The End – AVM Shorts Episode 10
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The End – AVM Shorts Episode 10

Subtitle by: Raner, Atomic, EyeDaleHim Gaming, LazyBoy9196 // 20th Century Fox Addict, M3D!CAND3NG!3, Fayzal Hazeeq, Fixes And Censor: Speedbird 7354 and Anikai Riddle. Orange: Why is the cake is upside down? Yellow and Red: I don’t know. (Everyone looking & thinking) Red: *Bites a piece of the cake* Red: Look up! Sec. Coming & Yellow: Huh? *They climb up* Orange: Let’s go in! Orange: A portal? Purple: Alright guys, we’re here. (ENDER DRAGON NOISES) Purple: Let’s kill the Ender Dragon! Green and Blue: Yes! Purple: Let’s go! Purple: Don’t look! Purple: The Ender Dragon is gone! Let’s keep going! (SPRINTING) Purple: Uh… How are we supposed to fight him? Blue: Here! I have a bow! (Aims) *ow* (Shooting continues) Blue: The crystals are healing him! What do we do now? Green: I know! Green: A fishing rod! Blue: Yeah! Purple: ??? *confused* Both: Let’s Go! *Slow Motion activated* Green: Wow! I did it! (Forces Ender Dragon to go down) *Ow!* Blue and Purple: Let’s go!! *???* *Ender Dragon’s egg appeared* Purple: How long will this take? (Orange takes out the photo) Villagers: Hmm… Villagers (cheering): I know! (Thinking) *Flash Back…* Villager: Follow me, you guys! (Blue shoots Ender Dragon multiple times and Green holding a Diamond Sword in the neck of the Dragon) Green: Yes, It’s working! *Slam!* Green: Oh no! I’m stranded! Green: MY SWORD! *Green flies back* Purple: This must be an ender ship! Blue: If it’s a ship, it must have a steering wheel! Blue: Ah! Here’s one! (Lever clicks) Purple: Chase the Ender Dragon! Purple: I’m gonna look for something cool. Hey, a chest! Oh! An elytra! I haven’t seen one in ages! Purple: Ah! A shulker box! Haha, can’t hit me! Green: Ugh! Not the crystals again! What was that? (Tosses’ Green.) HURRY UP, PURPLE!!!! Purple: I’ve gotta make a decision… Fast… Purple: RUN!!!!! Green: Nooo… Why…? Both: Being “King” Sucks. Both: Yeah! Thanks’ guys! (EGG TELEPORTS) (EXPLOSION) Purple: WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALAN WAS THAT!? (PANIC) Purple: Oh no…. Orange: OH MY GOSH! Purple: *scared* Okay… here… (EGG HATCHES) Purple: I…. I think…. it…. it worked… Hey! What are you doing!? LET ME GO! (Whole village cheers and waves goodbye.) Yellow: Look! More portals! All: What in the name of Alan…!? The End? Alan: So do you guys remember when I used to release one animation a year? It’s true! – I actually literally spent a year making each my animations. It’s not true anymore… – I release one animation per month and they’re almost the same length as those year the ones, but how did that happen? – Well, I actually have to give it to this book that I read called the e-myth by Michael Gerber and taught me so much and it’s – Changed my life, basically. – The premise is you have to work on your business not in your business and – Instead of doing all the work yourself. – You have to duplicate yourself by teaching someone exactly how to do, what you do and doing it over and over again. – You guys are very lucky because you get to know this long before I did and… – I’d like to thank audible for sponsoring this video – If you go to , – You can get a 30-day free trial and if we audio book of your choice – And you can get the e-myth which I recommend which I mentioned or any other book from their massive library and – Audible also is doing a thing called audible originals, which you can get exclusive – Audiobooks and podcasts from a diverse set of genres that comes in addition to the free audiobook, – So you have three free things every month and if you cancel your membership at any point, – You can actually keep all the books that you got so you can – Than at any time. So again get your free trial at slash Alan Becker. – or you can text Alan Becker to 500500 if you just want use your phone or… – If you don’t wanna do any of that, you can just click the link in the description below again I would have loved to have read this book when I started my youtube channel instead of much later so you guys are very lucky and if you’re even considering and doing your own thing or own your own business or becoming a youtuber or not working for anyone else and you You have to read this book. So I’m not just saying this because of the sponsorship. I mean that and uh If not, you don’t want to then just get the feature. Anyway, there’s so many other books and It’s worth it. So yeah, thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys in the next video! Subtitle by: Raner, Atomic, EyeDaleHim Gaming, LazyBoy9196 // 20th Century Fox Addict, M3D!CAND3NG!3, Fayzal Hazeeq, Fixes And Censor: Speedbird 7354 and Anikai Riddle.

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100 thoughts on “The End – AVM Shorts Episode 10

  1. I kinda think that the 6 stick figures are based off of the knights in castle crashers Blue, Green Orange, Purple, & Red (sorry there isn't a yellow knight in castle crashers :(.)

  2. 9:35 did anybody notice that the baby ender dragon's tail was sticking out of the end portal after the dragons left?

  3. 誰か担当してるのかは知らんけどクソつまらんアテレコみたいな日本語字幕書くのやめろ。いちいち消すのめんどいし最後に投稿者が喋るとこ以外絶対必要ないだろ。

  4. did anyone else notice that you can still see the bb ender dragon stuck in the portal after they supposedly leave??

  5. I love these videos man, these are a really different take on Minecraft mechanics and they are really entertaining, keep it up😁

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