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The French Chef – SNL

[upbeat music] – Welcome. I’m Julia Child. Today, we’re going to make
a holiday feast, or le fete d’holiday, and we’re going to start
with half-boned chicken, or poulard demi de sauce. You need a fine, fat
roasting chicken like this one. And first remove the giblets, and you really should
save the giblets. They make a fine stock for soup, or you can save the liver
and fry it up with some onions for a little snack, or if you have
a number of livers, you can make
a lovely liver pate or perhaps
a delicious liverwurst which you can spread
on a cracker, a Ritz cracker,
or Sa-hal-tine cracker or on bread,
a rye bread, or pumper–pumpernickel bread, or if you’re celebrating
the Jewish holidays, you can make a chopped liver and shape it
into the bust of a friend, someone who’s getting married
or bar mitzvahed. Is that it? Am I pronouncing it right? Bar mitzvah? I hope so. Or if you have a pet cat
or a dog, they love liver. Save the liver. Don’t throw it away. I hope I’ve made my point. Don’t throw the liver away. Now where was I? Oh, yes. Poulard demi de sauce. Now, after we remove the giblets
and save the you-know-what– did I mention liverwurst? You can spread it on crackers. Oh, well, anyway, it’s time
to bone the chicken now. For this,
you need a very sharp knife. Can’t do nothing
without a sharp knife. And you place the chicken
on its stomach and cut along the backbone to the poult’s nose
like so–crap. Oh. Now I’ve done it. I’ve cut the dickens
out of my finger. Well, I’m glad in a way
this happened. You know, accidents do occur from time to time
in the kitchen. We’ve never really discussed
what to do. First you must stop
the bleeding. The best way is with direct
pressure on the apron like so. Oh! You ought to raise your hand
over your head so the blood has to be pumped
all the way up. Oh, the apron doesn’t seem
to be working, so I’d recommend, uh,
natural coagulants such as chicken liver. Another reason
not to throw away the liver. Oh, oh, God,
it’s throbbing. A tourniquet–
that’s it, yes, a tourniquet can be made of cheesecloth
and a chicken bone. Find a pressure point between
the heart and the wound– in this case the wrist–
and cut off the blood. Oh, this is a last resort,
however, ’cause you could lose your hand
if you tighten it too much. Oh! You’re too woozy
to tie the tourniquet, try to call for emergency help. There’s not much time left. Now, every kitchen should
have the emergency number written on it somewhere. Oh, this one doesn’t. 911. Uh… Oh, this phone is a prop. It doesn’t work. Oh, that’s a shame, because I’m remembering a time
when I was a little girl and I had a dog named Admiral. I used to give him liver, and my mother gave me a doll. Why are you all spinning? Oh, I think I’m going to go
to sleep now. Bon appetit. Save the liver. [upbeat music]

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100 thoughts on “The French Chef – SNL

  1. In an interview, Julia said she thought it was one of the funniest things she ever saw!
    BTW, at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, there is another funny video, this time starring Julia Childs herself, as she demonstrates the beginning of life on the planet by making "Primordial Soup."

  2. I remember watching this for the first time, live on my tv, with an old outdoor antenna. The reception was always better late at night. Anybody remember turning the pole trying to "fine tune" the station?

  3. SNL leads to boredom, boredom, leads to the dark side. Join us in watching JK! Studios, greatest comedy network in universe it is.

  4. Awww, brings me back to my childhood. Granma made a lovely thanksgiving meal, but she did not have the Joy of Cooking after that meal. In fact, it was her last. But the au jus. That was tasty.

  5. I saw this as a kid and iβ€˜ve been searching for this for years thinking it was from monty python. Thx SNL!

  6. I think we can give a nod to Lucille Ball for this type of comedy. She would do something pretty ordinary on I Love Lucy and something would go horribly wrong.

  7. This is my very first memory of SNL. One Saturday night at age 11 I decided to see what was on after Real People, and just stayed up, and this came on. I laughed my ass off. And to think that it was live, 41 years ago already, a piece of iconic comedy history. Thank you so much for posting this – it was, in a way, my bar mitzvah.

  8. The "blood" was gross but that wig style really complimented the shape of Dan Aykroyd's face. Very flattering.

  9. Being a student at the Culinary Inst. of America when this viewed – we literally fell of our couch in the common room of dorm watching this. In today's world, it would result in multiple memes – in 1978, it meant every student doing a Julia Child imitation, sometimes at off-campus parties with reward (btl of Jack Daniels) for best. Decades later, met Ms. Childs on her last book tour – a wonderful woman. I mentioned that I was a young chef @ CIA when SNL parody came out – she was less than interested. Then mentioned that I worked with people with AIDS in developing dietary menus – Julia immediately perked up, I became someone other than the long line of housewives wanting her signature on fly leaf of their well-worn cookbooks…we spoke for a few minutes, will never forget her grace in overlooking my gaff (re bringing up the SNL episode – it's said she hated it), and focusing on work being done currently in, as she put it "a very specific community, needing very specific dietary assistance'.

  10. I'm an SNL AND Julia freak–she was alive when this was made and I think I read she got a big kick out of it. I remember seeing this live in maybe '76-'79? as a teenager. Hysterical.

  11. SLN ole days were so great and funny….now its garbage, been taken over by whiny unfunny leftists…whiny leftists have destroyed comedy

  12. This was when SNL was actually funny! With the exception of the Alec Baldwin sketches of Clown Trump, the quality and humor has taken a nosedive.

  13. WICKED FUNNY!! Dan A was by far my favorite SNL comedian. From this, to Decibet, to Fred Garvin (Male Prostitute), to Beldar Conehead, ad infinitum … he was just hilarious.

  14. Warned her using the very sharp knife is freaking dangerous! Somebody will get harmed during this sketch!

  15. the weird thing about Dan is that he was always the crazy one on SNL, but in the movies, his best roles were the straight/mellow guy i.e. blues brothers, trading places, ghostbusters

  16. Julia Child LOVED this. It was just her kind of humor. She would be doing a chicken (at home, not on her show) and she'd hold up the liver, yell "Save the liver" and fall over laughing.

  17. My friends and I first saw this when we were in college mid-1970s. As you can imagine, nothing like this had ever been seen. It’s no exaggeration to say we nearly died!!!

  18. Evidently Julia Child loved this skit, so I won't feel bad that I cannot hear her name without thinking of this skit and laughing!!!!

  19. I almost woke up my teenage friends' mother from my hysterical laughter while she was sleeping on a Saturday night when this FOREVER, HYSTERICAL CLASSIC was first aired. BLESS DAN AKROYD FOREVER AND THE WRITERS OF THE ORIGINAL SNL CAST!!!

  20. Ah, when SNL was entertaining, non-partisan and full of talent (which collectively only lasted a few seasons). How it remains on-air is way beyond belief.

  21. "Save the liver" Hahaha! Β Dan Aykroyd does an excellent job portraying Julia Child, who loved the sketch so much that she would show it to her friends at parties. Awesome!

  22. When SNL was extremely funny,, Now it's a Liberal infested political
    attack machine against Conservatives and Republicans….

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