The Real Reason Why Bobby Flay Quit Iron Chef
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The Real Reason Why Bobby Flay Quit Iron Chef

Bobby Flay shocked the world early in 2018
when he announced that he would be leaving Iron Chef. But before he stunned his fans, he caused
some confusion that made headlines. Here’s the real reason Bobby Flay quit Iron
Chef. T-shirt stunt Iron Chef is filmed in front of a live audience. While episodes are edited before airing, competitive
segments, much like live sporting events, aren’t re-taped. That’s why it was such a big deal when, during
a taping of Iron Chef Showdown in the summer of 2017, Flay reportedly took off his chef’s
coat mid-battle to reveal a shirt reading “THIS IS MY LAST IRON CHEF BATTLE EVER.” The story of Flay’s apparent resignation broke
in October of that year, before that season of Iron Chef even had an air date. Food Network refused to comment immediately
after news of the incident broke, but inside sources verified that the move was completely
unexpected and that Flay had been acting on his own without the approval or knowledge
of the network. The t-shirt stunt never aired, and the footage,
as of the making of this video, still hasn’t leaked. Brief backtrack After the news of the incident broke, Flay
backtracked, telling People it was all just a joke. “This past summer when I was in production
on Iron Chef Showdown, I wore a T-shirt to have a little fun during my last battle this
season. In hindsight, it was probably not the best
decision because it’s just creating confusion.” Flay emphasized that he wasn’t going anywhere,
saying, “Food Network has been part of my family for
over 20 years and will absolutely continue to be, and though there is a talented bench
of Iron Chefs to tap, if I were asked, I’d be excited to return to Kitchen Stadium, whenever
my schedule allows.” Of course, we now know that Flay wasn’t exactly
being truthful with that statement. Did the network put pressure on him to backtrack,
or did it really start out as joke? Gone for good Just four months after Flay assured his fans
that his controversial T-shirt reveal was nothing more than a stunt, he announced at
the South Beach Wine & Food Festival that he really was leaving Iron Chef. The chef explained that he was burned out
and needed a change of pace. “I’ve done over 100 Iron Chef competitions,
and frankly they are exhausting. They are exhausting physically but, even more
so, they are exhausting emotionally.” In a typical season of Iron Chef, Flay did
six to eight battles per week. He said, “It crushes me because it’s 60 minutes of
pure energy, creativity and execution. And so at some point I was like, ‘I’ve been
doing this for a long time and I want to go out on a high note.'” Food Network fixture Bobby Flay’s 17 years as part of Iron Chef
are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the chef’s TV appearances. He started off as a guest on Food Network
in 1994 when the channel was just getting its start. Since then, he has hosted more than a dozen
shows on the network. Flay told StarChefs that the business of being
a high-profile chef has changed dramatically since he first started out, saying, “Chefs now have two, three, ten restaurants,
they write books, they’re on television, they do appearances, charity events, there is no
way a chef can be a person who stands at a stove and cooks every single meal.” It makes sense that after decades of juggling
TV appearances, Flay might want to cut back and do what he loves to do best: cook. Road-weary restaurateur Flay is perhaps even more successful as a
restaurateur than as a TV chef. He’s launched more than two dozen restaurants
throughout his career, and was just 26 years old when he opened his first restaurant, Mesa
Grill, in 1991. He’s balanced his restaurants and TV shows
for years, but the schedule is demanding, not to mention exhausting. He told Inc., “The way that I juggle things, I kind of have
everything going on the same track at once. Each day, I go where I’m needed most, whether
it’s [my restaurant] or my office or my production studio […] Sometimes, I’ll be in 10 places
in one day.” While leaving Iron Chef doesn’t free up endless
amounts of leisure time, it does give him a bit more room in his schedule to focus on
his beloved restaurants, which he said are, quote, “the most important thing.” Network nudge? Bobby Flay swears that he and Food Network
are on good terms, but he admitted that they weren’t too pleased with how he left the show. He said at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, “The network was not thrilled. I thought it would be good TV. They didn’t think of it that way, and that’s
obviously their prerogative.” A short time after the taping, Flay failed
to appear at Food Network’s annual New York City Wine and Food Festival, although he was
reportedly seen in the area. This indicates that, at least at that time,
tensions may have been high between Flay and the network, potentially leading to Flay deciding
to quit Iron Chef for good. Considering a comeback? While we won’t see Flay as a regular on Iron
Chef for the foreseeable future, the chef hasn’t ruled out the possibility of coming
back some day, telling the South Beach Wine & Food Festival he’d consider it. But Flay urged a younger generation to take
a shot, saying, “I think that Iron Chef is a great place for
new and younger people to come on and start taking the reins. How many times do you want to watch Bobby
Flay do Iron Chef?” Die-hard fans will certainly miss him on Iron
Chef, but they’re going to have to look elsewhere to get their Flay fix, at least for now. The next spark So what does life after Iron Chef look like
for Bobby Flay? He told Today in July 2018 that he’s taking
a pause: “I’m at an interesting place in my life. I need to take a pause. I’m probably not done yet, but I’m gonna look
for the next spark. And when it hits me, I’ll know it.”

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83 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Bobby Flay Quit Iron Chef

  1. As much as I dont like bobby flay, he doesnt need to explain himself. The Industry can quickly burn you out if you're not careful. dabs on haters

  2. Good riddance. I’ve despised Bobby Flay ever since he won Iron Chef against Chef Morimoto twice. Once in Japan and again in the US. Both times he jumped up on his food prep table and stood on it basking in his win. A very offensive thing in Japan. He had the nerve to do it again in the US.

  3. I am a grill master and professional cook..I get it ..he is spent ..I worry when my day will I a historic place doing what they did 70 years ago..6 days a week 9 hours a day no breaks I feel my passion drain

  4. Brilliant video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to catch this form of contents. We create Travel & Food video too, around the globe, and also we are habitually seeking for inspirations and also techniques. Thank You.

  5. Or could it be possible that HE SUCKS!
    NOT as expansive of a culinary repitoire as he claims, stick with South Western faux Tex Mex crap food Bobby!

  6. As a fellow Chef, I despise Bobby Flay after my Culinary Team witnessed his total meltdown at our event! Seriously you have no class and are a complete joke to the Culinary Community.

  7. Flay sucks. I would rather eat a fried egg off the rear end of a hippo than eat one thing he makes. He also has small hands. Just putting that out there.

  8. I stopped watching the Food Network over 8 years ago. The shows all seemed to be the same. They are almost all competition type shows. I liked the shows where you learned something. Oh and all the commercials!

  9. I liked Bobby when he first started out.. I remember him being on a BBQ show with an older Cajun/southern guy. Then in the beginning of food Network when it was about food and not competitions. After that he was just like all the other boring chefs on that network. I will stick to PBS and watch real chefs cooking awesome meals.

  10. I can't stand that guy. He has no clue that the preparation and consumption of food is social in nature. All he can think about is kicking someone's butt, preferably as a contact sport. Not even close. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  11. He's overrated as a chef and as a person. Sure he might have done things first, but has he done it the best? No. There are many more people who are deserving of credit, cooking and credentials.

  12. Bobby Flay is a cunt. that time he jumped up on the cutting board on the original Iron Chef was so disrespectful and lame. his arrogance is beyond the pale.

  13. After I learned about bobby flay on a google article and on here I lost respect for him plus i don't really care for competition shows because they're mostly scripted give me julia child any day

  14. Big fan of Mr Flay. Sounds like he needs some “me” time. Give him a break. I believe I would have a breakdown doing all that. Wow.

  15. Bobby NEVER deserved that title. He was a whiny a$$ chef who cried the loudest after he lost to a REAL Iron Chef. THAT is why he got the title and his own show.

  16. I just figured it was because of the stink his wife at the time was making…like when he got on the walk of fame and she hired a plane to fly overhead with a sign saying he was a cheater….

  17. Bobby Flay is Arrogance Supreme-nothing more. His whole purpose in life seems to be to show everyone else up. Cooking is a Social thing, not always a competition, or to make everyone else look bad.  I wish he would just retire and crawl back under his rock.

  18. He probably quit because he was sick of being on a fake cooking show. I wish they would make an actual real cooking show with the real chefs.

  19. thanks Mr Boby Flay Iam Mirtha I like your program t felicito y quiero ser como ud big Chef but now I dont have money but agradezco a Dios x sus conocimientos y du progrsma y pido s Dios que lo bendiga en todo Iam from to Eciador Duran

  20. A lot of the comments seem similarly written and have no avatars. Someone jealous and paying bots to down play Flay? So thirsty…

  21. Huge method flaw in the "Next Iron Chef" show….
    The problem is, weaker contestant chefs are constantly trying to eliminate the most talented chefs in order to gain an elimination advantage.
    So what happens is, a weaker chef wins…..and that's not what an Iron Chef is supposed to be.
    Food Network made the NIC an entertainment show, rather than an expert cooking show.

  22. Love the show where he went in and challenged chefs at their specialities
    . He was a pretty gracious loser when it happened. Smart that he decided to take a break and wait for the thing that inspired him to dig in again.

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