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she just took coconut oil from – that spilled onto the stove and she just rubbed it into her skin [laughs] don’t you do that? oh there’s a piece of coconut oil whats going on its lauren – and john from the one and only hot for food, exactly welcome, eeeeh hopefully you’re loving the new kitchen by now. you’ve had enough time to adjust to the change. Its gonna be ok, everything’s gonna be fine. we’re not moving back so get used to it -change is good today we are doing something a little different, we’re gonna do a collab with Jac, The Vegetarian Baker who we met, well, via Youtube i’m not really sure how but we just connected via the internet, and watched each other’s videos and became fans! so we decided we would both do a video together today we’re gonna tackle //no bake desserts// because we wanna keep it easy for you, and light, and in this case, mostly raw. uhh, Jac is cool. he wears like fun shirts in his videos that’s a plus. he makes really good desserts so i know you guys are always asking us for more dessert recipes, but, i don’t know, Jac’s got desserts covered. so go check those out he’s also really good at making drinks. which we like what’s wrong with my shirt? i think it’s pretty cool.
-yea your shirts okay. anyway, here’s Jac to tell you more about what he’s gonna make today. hello everyone, it’s Jac from The Vegetarian Baker and it is an honour to be able to collaborate with Lauren and John, for this recipe. today i’ll be showing you guys how to make key lime pie that’s vegan, no bake and gluten free. this recipe’s super delicious, and it’s got that perfect combination of creaminess, and tartiness, and sweetness to it and i know all of you guys are gonna enjoy it. so make sure to come on over to my channel, and watch my recipe at the end of hot for food’s recipe. i specialise in vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as mixed drinks, cupcakes, and cake decorating and everything in between. there’s a no holds barred to my channel so i hope you guys enjoy both of our recipes, and thanks for watching! that looks really good i can’t wait to try it for ourselves yes, now we’re making something kind of similar today, it’s no bake of course, we’re gonna do a vanilla cheesecake, of course, “cheesecake”. with chocolate-almond crust and we’re gonna put berries on top. it’s really good, it’s one of the first things i ever made going vegan and starting hot for food, so it’s a classic. umm and also, it convinced a lot of my friends that going vegan was gonna be amazing. cos they tried this when i made it for them and they were like “mm this is better than real cheesecake!” “lighter” that’s what everybody says, “lighter” this is hot for food staple though. definitely
-so uh, let’s show you how it’s done. for your crust you’re start with raw almonds that have been soaked. and you just soak them to soften them up. then add those to a food processor then you’re gonna add raw walnuts, so we’re gonna pulse the nuts together into a coarse meal before we add the other ingredients. pitted medjool dates, they’re gonna help it stick together. we’ll add shredded coconut, we’re adding cacao powder, coconut sugar, and then we’ll add a little bit of sea salt. then you’re gonna process this again until you can pinch it and it sticks together like this. for the filling you’re gonna start with raw, soaked cashews, then add maple syrup, or you can use agave nectar. lemon juice, melted coconut oil, then add the inside of one vanilla bean. you can also sub this for vanilla powder. and then you’re gonna blend until it’s really smooth. depending on your blender, this might take a little while. so you can use these mini removable tart pans, or you can use a springform pan, so now you’re gonna gently press the crust into the pan. and make an even layer all around. so this makes four mini cheesecakes, so just divide the filling evenly. so there’s just enough for these four mini cheesecakes, but you do need to get right in there and scrape with a spatula to get all the last bit of filling out. no waste in here in the hot for food kitchen every last drop gets utilised yes. and because these are no bake cheesecakes, that means no oven, they’re going right into the freezer, right? yea you’ll have to set them for at least 4-6 hours but i usually just make them, and leave them overnight. and then when you’re ready to eat them, you just take them out of the freezer, let them sit for 10 minutes, pop them out of these tart pans, and serve them! so the easiest way to do this is to just buy frozen berries, and then thaw them. and then you get all this nice juice to pour on top. there it is, vanilla cheesecake. with chocolate almond crust, and berries. it’s berry berry tasty. we promise. i’ve already eaten a bite out of it, uh, as you can see. i mean, you’ve had this many a times, shhhhhe cheated. uhh, i’m gonna take an existing piece from your piece with this lovely cherry right here, is that a cherry? it’s a cherry! is a cherry a berry? i don’t know, whatever, they were in the frozen fruit package sign failed. cherry’s a berry. i’m telling you, not to toot our own horns or anything, but you know, i’ve eaten my fair share of raw cheesecakes made with cashews but i gotta say, ours is kinda like on an upper echelon of cashew cheesecakes you can just leave these in the freezer, you know, in a nice container and they’re like ready to go whenever you need a dessert or when you have a little sweet tooth. it’s so creamy i know! i can’t get over it. kay now we have to go make Jac’s key lime pie. yes we do! so we’re gonna leave you with a link to Jake’s raw vegan key lime pie go check it out, go follow and subscribe to The Vegetarian Baker, and we are here every wednesday, at hot for food with a brand new recipe for you. and it’s just, so delicious. can we have two desserts today? key lime pie and cheesecake? yea, why not? they’re vegan. you can eat more desserts when you’re vegan. that’s true. make sure you tag any photos you’re posting of this recipe or any other ones on social media @hotforfood or #hotforfood we’ll find you and we love all the photos that you guys post of the recipes you’re making. so
-we’ll find you. [we’ll find you] bye! what? the berry? oo what? so sour! which one did you have? a raspberry right there mine’s sweet. oh! it hurt me. oh wait, i gotta take photos don’t eat too much.

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  1. Are you suppose to have 1/3 C coconut oil in the crust? You do not have that in the video but it says so in the recipie .. :S

  2. No hate to Jac but I think a fluorescent lights and a new camera, possible a better make up job, wouldn't make him look so outrageous with the orange skin and awful bright eyelids and undereyes

  3. If I was going to bake these, could I still freeze them overnight and bake them the next day? Also, could anyone tell me how this tastes/feels (texture) when baked? I'm making this for non-vegans and I'm not sure which would appeal more to them?

  4. Is someone can tell me in the comments the different nuts they used in this recipe ? I am French and I didn't get everything… Thank you and sorry for my bad english ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hey Lauren, can you please come up an idea to make vegan whoopie pie? How about vegan ice cream sandwich ? ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Šthank you!!!

  6. I tried this recipe and it didn't turn out like theirs AT all, I tried it again and nope it just didn't work out

  7. Hi guys! I love your videos! I would love to try this cheesecake recipe, but I'm allergic to cashews. ๐Ÿ™ Can you recommend an ingredient replacement? It's the only nut I'm allergic to btw. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I'm gonna surprise my big sis with this cheesecake for her birthday, thanx for for the recipe.PS my big sis is a big fan of ur channel

  9. Are you guys a couple? Because I ship it!! Haha you're so cute together… ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I can't wait to try that cheesecake, it looks all levels of delicious ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. it looks so yummy ๐Ÿ˜ i need to make it but i have a question, what brand of vanilla powder you guys use ? ๐Ÿ˜…

  11. Usually when I measure out coconut oil I'll wipe out whatever I measured the oil and rub it all over my arms. Why waste?!

  12. before the first 15 secs were done, I had to like this…. never related to anything more in my life. love you guys

  13. HELP!
    Does anyone in this comment section have a recommendation for a blender that can blend into smooth concoctions without spending too much money on set blender?

  14. tried this recipe and the flavor was absolutely amazing! everyone loved it and none of them are vegan!

    I also added whipped coconut cream with maple syrup as an extra topping because I only have big cheesecake pans so my cake came out thin. so good

  15. I wouldn't tell people I'm serving this to that it's cheesecake. I'll just call it pie. just pie. lol Its very good. I plan on making the lime pie next.

  16. I have this chilling in the freezer. I can barely wait to eat it tomorrow. I tasted the filling. It's insane how good it tastes. You guys are magicians!

  17. This is AMAZING! I've always had a hard time to shut the cravings for UNHEALTHY creamy fatty cheesecakes. No more. Jejus. I love nuts, dates, berries!!! So happy to finally get to know this recipe. Thank u sooooooo much xx

  18. I did this and it was very good! Perfect texture. But next time I'll replace the coconut oil for margarine because it tasted too much like coconut to me (I don't like coconut) and maybe margarine will give it more of a dairy taste :/

  19. Hey guys, I've just found your channel, it's sooo good! Thanks! I was wondering- do I need to cover them as they set in the freezer?

  20. I am trying to covert to a vegan diet, but I love sweets. Luckily, I found Hot for Food!!! This is the first vegan dessert I have made and I have never had vegan cheesecake before…A1!!! Makes it easier to make the change when the food is tasty.

  21. your begining made me laugh….
    after a real bad day ….!!
    u seee…I came here esp to make up my moood ….

  22. I made this the other day and my non-vegan husband and his family absolutely loved it. My husband was sad when it was over and wants more. It was yum.

  23. Do you think I can add some cornstarch, make the filling a little thicker and use it in my fruit tart? I have lemon curd as a base and want to put this on top.. but Iโ€™m scared it might be a bit too runny. Iโ€™m not putting my tart in the freezer since itโ€™s a baked shortbread tart and Iโ€™m scared itโ€™ll get too hard

  24. Omg!!!!! Lauren!!!! I have been so unhealthy and my dr suggested to go vegan. I finally got a blender like 2 days ago and last night got all the ingredients. I with the help of my 4 year old just made this vegan cheesecake and we put it in the freezer for tomorrow. We stole a taste of the crust and the filling and OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I didnt know what to expect as this is my first vegan recipe.amazing! I am speechless. I dnt think i can sleep tonight!

  25. Would this size pan work with the same measurements you used?

  26. I made this recipe for the filling, except I made and baked a graham cracker crust. I was a little skeptical at first but it was so so so delicious!!

  27. Looks great but NOONE makes it better than Gretchenโ€™s bakery.. although hers isnโ€™t raw. So maybe for being raw, yours is better..

  28. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  29. I know it's very old, but I'd need a quick answer as I am making this tomorrow morning (in about 12 hours) and my question is: when you say freezer, do you litteraly mean the freezer that freezes, or just the fridge that cools?

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