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  1. Here’s one for Jaime;

    A man walks into the dentist complaining of a terrible toothache. The dentist has a look and says

    “I’m not surprised, all your teeth have gone to rot. What have you been eating?”

    The man replies “the only new thing has been this wonderful hollandaise sauce my wife is making.” The dentist tells the man he’s going to need a set of chrome dentures, and the man says

    “What good would chrome dentures do me?”

    And the dentist replies “well, there’s no plate like chrome for the hollandaise!”

  2. i need james to make that for me everyday. the cheese is not necessary, but omg my mouth is watering from all the rest

  3. James is my favourite ^_^
    I've noticed that he tends to over complicate his dishes, but I was seriously ready to unsubscribe if he didn't win this match lol

  4. Ukrainian food battle!!! The food is super tasty and not very well represented so it'd be nice to see an episode on it 😊

  5. I liked what both chefs did, James did over the top again but I hate heirloom tomatoes that are not just chilled, I love them not squishy tomatoes lol

  6. Blown away by James' dish, it looks stunning and so many elements went into it – both looked absolutely delicious though!

  7. James should win because he didn’t use someone else’s caramel or something they made three days previous! D:<

  8. Ben! Your doing things outside the allocated time for a battle… just pointing it out as Mike ripped jamie for it during the ultimate steak battle 😋

  9. These guys are so much fun!
    How inappropriate is it for a 30-something woman to have a massive celebrity crush!?
    If you would put me in that room I'm not sure if I'd rather eat the food or James. Such a peach!

  10. James always takes on a lot during battles. When James says, "I love you." I replay that over and over again, closing my eyes, pretending he's saying it to me. Also having lived in Italy, James's antipasta dish looks better than any antipasta dish I've seen in Italy.

  11. The comments from ladies and girls about James are, frankly, pretty odd. You don't know the guy and yet you're putting him on some pedestal. It's very odd.

  12. One guy made a drink and a biscuit, the other made a banquet.

    Love you, Ben, but James destroyed this.
    Good show all round.

  13. I love it when you see the kitchen chef James start to show in these videos. 'You can get out of my way', then remembers he's on camera and not in a kitchen 'I mean… I love you'. And then Barry is literally me when I just wanted to run the food or help haha.

  14. I love how these battles show how skilled the chefs really are. Imagine making what James did in a Pass It On.

  15. I don't like half of the stuff on James' plate, but… I would pick it anytime! And eat all of it…! It looks freakin' amazing!!

  16. Late to the party on this episode, I do agree on the winner, but it's not an Apples to Apples comparison, need to be more specific in the battles….

  17. James made Mozerella in an hour, I could barely find store bought stuff in my own freezer in an hour.

  18. Lmfao
    You can get out of the way, I mean I love you

    No you can’t use my caramel ‘
    ‘ you can’t use my caramel, it’s my caramel ‘ love them

  19. I'm binge watching sorted since last week…you guys are amazing..your videos are so entertaining and I enjoy all of them..ps I love ben he is sooooooo cute.

  20. I would personally have picked Ben's dish because I love every component on the plate, and it looks amazing. There are many things on James plate i personally really dislike the taste of (sorry James).

  21. Can I thank you guys for actually using the word anipasti correctly. You don't wanna know how often I hear people say antipasta or use antipasto when a plural is needed.

  22. Wow, amazing job chefs! And Jamie’s “ you know what time it is” at the end had me wondering if y’all were collaborating with Rhett and Link for a second!
    Dad joke- I agree with James in the background saying shut the door -groan! 😁

  23. Out of all the men of sorted I'm SOOOO ATTRACTED TO BEN! he's the super smart senior in college, like please teach me M&A sir.

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