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UNICORN cake | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making a Unicorn Cake because, well you guys asked me to, lots and lots of
times! This week’s Notification Squad shout out goes
to Jem101Jem for your chance at a shout out press the 🔔 to turn on notifications and
put “DONE” in the comments to let me know that you’ve done it. Now to make this cake you’ll need 6 sponge
cakes leveled and the recipe videos for those are on the howtocookthat.net website and I’ll
link to that below. You will also need a triple quantity of the
basic vanilla buttercream recipe. And to make that all you do is beat together
the butter and icing sugar and keep that going for a few minutes until it looks smooth and
dreamy. Then add in vanilla or whatever flavouring
you like. Use a cookie cutter to cut the middle out
of your sponge cake. And then add some simple syrup on top. Simple syrup is is just made using equal parts
of sugar and water and heating that in the microwave until the sugar is dissolved. Then let it cool and you can add flavouring
to it if you like. I’m using some musk flavouring in mine (it’s
an Australian rose flavour). Pipe a circle of buttercream onto the cake,
and then spread that out using a spatula. Piping it on makes it easy to get an even
amount of buttercream between each layer of cake. Cut out the centre of the next layer and then
add it on top. Continue layering up simple syrup, frosting
and cake until you have 5 layers of cake. Fill the centre with mm’s right up to the
top. And then add simple syrup, spread out the
frosting around that top ring there and then add your top layer of cake, you don’t want
a hole in that one. Pipe buttercream all over the outside of your
cake and spread it out covering up all the gaps over the top and the sides getting it
as smooth as you can. Once it is fairly smooth you want to place
it in the fridge to firm up. Roll our some white and black fondant for
the ears. Cut a leaf shape out of the black just by
cutting a curve and then the other way cutting a curve back on it so it makes that leaf shape. Then take some gold luster dust and brush
it over the top using a dry paint brush. Gently lift those up and place them onto some
white fondant and then cut around the gold leaf, shape leaving a border of white so that
then we have the ear shape there. Take a cake pop stick and press down gently
on one end leaving a slight indent. Then push the cake pop stick into the base
of the ear. To curve the ear up, place a snake of white
fondant under the baking paper on each side of the ear then press down using your little
finger in the middle there. You can make these a couple of days ahead
and leave them to dry out or add Tylose powder to the fondant so it dries out quickly. Roll out some yellow fondant and cut out some
stars, now if you don’t have a star cutter you can just print out a picture and cut around
it using a knife instead. With some of your stars cut out a smaller
star inside as well, so you end up with a star outline, and we are going to leave those
to dry out. Now roll a long snake of black fondant. Now the key to getting a long, even snake
is if you see anywhere where there is a bump, just place your finger there and keep rolling
until that is out and it is all smooth and the same thickness. Rub along one side with a little bit of water
and then wrap one end around the base of an ice-cream cone. Just squash it down at the starting point
so you don’t have a blunt end there so that it’s actually going in. Then twist the cone around and around to wind
the fondant on. Add another snake of fondant halfway up and
continue to wrap it around all the way up the cone and to the top. And then just cut it off and neaten that top
bit up. Take some gold luster dust and brush the unicorn
horn with gold. And the reason you use black fondant is when
the black is under the gold it makes it look really shimmery and full coloured. If you use white it looks a bit opaque and
yellowy, it doesn’t look at good. Take the cake out of the fridge and smooth
out any imperfections, just using a little bit more buttercream. Place any leftover buttercream into bowls
and colour it using gel food colouring. I’m going to make mine pink, blue and purple. You can use whatever colours you’d like your
unicorn to be. Now I want to mix the pink and the purple
in the one piping bag. The way I do that is to take a double layer
of plastic wrap and put some of the purple icing onto the plastic warp along the length
of it in a straight line, leaving a gap at one end. Then fold it over and roll it up like a sausage,
making sure there’s some empty space at one end. Repeat that with your pink frosting. Now carefully put those together and place
them inside your piping bag and shake them down to make sure they go right down to the
bottom. And twist those empty ends together. You want to twist it closed so that the icing
can’t come back out of the top when you’re piping. Roll a strip of blue and then use a pizza
cutter to cut two straight edges. Then take that piece and wrap it around the
base of your cake. Now do the same with a strip of pink and then
yellow. Add the horn to the centre of your cake and
then add each of your ears on either side of the horn, just poking that cake pop stick
down into the cake. Take your mixed bag of icing and pipe a star
just next to the ear and another one on the other side. Pipe a few more then add some smaller stars
of blue in between, and continue to do that until you’ve covered the top and down in a
slight triangle at the front. Now you want to bring the piping down one
side and around like the unicorn’s mane is sweeping down and around over one side. Then fill in the top at the back and bring
that down that side too. Now you can decorate that how you like, just
adding a few little stars and different things on top and then take some black fondant and
cut out triangle chunks out of it so that you’re making the eyelashes for the unicorn. Again dust them in gold so they look pretty. And then carefully add them to the front of
the cake. 🐴 UNICORN STORY TIME 🐴 Boo the unicorn was chillin’ on a cloud,
“I wish I had a friend,” she sighed out loud. Through the cumulonimbus came a giggling sound
And Boo spotted a party way down on the ground. When a single tear dripped down on her hoof,
Boo slipped off the cloud and onto the roof. “Who’s there?” screamed IceCream. “A thief!” said CupCake. “It’s just me,” Boo trembled and flopped on
her butt. “I was watching up there and wished I was
here.” IceCream was concerned but Donut had no fear. “Donut worry,” he said with a smile as he
bounced. “We love it when new friends drop in unnannounced.” And thus was the story of how Boo Unicorn, with
a fluffy white coat and a shimmering horn, became friends with a family of sweet, yummy
treats in a land where everyone… Makes it a Great Week! And there you have a super easy pretty Boo
the Unicorn cake. And it’s filled with M&M’s of course for that
surprise inside when you slice it. Make it a Great Week and I’ll see you on Friday.

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100 thoughts on “UNICORN cake | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

  1. I'm loving this unicorn cake trend, well done to the amazing and talented Jenna Rae Cakes (twin sisters from Canada) who invented this unicorn cake design back in Sept 2016. You can check out their other cakes here: https://www.instagram.com/jennaraecakes/

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  3. You don't have to do this, but please can you make a BLACKPINK cake on August 8th to celebrate their first anniversary? BLACKPINK is a K-Pop group who recently received their first triple crown at SBS Inkigayo (a Korean music show)

  4. Thanks alot Ann, for the lovely tutorial.. i have made one Unicorn Cake but without using fondant! haha.. hope u can take a look, Ann. https://youtu.be/s74_1TKWu3g

  5. I love your channel❀ you always make everything perfect and you are always consistent with everything you do, keep doing what you do and keep making fellow bakers happy with your creations, magnificent attitude and amazing skills.

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  7. I had a cake that looked like that on my 11th birthday!
    Except there were 3 sponges that were pink, purple and blue and no m&m center. :3
    I wonder if the idea was from the original creator of this cake! <3
    Ur cakes are AMAZING Ann xox

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