The Real Reason Why Hollywood Dumped Dane Cook
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The Real Reason Why Hollywood Dumped Dane Cook

As one of a handful of comics who made the
jump straight from the stage to the movie screen, comedian-actor Dane Cook was everywhere
during the mid ’00s. From touring stadiums with his raunchy brand
of comedy and appearing in films opposite Hollywood stars, he was on fire. But a decade later, he’s reduced to voicing
roles in forgettable Pixar spin-offs and mounting a modest comeback on the small screen. Cook’s still the same guy who brought us to
helpless tears of laughter all those years ago, so where’d he go and what happened? Here’s how Dane Cook went from being the “King
of Comedy” to a Hollywood punchline—and how he can turn it all around. Hollywood hijinx Released in 2006 at the height of Cook’s fame,
Employee of the Month was poised to be a huge box office hit. But critics savaged the film, with Cook’s
costar Jessica Simpson scoring a Razzie nomination for Worst Actress. “Oh that’s hilarious!” Earning a meager $38 million at the box office,
Employee of the Month proved to be the beginning of trouble for both Cook and Simpson’s big-screen
careers. And that was just the start of his silver
screen slaughterfest. Cook again struck Razzie gold with 2007’s
Good Luck Chuck, a forgettable rom-com which boasts a pitiful 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “Uh oh!” He and Jessica Alba were nominated for Worst
Screen Couple of the year, while Entertainment Weekly opened its review of the film with
the scathing question, “Can we finally just admit that Dane Cook isn’t funny?” Indeed, the slams kept on coming when his
next big screen comedy, My Best Friend’s Girl, proved to be a friend to no one. “I want somebody really pissed off. I’m talking Defcon 2 level of anger.” The joke thief Accusations of joke thievery have plagued
Cook throughout his career. Joe Rogan accused Cook of stealing some of
his material, and video comparisons of bits from Cook’s 2007 special Retaliation and Louis
C.K.’s 2001 album Live in Houston have circulated on the web for years. Cook even appeared as himself on an episode
of Louie in a scene that addressed the real-life joke-stealing drama. “You’re full of s—!” Even so, Cook is still viewed by his comedian
peers as a lightweight pretty boy who got lucky. Saturday Night Live vet Jim Breuer told Today
in 2006, “Not one comedian comes on [my Sirius Radio show] and says ‘I’m so happy for him,’
which is weird. They can’t stand this poor guy.” Cook’s 2006 album, Retaliation, may have debuted
at No. 4 on the Billboard charts and gone on to receive double platinum certification. But his last album, 2010’s greatest hits compilation
I Did My Best, came in at only No. 165. The joke stealing controversy hasn’t helped—Cook
revealed to Marc Maron on an episode of the WTF podcast that same year that he feels excluded
from the rest of the comedy community. But it’s not like there’s anywhere else for
him to go because … Dramatic diss While Dan in Real Life was a modest success,
critics singled out Steve Carell’s lead role over Cook’s supporting turn. And his role opposite Kevin Costner in the
serial killer flick Mr. Brooks didn’t exactly wow reviewers either, with many pointing to
Cook’s performance as unintentionally funny. He also missed out on some super opportunities,
like the role of Marvel’s star-spangled hero in Captain America: The First Avenger. Cook said he’d trained to audition for the
role but reportedly never even made the shortlist. Ouch. To make matters worse, Cook’s sci-fi passion
project 400 Days crashed and burned in 2016, earning a meager $58 at three theaters in
the UK and scoring just 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. “Excuse me for a second…” Bad taste and timing In 2012, Cook took some serious heat for a
joke he told at the Laugh Factory a week after the tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora,
Colorado. Understandably, the public was incensed at
the far-too-soon joke, so Cook took to Twitter to apologize, saying “I am devastated by the recent tragedy in
Colorado & did not mean to make light of what happened. I made a bad judgment call with my material
last night & regret making a joke at such a sensitive time. My heart goes out to all of the families & friends
of the victims.” The damage was already done. It took two years ’til Dane Cook’s Showtime
special Troublemaker got him back into a smaller spotlight, with him delivering an intimate
set that was a far cry from the days when he sold out Madison Square Garden. Reviews were decent, though the special failed
to make much of an impression outside of Cook’s dwindling fan base. Time for a comeback? Cook’s career seemed ready for a second wind
when he was cast as a sexist, loudmouth radio DJ paired with a feminist cohost on the NBC
sitcom Next Caller. But the series was canceled in 2012 before
it even made it to air. But the small screen could still be the key
to Dane Cook’s return to the mainstream. He earned buzz playing an annoying boss on
a recent episode of Workaholics, and he’s set to play Robbie on American Gods, Starz’s
adaptation of the acclaimed Neil Gaiman novel. Taking a supporting role in a show that has
the makings of a cult hit could be the first step towards Dane Cook 2.0. Cook, for one, certainly believes that all
the low points he’s experienced are just part of the Hollywood pendulum swinging, and he’s
just gotta hold on ’til he’s back on top. “In order for us to like you again and really believe that you made it, you gotta suck for a while.” Well, at least he’s been playing by the rules
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100 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Hollywood Dumped Dane Cook

  1. I always wonder where they get these statistics. No one asked me or anyone I know. Lol I loved good luck chuck and my best friends girl

  2. Let's not forget Danes brother was stealing millions of dollars behind his back and now he has no money and owes irs alot of money. Danes a good guy sometimes he tries to hard to be funny but he has a funny personality I think.

  3. Really it's because his own brother stole millions from him and he had to deal with the IRS and getting his money back

  4. I know he said that thing about the theater but comedians should not have to apologies because there jokes not made to be taken serious

  5. Hes was always funny had his own style the whole time .. everyone kind of steals from everyone .. his level wasnt the bad kind like mencia

  6. He was in a drama movie just recently. I don't remember the name, but it turns out he's a very good actor.

  7. LMFAO. First of all. He was never ever the king of nothing. He was never funny 😂

  8. Dane Cook is typecast as the douche bag character. That’s why he fell flat because he couldn’t play anything else than the douche bag.

  9. Overall, his movies are pretty funny! His stand up i would say is a B- at best. He was one of those comedians that his set would improve over the years. I saw something of his from 99’ and it wasn’t that great, but his last special was significantly better. I wouldn’t call him a legend, but I’ll give him the respect.

  10. I never found him funny, but I've never watched a full set or special of his.
    He's got an audience so good for him…I'm just not interested.

  11. To this day I would still watch whatever he's in. I think Hollywood just hate him as a person. Talent-wise he's been great ever since its first comedy Central half hour special. I'm rooting for you Dane, I hope you make a great comeback ☑️📀

  12. He's playing the wrong angle. He's not funny. So he'd make a good character with like, stupid punch lines. Marvel character would have fit him well. He looks a lot like the guy who played starlord.

    Even kinda looks like wolverine, but he's too frat boyish

    Honestly would have made a good Deadpool IMO. Probably better than Ryan Reynolds, but Reynolds has more acting experience

  13. I never liked Dane Cook, never thought he was funny. I always felt like he looked like a broke man’s Jim Carrey on meth when he was on stage 🤷‍♂️ That said, I didn’t think employee of the month was all that bad for what it was…

  14. I love Dane Cook hes super funny. My favorite movies with him are Employee of the Month is so underrated I think its super funny. I also love Good Luck Chuck I think both of those movies are underrated.

  15. The difference between Dane Cook and most comedians is that his jokes are absolutely memorable and have strong punchlines. A lot of his early bits us Generation Xers can relate to.

  16. Dane brought us "to tears with laughter?" What year was that? What now 30 year old chick wrote this because she remembers Dane being "funny" when she was a teenager, and still doesn't know Dane stole jokes from comedians who were actually funny?
    Let me guess: The same chick that thinks Billy Madison was funny and doesn't "get" Money Python? Yeah. That chick.

  17. He sucked major dick from the start, MAD TV pegged him spot on. My friend was taking a shit when watching one of his stand ups and he puked.

  18. The only thing he did that I thought was funny was some comedy special where he’s in the middle of the stadium doing comedy for an hour….other than that I didn’t think he was funny in anything else he’s done.

  19. Dane Cook is a pussy. He should have never apologized for the joke or any joke. Pussies and liberal cucks are ruining comedy.

  20. He's like Jim Carrey. His act got old real quick. Jim Carrey made a come back sort of. His political nonsense gets in the way though. Who knew that Jim Carrey is a dirty, stinking Socialist. What a fucking asshole. That's my point. Dane Cook is easily forgettable.

  21. You can't use Rotten tomatoes as your source for which movies are good. It's owned by Fandango, its propoganda, and its woke.

  22. I loved Dane Cook back in the day, but that love took a turn when he did a show here in Utah, and while his show was awesome, I had a friend who was an ultra fan, he even managed to get “SuFi” on his car’s license plate, and he got backstage passes and he said that Dane was a stuck-up, arrogant jerk. Hopefully his fall has given him humility again, because I do think he’s really talented, but the ego is such a turnoff. Humility and humbleness is everything these days. When a celeb gets too big for their britches, most people turn away.

  23. Dane Cook was the first entertainer to use social media. Millions found out about him because of the internet, not because he’s that funny. He’s the OG SoundCloud rapper

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