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Upma | उपमा | Chef Ranveer Brar

You know what they say For a good Chef the difficult part Is to make a simple recipe, You know why because when A dish is easy you get expose right Right… Because there is nothing really to hide The complications of the food from And “Upma” is one of such a simple dish Right…! And every where i have gone First thing people ask is, how to make good “Upma” recipe So, i will solve that problem. I have also done lots of research I have also make the recipe repeatedly This is my formula of making a good Upma it will work for you. So let’s start Rolling & Action…!! You know one thing i like about dishes from South is It is easy to trace that dish from its name For example “Upma” The primary word is “Uppu” which means salt And “Maa”, “Mavvu” “Mavvi” all these words are used for Refined flour(Maida) and whole wheat flour(Atta) “Namkeen Atta” means “Upma”, Right…! Some places in Tamil Nadu it is still called as “Uppumavu” And In all the terms whether it’s “Upma” “Uppitu”, “Uppeet”, “Uppumavu” “Upp” which means “Salt” which is very important in it So that people get to know that it looks like “Rawa” But it is Namkeen(Salty) Weather it’s “Khara bhatt” which again denotes the fact that “Saltiness” is the important communicator In the name “Upma” Ok… So, Normally, i say Cook Fearlessly and according to your own guess But this time i have scaled The “Upma” recipe to a gram Means if you want your recipe to be success Specially to those people who’s living outside “India” And missing their “Mother” Wanna eat “Upma” for breakfast So, for them it’s Best solution Add 1 medium size onion to 1 cup rawa Especially in Karnataka Where “Khara bhatt” is very famous there is one dish named “Chow Chow Bhath” That is an exclusive combination of Thats very very Karnataka in which They saffron rava which is sweet in taste And little Khara bhatt which is namkeen And a mixture of this AAA…! Where one side is sweet and the other is salty is combined Known as “Chow Chow Bhatt”… Again Purely To explain that the “Semolina” can be beautifully cook both ways You know it seems like a lots of but it actually not a lot Because 1 cup rawa will make around 5 cups of “Upma” 1 cup is equal to 165 grams Right. 165 grams Another common mistakes that all of us do is At this stage we are in a bit hurry This step should be done with patience So, Upma will come out good On a low flame cook at least For 5-6 minutes continuously While listening music Sauté it nicely If this part is wrong then Upma will also be wrong If you sauteé on a hight flame rawa will turn brown and become like “Halwa” And then you will say “Ranveer aapne bataya nahi” So, now remove rawa and keep it aside Which Rawa? “Mumbai Rawa” Mostly in South there are two types of rava made There is the “Mumbai Rava” and there is the “Godhumai Rawa” “Godhumai Rawa” is slightly toasted form of “Broken Weat”(dalia) So there “Upma” is made either from Godhumai rawa upma or from Mumbai rava upma “Mumbaikars” don’t know that their Rava is know as Mumbai rava in “Hyderabad” Upma which i am making is very basic “Upma” Essential upma down south Vegetables doesn’t Come in basic upma recipe there is vegetable upma In which you add vegetables i’m doing the basic upma So, any refined oil “Gota urad” As soon as it started to turn brown Chilli Ginger 1tsp full not more then that Kanda(onion) Pyaaj(onion) When punjabi come to Mumbai speaks like this only Pyaaj becomes kanda The proportion of water should be 3.5 times more than Rawa The idea of the Upma should be creamy And thats why you need to add enough water Now this is “Ranveer Brar’s” cheating if you want to add just add Very very little sugar thats it After one boil all the flavours will get more concentrated As a standard So, that’s why boil is necessary Second thing If we are makeing Upma by this method So there is no need to boil water Because the water is in boiling with the flavours You just wait for it to boil Hmmm…! so while you describe the flavour Flavour is very simple, Nuttiness is very important In Cereal(Dal), sweetness of onion And spiciness and freshness of curry leaves, ginger and green chilli Three things…! Nuttiness, Freshness and sweetness…! Another common problem people have is “Lumps” Guaranteed if you make with this method And slowly slowly add rava so lumps will not form Guaranteed…! Thats it…! Done…! Flame low… And now we wait Done…! There are lot of people ask that Is Semolina(suji/rawa) good for health? For that the structure of “Wheat” is very important Wheat has three parts Outer covering is known as “BRAN” Inside part which is the majority part is know as “ENDOSPERM” And last is the “GERM” That would eventually develop into the wheat plant. When you separate “Bran” And “Germ ” you get “Endosperm” you get “Semolina”(suji) Semolina is high in content Calorific(Calories) value High in “Energy” and it also has 13%-13.5% of “Protein” content Very good So most of Semolina is purely milled “Endosperm” Add lemon juice Reason of keeping big pieces of onion is because You can see that onion Juiciness of the onion should come in taste Nice chunky onion that comes in the mouth Finally chopped onion will not taste nice in Upma Lemon and ghee Coriander stems just for fragrance Now its thick So don’t worry Rava is extremely powerful its like a “Sponge” Little bit of coconut chutney and pickle Upma and pickle is a Classic combination Most Important…! Is “Aroma” and “Colour” And the fragrance of… Remember that right…! Ginger, curry leaves, green chillies, nuttiness of Lentils and cashew And most importantly the sweetness of chunky onions thats it…! Upma is ready…! Can i eat now…!

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100 thoughts on “Upma | उपमा | Chef Ranveer Brar

  1. For all the South Indians praising the Upma recipe are you serious? Is this the way upma is made ? I being a Bihari born and brought in chennai I am not able to accept this as a upma recipe. The ravai is not roasted golden colour , it is not grainy and looks like a white sticky lump of rava! The final out put of upma must be grainy, pinkish in colour with beautifully roasted urad dal and channa dal peeping from the upma! The onion was almost nil for one cup of Ravai atleast 2 medium sized onion is needed! How did you guys manage to praise this recipe and not the least 3 and half cup of water for one cup of ravai? It is max 1 and half to 2 cups depending upon how much the ravai is roasted! I know there will people pouncing on me for my comments but I call a spade a spade! Ranveer you need to do your homework and better research before you bring a thing on public platform!

  2. Your dresses are not good. & Don't like that leather belted Apron.But I ignore it.
    yes, bcz recipes are verrrrry good.

  3. Basic cheezein.. 😀 Recipe side pe… Aapne tawe se kadhai ko cover kiya.. 👌👌😀 Best 👍😍❤️

  4. Was waiting for it. Please share video on Bengaluru style ghee rice and korma.. your style is really inspiring.

  5. Maine aapki hi vidhi se shahi paneer , palak paneer aur ye upma banaya. Bahut hi mast bana sirji. I am big fan of urs. Aap jo saral vidhi batate ho na uska koi jawab nahi

  6. Upma can taste best if the semolina is roasted in onion tempering not roasted separately, because flovours of onions and spices gets into semolina and then it has to be cooked in boiling water…it's a kind of one pot upma which my grandma used to cook…

  7. hi, thank you for the recipe, upma turned out amazing, i am jain so did not add onions. still i have never had upma like this loved it, i did not know you can even screw up upma recipe, which i have been doing all this time.

  8. AWESOME…….Thank you so much Ranveer for sharing such an amazing recipe…..I tried it today for breakfast and my hubby also loved it. Though I regularly make Upma for breakfast (at least twice a week) this was too good, such a basic recipe yet so delicious. Whenever I made upma I would get confused about the amount of water to add in it, some recipes would say double some one and a half, and I always missed the distinctive taste of upma which we always have at Udipiwala on the Moradabad Delhi highway……after making your recipe I understood that was the flavor of ginger, which I never added when I made upma at home, and the suji part of roasting it with ghee, I always roasted it without ghee, and last but not the least adding desi ghee which made it "Sone pe Suhaga"…..Thanks again for sharing such wonderful recipes with us. 🙂

  9. Hi…a big fan of urs…made it for the first time and it turned out to be a perfect Upma….thanks for the delicious recipes and ur executions are awesome….love u…keep making delicacies…🙂🙂🙂🙂

  10. It's a pleasure to watch you cook ChefRanveer, the way you describe the cooking process, makes it seem so simple and easy. Thank you for the amazing videos. Tried the 'Langar Wali dal' today, and though I have never had it before, so I have no reference point but it got a lot of compliments. Thank you 🙂

  11. I am so blessed that I born in India , variety of food available to satisfy my toung 😛😛😛😂 I can eat Punjabi, Gujarati,south indian and the list goes on and on 🙌🙏👍👌

  12. There is no need to roast Mumbai rava….can put it directly in boiling water that you put after tadka and sautee of onions.

  13. Good Language. My father's state. Good in theory. You look confident and I am sure You will do well. Revealing all the secrets.

  14. Your recipes are kind of relaxation for me,, especially during exam week..❤️Sir plz make some more easy recipes which can help hostellites like me🤗

  15. Before Watching this Video i was thinking UPMA Recipe is Rocket science.! Thanks to Ranveer sir for making this Recipe so easy..!!!

  16. I tried this upma and guess what… this is the best upma recipe till date.
    I always added 2.5times water but it always came out to be tight.
    This recipe is perfect. 👌👌

  17. I have been making various upma varieties for ages, but when I made this for my family, they said it was the best upma they had ever eaten! Thanks chef! You are absolutely awesome!

  18. Amazing.. Loved the details you provided about upma n the meaning of the name… When I cook upma. I do roast rawa( without ghee.)N add roasted peanuts, dal both which you added n veggie etc… Will try this recipe of your the plain n simple one. I'm sure it will be good…!

  19. Dear Ranveer,
    Thank you so, so much for this absolutely divine recipe for Upma! I made it for our Sunday evening meal after eating Thepla and Dhokla made by my MA-in-law at Ma's home this afternoon. I think the aroma itself is so incredible that I'm super-excited for my Husband and Daughters to try it at Dinner time. I followed your recipe extremely carefully and the Upma looks and smells wonderful. Thank you once again!!

  20. It's exactly like how my mother and grandmother have taught me.. The only difference is they stress on the point that you have to use Til oil for frying the daal and spices.. It gives an altogether beautiful taste! 😍

  21. I really like your recipes and stories sir . I am a big fan of your cooking and the knowledge you gave us at the time of cooking.

  22. Sir ji .. Apke tarike se banaya. aur m surprise UPMA bahot hi yummy tasty aur authentic bana. Thnk uuuu for Sharing this LOVELY recipe.

    LOVE U MORE THIS…😍👌👌👌👌👌👌

  23. I was in Vizag for 2.5 years and the upma was my most favourite breakfast. I had upma from many places. But the best I had was at Customs canteen at Customs House Vizag. It was creamy and melting, and delicious. Everytime I had it, I had to take two servings to satiate my greed. In fact that upma spoilt me so much that I unfortunately don't enjoy upmas that I had since then at other places. Most people keep it too dry or the Coconut chutney is wrong. Being a foodaholic, I guess the most I miss Vizag is that Upma.

  24. No sir ….you did not add grated coconut to it. If u use it …the taste will turn into heaven. Even the type of oil u use matters, the type of curry leaves matters, type of chilly u use will matter. I have been cooking for last 40 yrs..

  25. The best upma I have ever made 🙏 thank you very much. My family now every weekend demands this upma. I still can't believe I make it, you are the best cook teacher 🙏 please teach many more such simple dishes like … pohe, sabudana khichdi, sheera, all with the right amount of salt too 🙏 thank you once again, god bless you

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