The Pour: Coffee X Color –  Part 1
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The Pour: Coffee X Color – Part 1

If you open a coffee shop in a neighborhood that’s predominantly Dominican and you don’t hire anyone that’s Dominican how
is the neighborhood going to view your space are they going to feel welcome in
your space and do you want them to feel welcome in your space which is the big question but people
talk about gentrification but they that’s the way you don’t gentrify you
engage with the communities around you and has something that a
lot of companies don’t even think about doing and they don’t think about like
how about that positively affects their business this is an example something someone
told me at a job like I need to act more like an American at a Japanese coffee
shop what does that mean you know start
thinking about experiences like that people who have way less experience than me
getting like you know not interviewed but plucked into these positions you know and
getting these opportunities that I’m not being offered I was like you
know other people I can see that other people are experiencing the same hurdles
or I’m like I have a feeling that other people are experiencing the hurdles that I faced in my career and slow and behold everybody has the same exact stories to
tell and that’s important to share

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