The Chef Bringing Native American Food to Your Table
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The Chef Bringing Native American Food to Your Table

(light piano music) – People need to understand that all of North America
is indigenous land. It is Native land. (light piano music) People tend to forget that there was a vibrant Native culture living in all parts of North America. And food is really the piece that’s going to help us move forward into a brighter future. (light piano music) My name is Sean Sherman and I am a chef. I own the company The Sioux Chef. So this is gonna be two
pieces per plate for these. Our mission is revitalizing
Native American foods and re-identifying North American cuisine. We’ve tried really hard
to maintain authenticity by removing all of the
colonial ingredients like dairy, wheat flour, processed sugar beef, pork, chicken and we’re just using a lot of wild game a lot of the native agricultural heirloom varietals, a lot
of the wild foods around us and really making those plates that taste like a region. Most of these ingredients
are very familiar to people but the usage of a lot of the wild plants really talk about a place in a community. We prioritize purchasing from
the indigenous vendors first because we really want to
open up a lot of opportunity for indigenous people growing out farms or collecting things from the wild or raising animals. So for the big dinner we’re actually cooking this bison down with a bunch of fresh
cedar and some bergamot. We will purchase from anybody raising these indigenous pieces because it is such an important part of the landscape and the history. I know you want it. As we travel around the country we like to make dinners and foods that really represent those areas. What’s great about being
able to do these dinners especially in non-indigenous communities is just to bring awareness. This kind of food that we’re eating today like, you’re gonna feel really
good when you leave here. You’re not gonna feel
heavy and weighted down. You’re gonna feel energized and just happy because you’re knowing where
this food is coming from. We feel like anybody across North America will benefit from the understanding of the indigenous food systems around you. And it’s all gonna help us move forward. (uplifting music)

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100 thoughts on “The Chef Bringing Native American Food to Your Table

  1. u know what, if you change ur diet from US junk food to Herbs Native American's food u are far away from cardiovascular disease

  2. sadly most native americans don't eat like this any more

    They eat lots of fried bannock and french fries

  3. i respect this man, his people , his efforts

    the food looks healthy tasty


  4. I like what heโ€™s doing though the emphasis seems to be more on ingredients rather than actual Native American cultures, which are very diverse. Doesnโ€™t make it โ€œwrongโ€ since cooking, like any art, is something living and every cuisine is a product of interactions between different people. (Cinnamon doesnโ€™t grow in England but nobody is going to call a dish with cinnamon โ€œinauthenticโ€.) Though if the emphasis is on American ingredients, Iโ€™m not sure what rhubarb and calendula are doing in there!

  5. Sioux Chef, ar ar. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hadn't thought about the cuisine not having dairy in it, but I guess a bison isn't exactly going to be open to you going up to them and grabbing a squirt. Since my grandparents were all from Italy, the idea of a cuisine without cheese is eye-opening. I'd like to try this stuff.

  6. Lots of good meats and fruit/berries but what to do for veggies? Read somewhere that the Jerusalem Artichoke is the only native N American vegetable we use at all in modern cooking.

  7. These native Americans nowadays have lots if white in them my Native American cousins and grandparents have dark skin and black thick hair… but there was a lot of mixing in the olden days..

  8. I really wish native american food was more popular. I have never tried it and i would love to. I think food and how its eaten can really show how a culture really is

  9. If you live in America, you enjoy many Native American recipes daily, and sadly, aren't aware enough to give credit. It's more than just frybread. Cornbread, succotash (a corn and veggies side dish nicknamed "vegetable medley" and sadly now sold in a can), jerky, chili, smoked salmon, guacamole, tacos, salsa, tamales, pozole, tortillas. You may think of this as "just food", but really it's Native American food. Only they really have the right to call it "just food" and we really should give them the credit. If it were a perfect world, Taco Bell would be called "Americanized Native American food".

  10. Hi Great big story, I hope you get to make longer videos as I enjoy all your content but just wished there was more time for extended discussions and research that could be longer documentries to all your videos. Much love from Aotearoa New Zealand ๐Ÿ’š

  11. it's a really real american food you can try this food also it's a amazing i have also try

  12. Wow first time I've ever seen Native American food I've never really thought about it looks really good๐Ÿ‘

  13. As a non native living in Connecticut near the mashantuket Pequot reservation I never heard of or seen native restraunts and wondered if they even existed and was really curious thank you for this vidoe for opening my eyes

  14. To all those wondering how flowers taste. I decorated a dessert with edible flowers for a family gathering and after a while it got mixed into the dessert so nobody knew there were flowers in. Everyone who took a mouthful and bit into a flower their face screwed up in pure misery it was hilarious! The flowers were bitter asf xD I couldn't stop laughing. Im not sure if all flowers are bitter though XD

  15. but why do people always gotta bring in race and politics into random shit like food, no one came here to listen to your damn opinion on politics and racism, btw yes I know im being hypocritical but like ffs I clicked on the damn video for food not to hear about how your ancestors had to suffer.

  16. โ€œYou wonโ€™t feel heavy or weighted downโ€

  17. Chef Sherman, only certain people (e.g. Trumpeteers) forget that there was a vibrant culture here before the invaders. They're dumb enough to think that fry bread is native, not that they even know what fry bread is. Wish I could try your food.

  18. I saw a documentary about Native Americans. This chieftain said that they were skinny before they started eating colonial food.

  19. I am familiar with Siouxland from my childhood, and embrace this movement of returning to the earth for nurturance, sustenance, and educating brothers and sisters along the way. โ˜ฎ๏ธ ๐Ÿ’“โ˜ฎ๏ธ

  20. Any race that feels the need to reinforce its own superiority is pretty inferior in my opinion. You are superior not by putting down those you deem inferior, but you are superior by uplifting those who can lift themselves up.

  21. Sean Sharman has entered the chat
    Gordon Ramsay has entered the chat

    Now you decide who leaves the chat .

  22. I want to try more indigenous foods. I just returned from a trip to Denver, where I ate at Tocabe, a Native American fusion restaurant that AJ+ featured on their channel, and it was really good! Obviously, every tribe or nation has their own specialty, so I'm looking forward to tasting the flavors of other indigenous groups not present in Tocabe's dishes.

  23. I doesn't look as tasty as some of the other local foods featured on this channel for example many Asian cuisines

  24. I think it's cool to see how this guy is promoting native american cuisine. I am interested to try it one day. However, I am surprised not to see pumpkin and corn on the meals being presented, considering that these are also native to the Americas. But I guess that it may be and it was just not shown in this video.

  25. That is really exciting for America. So many countries (particularly European and Asian ones) say "America don't have food culture or heritage" You could use this native American culture and really try and embrace it as like a symbol dish that represents the nation. kinda like what New Zealand does with Hangi and traditional Maori dish. A really exciting opportunity for Americans to embrace I think.

  26. Dont get me wrong the guy is helping a great cause but does anyone else get the vibe that he's 100 percent white trying to look native american? Or am I an idiot?

  27. This is marvelous. Have never tasted bison. So many flowers included too. Are they used to flavor or for their aroma?

  28. Oh I would love to identify the greens in the wild and use them . There is a park near our house and we see lambs quarters , purslane , dandelion and epazote . But these parks are greatly used as dog parks / and dog walks that we have to let this go .

    Thank you

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