The Family Farm That Supplies World-Class Chefs
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The Family Farm That Supplies World-Class Chefs

– [Voiceover] There’s three things that are most important to chefs. First is flavor, second is flavor, and third is flavor. Flavor rules. (tractor putting) – [Voiceover] Built on the
fertile former-lake-bottom soil of northern Ohio, The
Chef’s Garden is a 300-acre family farm that grows specialty produce for some of the world’s best restaurants. – The Chef’s Garden is a small family farm that has the good fortune
of working directly with some of the greatest
chefs in the world. In many cases we’re
working with plant growers that are breeding to be
able to create new plants, not genetic modification
but genetic selection. – [Voiceover] The farm grows produce of all shapes and sizes, like miniature carrots, these white strawberries, and almost 100 varieties of microgreens. But the Jones family wasn’t
always The Chef’s Garden. – My parents had had some
very successful years. In 1983 they had a very
devastating hailstorm and ultimately the farm collapsed. We were dealt a new deck of cards and found opportunity within a disaster. We met a European-influenced
Chef, Iris Baylen. Said: “Grow me varieties for flavor. “Grow me varieties without chemical. “I want a zucchini bloom.” Thought this lady was absolutely crazy. Little did we know, she
knew a heck of a lot more about it than we did. And that really opened our eyes to another whole world out there. We hooked up with some
really great chefs early on, folks like Danielle Balou
and John George Von Richten and Alain Ducasse and Michel Richard, and then Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter and Ritz Carlton chefs
and Four Season chefs. And they’ve allowed us an
existence in agriculture. We’re indebted to those
chefs that have given us the privilege and the path to be able to follow our dream of farming. So it’s that symbiotic relationship of chef and farmer working
together for the greater good. And here we are 35 years later
still working to get better. – To the best of our ability,
right now, in this place, I think we’re doing the right thing, and I think that trumps every other reason for whatever you do in this life. (soft acoustic guitar music)

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99 thoughts on “The Family Farm That Supplies World-Class Chefs

  1. I think people who are dedicated to their craft like these farmers are very important. but seeing gourmet food did make me hungry

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  3. I LOVE YOUR VIDS!!! and I'm also a gardener, and hope to one day make great vegetables like these!!! and I also aspire to grow some HUGE vegetables like that guy from Wales in that other vid from you guys!!! much love and don't stop doin what your doin!!!

  4. It's not just about the flavor. It's flavor, freshness, and texture. You could have something that tastes super good, but feels like cruddy mush. You could have something taste good, but then you find out it's nearly moldy!

  5. I don't know how Great Big Story make enough money to provide such a large number of high quality films, but I absolutely love what you do and I hope you keep doing it. I honestly don't know of any other place on the internet that makes such great films and I really love you guys and gals for it!

  6. For everyone who thinks he saying Trump .. you are not listening he saying triΒ·umph




    a great victory or achievement.

    "a garden built to celebrate Napoleon's many triumphs"

    synonyms:victory,Β win,Β conquest,Β success;

  7. "and white strawberries" wait, but i thought that some other guy was the only white strawberry farmer in the worl- you know what, nevermind.

  8. 28 seconds in i know the food isnΒ΄t half as good as it could be.
    IΒ΄ll have mine without the diesel, thanks.
    Calling that farming is a disgrace.

  9. Read to the end πŸ™‚

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  10. farmer, the back bone of every society and oddly are often forgotten in favor of parasites of society like celebrities and politician.

  11. Because artificial selection isn't a form of genetic modification… and without "chemicals", because sure, they do it without water. I mean, the chemical one can be put down to language being confusing, but the first one is just shows pure ignorance.

  12. The fact that you said "Genetic Selection and not Genetic Modification" is absurd. do you even know how genetic modification works? yeah exatly like Genetic Selection, only difference is its more accurate. you are selecting genes to pass to the next generation of plants exactly what modification does. IDIOT.

  13. Where does you guys collect all this.All interesting stuff!! Your channal is gonna be really big.Keep up the good work!😁

  14. fancy restaurants are bunch of bullshit!!!
    few servings with a lot of gay presentations that cost 99.9% of the bill.

  15. the Sad truth is that any food that is designed to look good or be in a specific way is not good for nature. Unfortunately, our Stores are filled with aesthetic vegetables and these chef special crops are even worse.

  16. I could listen to the older guy for hours – reminds me of Grampa jack each word means something !

  17. Does anyone else see the fact that Hispanics are the ones working the fields. No credit for them, damn this world is messed up.

  18. "Not genetic modification, but genetic selection."

    Dude that's exactly what GMOs are. Stop with all the anti-GMO bullshit.

  19. Chiefs choice to go with selective breeding rather than GMOs shows how dumb they are. Selective breeding is time consuming and the product's qualities have huge variation. GMOs are fast, and extremely precise and you know what you're going get.

  20. The beginning was stupid as fuck because flavor does not rule.

    A true chef knows that people eat with their eyes before they do with their mouth.

  21. 1:45 I just love it when successful people don't brag about how successful they are but actually show gratitude to those that contributed to their ultimate success

  22. Swanky French chef: Hello, can you supply me with 10 kg of red colored green beans that taste like grapes?
    Farmer: Easy!

  23. so all the star restaurants use genetic modified veggies, fucking lol not genetic modification but genetic selection!! what the fuck that really means?

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