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100 thoughts on “The Sushi Chef: Shark Hearts & Fish Sperm with Yoya Takahashi

  1. He looks and sounds like he just got out prison. Drunk ass! Sushi is pure fucking hype! Bullshit propaganda! Fish is fish.

  2. This is a big joke..lol just because ur a japanese in america before became a sushi chef? Lol like maybe if ur a chinese so u will be a wonton master? Hahaha. What a funny story

  3. Thats NUTS to live in Long Beach and work in L.A. 😲😲 looks like you probably take I-5 too …. thats nuts. Lived in a few different places in Orange County, right off I-5 and that traffic …. HELL NO lol brave man

  4. He is just an amateur in making sushi. He has never been trained to get skills to become a sushi chef in Japan.
    How come a guy like him can be a famous as a sushi chef in America?

  5. I could watch him say shark hearts all day! 😂 and my husband has the smiley face tattoo on one hand and the sad face on the other 😍

  6. He's one of the most wholesome man I have ever seen. I came to the video because of the title, but I stuck around because of his personality. What a wonderful man and I hope he's having a nice day every day.

  7. He's a really cool dude, but he is serving bluefin tuna in his restaurant, and that's not cool. I saw him in this other munchies video, check it out https://youtu.be/hivvTo6VSS8

  8. I would definitely love to quit my job and take an apprenticeship under this dude! I would love to become a sushi artist myself

  9. sperm is where the heart is healthy? tasty? idk, sounds like deadly cut-throat with a cream-like tapioca starch in the float, hey, your boat, not mine, how you got that shark and sperm whale? I wouldn't eat any of it.

  10. I think he’s HOT! I 🥰 Asian men.. his accent and work ethic makes him every bit more attractive

  11. Anyone here watched BECK. this guy reminds me of the song intro of BECK 'i was made to hit in america ' hahahah

  12. In the Netherlands sushi blew up the last couple of years. So many people that never had sushi before now love it.

  13. Yoya is like that asian guy from the movie "how high"..you east coast, I'm far east coast" he just blends in

  14. OK, must be the first time I hear anyone complaining about "nothing to do in Japan", even though its like the busiest and highest dynamism first world country ever 😀

  15. ふっ、こんな男に旨いものがつくれるはずがない!くだらん、食うに値せん。帰るぞ中川!

  16. Seems like a really cool, chill guy. I’d love to go and visit this sushi bar for the food and experience

  17. First time i saw him in youtube he was grading cheap sushis ever since then im fond of this guy hes the embodiment of calmness.

  18. 5:15 just look at his face while he explains why he is called death head chef 😂😂😂

  19. I'm definitely going to stop by and check out that resturant. Cant wait to meet this guy in person, hopefully I dont go when he's off or something.

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