TV Chefs Play Kitchionary! Gordon Ramsay, Padma Lakshmi, David Chang, Samin Nosrat & More! | THR
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TV Chefs Play Kitchionary! Gordon Ramsay, Padma Lakshmi, David Chang, Samin Nosrat & More! | THR

– We are here with the Hollywood Reporter to play Kitchionary. My team, I have Gordon Ramsay, I have David Chang, and then there are these other people. (laughing) – Wait a minute, that’s not fair. That’s, I’m Jon Favreau. I’ve got Samin Nosrat and Roy Choi. – [Gordon] Excellent, – So the rules are that we get one minute. Judges, do you have a timer set? The category is technique. – That’s you. – [Jon] Ready? (marker squeaking) – Rolling Pasta. Making gnocchi. Making, what is this? (Gordon laughs) – [Judge] 30 seconds. – Anchovies.
– I’ll make it again. (paper rattling) – Trees, olives, chopping. – Chopping wood.
– What was that first one? – Ready? It is a food. – Clam, shellfish. – BLT. Pork Bun.
– Yes! – [Jon] Very nice. – [Gordon] Nice one. Pulled Bun.
– Let’s go. – [David] It’s called winning. – Oh lord, oh God. Okay. Food, food, food. – Pork bun. (laughing) Bacon, cat food. – [Roy] Cat food. – [Jon And Roy] Pork butt. – No. – Rump roast. Ham. – Thank you! – [Padma] I didn’t know what you draw. – [David] Shit. – This is a food. Ready?
– Yeah. – [Jon] This is for children. – You wear two of them. – Oh. What are you? – Mushrooms, as well. – [Jon] So what you could
just give clues, quietly. Is that the rule? – Rolling pin, David, fucking help me. – Wait, what is this? – A Wellington Boot. – Oh, oh , oh, oh! Beef Wellington! – Yes! – Okay, it’s a tool. – Get a fresh piece of paper. – 50 seconds. – ‘Kay. Let’s see. – Clam? Oh, that’s some sort of herb? – Cilantro, herbs?
– It’s an herb. – Bowl?
– Bowl, Salad. – Salad spinner.
– Yes! (group laughing) – I didn’t even get to the second word! – This is a tool. – [Samin] Beef Wellington. – Mandoline. – Yes! – [Samin And Padma] Wow! – Yay! – [Samin] That was good. – [David] All right. – [Producer] Okay, you
guys are getting them all under 30 seconds. – Okay, make it 30 seconds. – [Producer] So, let’s make
it hard, let’s do 30 seconds. – Okay.
– Okay, ready? It’s a tool. – [Gordon] Here we go. – Pasta roller. Ravioli cutter. – It’s a kid show, still. – Candy Thermometer. – Every single one. – Thermometer, judges? Thermometer, is that good? Okay. – [Gordon] That’s amazing. – It is a food. – Duck. Duck confit. Chicken wing. – [Gordon] Duck leg, Chicken leg. – I know what it is, too!
– Wish bone. Feather, chicken feather? – [Jon] Wing with dots on it. – Fuck, hot wing! – You said chicken wings, – [Gordon And Padma] Hot wings. – What the hell? – Oh my lord. – We know it’s hard, what category? – [Samin] It’s a food, it’s a food. – Pie? – Chicken pot pie? – Pie. Broken pie? Crack pie. – Yes! – [Padma] Crack pie? – How many David Fucking Chang things are you gonna put in this stack? What about my recipes? – [Padma] ‘Kay. This is a tool. – Colander.
– Yes! – [Samin] That was a good one. – [Jon] Excellent. All right. – Okay, mine is a food. I don’t know how to do this. – [Jon] Band-aid. Band-aid pie. Oh, ravioli. – No. – [Roy] Cockroach? – Terrine? Is it a bug or it that
some sort of animal? It’s a cat. – They’re the same. – I don’t know what that animal is. – [David] Intestines? I don’t know. – [Padma] Short rib. – Now it’s all coming to me. All the things I could’ve done. – It’s a ferret.
– Okay. – Just think through it.
– Food. – Okay. Bread. Pasta, rice. Rice. Fried rice. – What’s the score? – [Producer] You are tied. – It’s a food. – Doritos. Water steam. Couscous. Rice, rice, rice. Crispy rice, tahdig, tahdig. Yes! – Who are you? (clapping) – [Jon] Wow. – [David] It’s a tool. – Okay. – [Jon] Oh, I know what it is. – [Padma] It’s a bread box. Dutch oven. – Yes, yes.
– Oh, wow! – Nice pull. – [Roy] This is a food. – Orange. Donut, bagel. – Is it a person? – Is it a person? (laughs) What is happening? – [Gordon] Time’s up. – What was it? – [Gordon] Poached eggs. – Yes.
– That’s a tough one. – [Producer] Isn’t that a steal? – Well, if you really wanna
do that, we got the steal too. – [Gordon] That’s a steal, ya we got it. – [Jon] Judges? – [Producer] Team Padma, you win. – [David] Oh! – [Jon] Well done. – Unbelievable, Kitchionary champion. – Thank you. – [Samin] Wow! – Feel like I got my Wimbledon now. – I know. – [Jon] Well done. – [David] Good job. – I take it back, I’m good at Pictionary.

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  1. Ok, can this be a full weekly show? Top chefs playing different food and kitchen based games… You can cancel Hollywood Game Night if that helps

  2. Why have a winner when you don’t have to follow the rules?! Gordon was talking the entire time he was drawing!!!

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