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22 thoughts on “Video shows Little Caesars employees playing baseball with dough

  1. This just adds to the reasons why I cook mostly at home and am very particular about where we eat or take out. Anyways I've always thought their pizza is shi+, never ever we'll we eat there anyways. It"s people like those employees that would feed their own families that shi+.

  2. Its unprofessional? They are working a fast food restaurant… Whats professional about that? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Dang people, what do you think your going to get for 6 bucks? Best worry what kind of meat and cheese they are putting on those things! I found a small chicken bone on mine once, at least I think it was a chicken bone! I also found hair on my pepperoni. Not human hair. But when I tried to pull them off they had roots on them. I never knew pepperoni grew hair! Learn something new every day!

  4. Wow there's a government shutdown and we're worried about Little Caesars. Get the fuck out of here every restaurant is dirty as fuck not only that who knows what the fuck we're getting fed at every restaurant

  5. I live in this city and not everyone from here is a disaster. But, I refuse to eat Little Ceasar's Pizza no matter what city it's in. However, I don't think that just because they make minimum wage that ppl should get away without being proper or professional. Last but not least, if you don't actually know more than 2 ppl in Roswell then you have no right to knock or try classify an entire city. As adults, we should all know how to be kind or be quiet. There's only 1 who can pass judgement and he's not on YouTube. Have an amazing day or night…

  6. Peoples standard for how minimum wage employees act really needs to lessen. They are obviously having fun at a place that pays them shit has no benefits and probably wont help them get to where they really want in life.

  7. First of all, all you people commenting saying β€œthey make minimum wage” are just ignorant so let me inform you. YES, at a fast food restaurant you start off at minimum wage. But that doesn’t mean you are not gonna get raises periodically or according to your performance. I work in the fast food industry and I DO NOT make minimum wage. Neither does my boss. I know people getting 14, 15 dollars an hour making sandwich’s. So please, stop with the fast food equals minimum wage crap because it’s just not true.

  8. What do you expect? People with improper education work at fast food restaurants. They can't work anywhere else because they don't have the right skills. There are enough jobs for the American population, but not enough people with the right skills. They also don't get paid enough for the hardships that come with the job. I'd rather fast food restaurants replace most of their employees with machines. It would encourage people to acquire the right skills, assuming that college and healthcare are a guarantee in the future.

  9. Also, serving customers out the trash, I guess thinking you didn't or wouldn't notice trifling people working at some of these places. Thanks to all the decent employees providing excellent service and having to work with these morally bankrupt individuals!

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