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100 thoughts on “The Best Way to Cook a Steak. Period.

  1. This is Stupid…

    1. The word Doneness
    2. Steak in a plastic bag in a pot
    3. 1 bayleaf
    4. No edge searing.

  2. Uhm WTH … I guess we all can just claim to be the best in the internet now. Give a like for the best comment ever written.

  3. Poor searing technique!
    He forgets that it continues to cook inside when you put it in the pan, so the doneness will change
    Especially when the pan is on medium heat.
    You want a very hot pan with some neutral tasting oil that can take high heat, very quickly sear both sides and add butter during the last few seconds, and remove the steak from the pan when the butter has melted.

  4. List to make a good steak. Cast iron skillet, steak, salt, pepper, oil, butter, thyme.  No plastic bags needed.

  5. The NOT best way to cook a steak! This is what it is. And are we supposed to trust a guy who cooks something with a fork?

  6. Jesus christ man. Just put it in a hot pan to sear both sides 2 minutes each if 1 inch thick. Throw in butter. Melt it and baste it, Done.

  7. @ChefSteps I have a doubt, I bought one joule and I made an amazing chicken breast. However, when I tried to make the steak I messed up, in the moment of searing I put the pan really high as you said, I put the butter and the steak, the butter started to burn (before the steak got sear), so I just took the steak out because it started to look black instead of brown. And at the moment that I cut my steak, it was totally overdone and really lack of flavour (and I did use an amazing steak so that was not the problem). I would like to have an advice, What did I do bad?

    – Should I wait a little bit between I get out the steal of the bag to low down the temperature? because I didn´t.

    – What can I do to give more flavour to the steak, because it tasted as if I had done it boiled.

    Feel free to comment if you really know how to solve this or if it happened to you…


  8. Has anyone here ever tried seasoning their ribeye in rosemary garlic and lemon pepper and then grilling their steak? Literally the best

  9. I remembered what guga's said about sous vide. When you sous vide steak, don't put oil or butter for sous vide because it will wash the beefy flavor, just use oil or butter for searing.

  10. Wait I have to wait 45 plus minutes to make and seat a steak when I can do that shizz in 10 minutes and take a nap before this is done. Please. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. It’s not the sous vide that I dislike, it’s the guy and his attitude, something about him just ticks me off

  12. This recipe for cooking a “perfect” steak is way too unnecessarily complicated, and just wrong. Also, if you don’t want to “babysit” your steak while it’s cooking, then you are just too impatient and lazy to appreciate the whole experience of watching your creation cook to perfection. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy watching and smelling a steak cook to perfection? It’ doesn’t even take THAT long. Just take the video down lol

  13. Sous vide is for men that don’t know how to grill! plain and simple. Take that man card away for y’all mofos that don’t know how to start up charcoal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. I could have a steak finished in the time it takes to watch this video twice. No apps or an hour in a plastic bag.

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