The Fairy Bakery – My Fairy Friend
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The Fairy Bakery – My Fairy Friend

[Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Hi Rosie! Oh hi Cathy! The new bakery is looking great I’m almost ready for the grand opening You like my sign? Daily specials! Looks good So where are all your specials? Yeah. I still have to make all the cupcakes and stuff Will you help me? Sure! I have my magic wand right here! Ding! And I have mine right here! Ready for some serious baking? Ready! [Music: Fairy Friends] What should we do at this table? I know! [Music: Fairy Friends] People are going to wonder how you make all this stuff I’ll just put a few baking supplies there… and it’ll throw people off Good idea! [Music: Fairy Friends] Oh yeah! Go sister! Everything looks so good! Can I be your first customer?! Of course! Eeek! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] If you like this video, click LIKE It looks like this Check out this video And I need eight princess cupcakes Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you! This bakery is fabulous! The cupcakes are divine! Please! Tell me what the secret ingredient is! [Laughing] Oh darling! Your bakery… your bakery … is so just so beautiful! and fabulous! And your cupcakes are so divine! Please, please tell me the secret ingredient Let me think No Oh poo! Bye-bye. See you again!

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