This Chef Helps People Surprise Their Loved Ones With Cookies • Tasty
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This Chef Helps People Surprise Their Loved Ones With Cookies • Tasty

I think she shut the blinds so that he wouldn’t see us walking up hi I’m ray cooking and a giving food can be a personal and wonderful gift this holiday season we wanted to help two of our friends say thank you to some very important people in their lives here are their stories this is my friend crystal she’s a good fall producer so I don’t need to be here to teach you today Rhea is gonna be teaching me how to make my dad’s favorite oatmeal raisin cookies which I’ve actually never made before but I feel like I’m in good hands the reality for me is that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for a police chief who adopted me when I was 11 it’s such an honor you have me help you to make cookie for your time I heard a story out of the air it’s very I got a little bit washed I’m excited to present them to him I’m Rachel today I am teaming up with 3a to make my aunt Betsy’s favorite cookies which are chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips when my mom was becoming very sick me and my dad were very lost Betsy had gotten wind of this and decided to drop everything and come over to the East Coast I felt safer so have you made this cookie before yeah I barely made cookies but I’ve definitely never made this one whenever you have a question stop me and ask me question mostly you’re gonna make it butter in a pot holding the whole thing okay get in there so you’re going to shift together by one and everything else into that shifter baking soda cinnamon I was born into a family that unfortunately was riddled with addiction for a single guy in his 50s to take on an 11 year old kid is astounding all right well the next an assault and great nutmeg perfect so so like a quarter teaspoon you start seeing the brown bits right yeah that’s the flavor can you pour God no no you’re gonna add water until one cup mark nice so I’m going to put in a refrigerator because it’s really really hot so I’m going to cool it down to the next Betty had come into the house and provided dinner for me on nights when I didn’t want to eat she would bring me to the local mall and help me get clothes for school there were things that usually mean my mom would do but my mom was too sick to do at this point today I’m really excited because I’m gonna be able to finally give Betsey a special gift put flour uh-huh baking soda okay make you rain next step is creaming butter so just putting the ball okay and the sugar ball sugar castor sugar and brown sugar use a hand cream until it’s kind of like a facial cream mixture it’s really important to me to be able to show my dad how much I appreciate him every year at Christmas he writes me a handwritten letter telling me how proud he is of me and how far I’ve come in my life I feel like this might be a good way to kind of give that back to him this is brown sugar this one’s okay sugar so brown sugar makes cookie a little bit chewy another secret ingredient is espresso powder it’s kind of like break sweetness okay and salt and what’s the vanilla extract flavor too it was like molasses looks like molasses is a little thicker because it’s molasses next step it’s odd whole meals and it makes it spatula we wanna make a little bit you know elevated yeah a little bit official have some toasted walnuts I have dried cherries and cranberries that sounds really good and I feel like with the different berries it’ll give it sort of a holiday vibe as well yeah it’s a little bit red color so it’s kind of give a nice holiday spirit I think so we chilled brown butter it’s not oh my god already fit over okay and scraped all the goodies on the bottom here no don’t be scared you can go a little fussy if you want higher yeah I got you nice and I’m going to add dry ingredients your shifted oh yeah oh just um scoop ain’t drunk we are going to flatten this a little bit on your hands one inch apart okay so we are going to pop this in refrigerator for 1 hour to chill and bake for 12 to 14 minutes so tada whoops yeah it’s smells so good really and I like the nice golden crunchy edge I may be hoping about a limb like that I think he’s gonna really love this I like these a lot and I know him pretty well so I think he’s gonna really enjoy these this is great yeah I liked on mine oh yeah great you did that it’s like the perfect consistency mm-hmm I think she’s gonna love ya the best part of baking and cooking for someone else what are you doing that you are thinking about that person you are taking time you’re going shopping and making and baking whole time it’s dedicated to that person yeah and I think that time is precious I’m here about two and a half hours outside of LA just to surprise my dad with these cookies I even found this little box with dinosaurs on it which I thought was super cute because his name is Rex I invited my aunt Betsey to the studio today she doesn’t really know what’s happening so really excited and also a little bit nervous to give her this gift so we’ll see us [Music] Betsy I brought you here today to talk about my mom and all the things that occurred almost 15 years ago now but what I did not tell you is the video is actually about you and I wanted to say thank you and I never got a chance to and I am so sorry for that but I wanted to reach out to you and especially around the holidays this bring you oh my god their favorite cookies chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips and just to tell you that I’m thinking of you it you did so much for me and I so appreciate that because you really change the course of my life [Music] hi dad I brought you a box of your favorite cookies don’t mind them these are your favorite cookies and basically I just wanted to bring them to you I made them especially for you because I know that they’re your favorite and I wanted to do it as a way to say thank you for just I’m gonna cry or just being so important to me just being me he over just being you and for being so amazing to me and in supporting me and loving me and for being my dad thank you I don’t feel like I really did you did but I wanted to you adopted me and because of that my life is so much better and my life is so much better and I appreciate it every day they are very good yeah your mom would be really proud you’re a very very unique young woman yeah we had a rough spot for a little but I’m okay now no you’re good you know how much I love you you know every time I talk to you every time I see you it’s always the same love is always there mean you yep well thank you very much [Music] [Music]

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100 thoughts on “This Chef Helps People Surprise Their Loved Ones With Cookies • Tasty

  1. When she said “you adopted me and because of that my life is so much better and I appreciate it everyday” and the dad said
    “I do too” OMG MY HEART

  2. If they had written Rie helps…. they would have gotten millions of clicks and more people would have seen this beautiful video.

  3. Tasty, you need to stop calling Rie “This Chef,” and either say “Rie,” or “ One of the Queens Of Tasty,” (the other queen is Alix)

  4. Love rie so much.. I think without her every tasty video is incomplete.. so" this chef " is not this but our's "the rie "

  5. Ik there's a reason why I scrolled pass this video so much times without clicking on it. Gosh it made me cry so hard. Omg

  6. I wasn’t expecting to cry watching a Tasty video but here we are. Oh my WOW! This is so stunningly beautiful ❤️

  7. Rie, I'm not a Chef but you make me want to work in TASTY. I was a teacher before in Japan in Hiroshima and now I' a teacher in the Philippines now, i was just touch by this video because of how food makes someone really really happy,cause in the school where i am serving pupils there are coming even they are not having breakfast so my heart was pinch when i saw this i feel like oh gosh my pupils need help.

  8. Literally stopped the video to go hug and kiss my parents 😭… This is the cutest video ever❤️

  9. Awh shit I cried my eyes out. This is just so god damn beautiful and the humans that made these ladies what/who they are today are absolute hero’s and beyond. ❤️

  10. What Rie said was very true. Baking for someone is so sentimental and intentional.. you go shopping, prep, make the cookies or whatever goodies you set out to make all the while thinking of that person. What may seem like a simple treat is totally a token of love and thoughtfulness. I loved this. So beautiful. Totally cried.

    Cheers and kudos to all my fellow bakers who put their heart and soul into their lovely confections just to brighten up someone's day 💕

    I'm gonna shamelessly plug my bakers IG here its @ _periwinkleco .. and if anyone who has a baking page please feel free to reply to my comment with your handle I would love to support you 💕

  11. Huge hugs to these selfless people who help 2 little girls broken hearts heal and grow into beautiful loving young woman…

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