone was considering going vegan after eating a piece 😊 thank you for this!

  29. Best recipe ever! I made these over New Years and everyone LOVED them. They also couldn’t believe they were vegan. I changed up the frosting method a bit though – rather than melting the butter completely I used my hand beaters to beat softened butter first then added the cocoa powder and powdered sugar until creamy. I didn’t need the almond milk. I piped rosettes on my cupcakes with a 1M tip and they came out perfect!

  30. Congratulations on 100k. Love your recipes. Would love to see more content from you in 2020. Your channel has the scope to scale. Good luck

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