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Tom Baker In The Studio | Big Finish Productions | Doctor Who

That”s the way a conjurer should finish his act. Always leave ’em wanting more, that’s the trick. Ah, good evening, Henry. Ah, Doctor. Just wanted to check the little chap is all set for his appearance after the interval. Big Finish actually, in some ways, have revitalized me because I’m not so strong now and I’ve got arthritis …and they’ve made it possible for me to go on. Like today with actors I’ve worked for donkey’s years ago: Christopher and Trevor and some of the younger ones here, yeah. It’s been wonderful, absolutely wonderful to have been a Doctor Who. You mustn’t keep her waiting any longer. Oh… Good… We can stop off on the way, I won’t keep you long. Sounds like you’re in for a long night, Inspector. He just seems to be sleeping now.I say, look at that. The hair on his face, the elongated teeth and nails… they’re all receding again. He just seems to be sleeping now.I say, look at that. The hair on his face, the elongated teeth and nails… they’re all receding again. Evidence suggests that the feral state is mitigated by sedation Sedatives… I wonder…

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100 thoughts on “Tom Baker In The Studio | Big Finish Productions | Doctor Who

  1. Nobody will ever be as good at playing the Doctor as this man. He made the role his own in a way no one else has. The definitive Doctor.

  2. I almost always get a little teary-eyed when I see Tom Baker as The Doctor since probably mid-way through his run is when I first got introduced to the show and fell in love with it. On PBS in the 80's, of course…and I'm so glad I live in a city (Seattle) where PBS still shows the old eps from William Hartnell through Sylvester McCoy every Sat night (usually 2/night, but several hour marathons during pledge events).

  3. He is truly a national treasure, it's absolutely fantastic that Big Finish is as enthusiastic about these stories as we are.

  4. Hearing him as the doctor just makes me think of his early days as the doctor. I love it! K-9 is in this!?

  5. We're all so lucky to have Tom Baker in our world…I love him so much, I met him last year and he was beyond kind

  6. More guest shots of Tom and the other living Doctors. They may live in other levels of the Tardis or reading a book and smoking a pipe of a Tardis Library, or just passing in a Hallway on their own adventure. How about firing the Writers and find someone with some imagination.

  7. Quote Tom Baker, "I have never described the time I was in Doctor Who as anything except a kind of ecstatic success, but all the rest has been rather a muddle and a disappointment. Compared to Doctor Who, it has been an outrageous failure really – it's so boring."

  8. Man this takes me back. Staying up late on school nights watching Doctor Who. My favorite Doctor Tom Baker. Love ya man.

  9. tom baker is awesome also can we agree we should have big finish audio where 4th doctor meets the 10th doctor cause that is awesome

  10. I'm glad Tom Baker has joined Big Finish, but their stories are forgettable or pure
    fanservice with old monsters and old characters, no story seems to capture the creativity and originality of the old days.

  11. I'm a sucker for Big Finish, and the perpetually under-rated Colin Baker is my favourite audio Doctor, but just the sound of Tom Baker's voice makes me smile. There's something just plain magic about that man.

    That aside, I enjoy all the various Doctors, and I'll forever be grateful that Big Finish not only gave Colin and Sylvester McCoy a chance to prove themselves to their naysayers (and do so magnificently), but that they gave us fans actual proper eras for the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann, and the late, great, John Hurt's War Doctor. And that's just for starters…

  12. I've listened to a few good ones from Tom Baker. Big Finish has been a great means of keeping classic Doctors relevant, and filling the gaps between new episodes.

  13. Only just got into big finish listening to the whole of "I Davros" and "Home Truths" both fantastic stories which really added allot to my long bus/train journeys. i look forward to listening to this as well of course, once the price comes down a bit, allong with the John Hurt stories.

    Curious if anyone had some other stories they'd recommend which aren't on the expensive side.

  14. Yo, Big Finish Productions, expand your work over to germany for more ££! Lots of Whovians over here interested in localized versions of your work!

  15. I can't choose my favorite Doctor because every one of them have been amazing, but I think he is THE Doctor, nobody like him.

  16. Can these be downloaded electronically? I used to by the CDs a long time ago, but I no longer have a CD player in my car.

  17. Tom Baker…My all time favorite Dr Who. I have such great memories watching him on our local PBS station late nights. My folks would let me stay up late to watch the whole full length show.

  18. With all the ailments he may have, as long as he has that voice, he can still keep working for as long as he wants. What a great guy.

    He may not be my favourite Doctor, but I still have a LOT of respect for him.

  19. My Favourite doctor, i grew up with the 3rd and 4th Doctors before losing interest when Tom left, only picking up again with the 9th doctor. For me Tom Baker and David Tennant were my top 2 followed closely by Matt Smith, 3 completely different doctors but each excelled in there own way. But that's me.

  20. i met Tom baker in a supermarket in the south of France a few years ago, chatted for 5 min, wonderful character! 💙

  21. That's one of the beauties of radio plays, i.e. audio dramas. An elderly actor can come back and play a role again that he/she did so long ago. Who cares if it's only a performance in sound? Just let your imagination be your tv set or movie screen. Great to see Tom Baker back in his most beloved role as the Doctor. Good ol' Tom! 😀

  22. When I think of all things Doctor Who from the past I go directly to actor Tom Baker during his run in the 1970s my fave actress of a companion for him will always be Louise Jamieson as Leela loved them together especially in the story called The Horror Of Fang Rock as a fan of a friend their time in the mid to late 70s will always be special to all the way for me because they made that decade amazing

  23. My earliest memory of Doctor Who is City Of Death with Scageroff(sorry spelling?) removing his human mask and revealing his true face. Very scary for a nearly 5 year old, it would have been roughly a month or two before my fifth birthday. God I feel old sometimes.

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