We Cooked a CNY Reunion Dinner for 100 People | Eatbook Cooks | EP 10
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We Cooked a CNY Reunion Dinner for 100 People | Eatbook Cooks | EP 10

Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Cooks! Today we have Mandon here with us. With my expert eyes, I can tell that you can cook. What are we cooking today? WHAT ARE WE COOKING TODAY! We need to come up with three courses. Let’s just think of three easy ones. What’s the first one? Pen Cai! And then, Lap Cheong Fried Rice. And then, we need to think of the third one. Let’s do Yu Sheng! Yu Sheng?! Yeah! Yu Sheng is a must-have. Why do you worry so much? Leave it to me. Okay, I’ll do the Yu Sheng, you do the fried rice, and we’ll do the pen cai. Why do we have to split up? Why should we be together? Too many hands spoil the broth! Eh! They really gave us a red packet! Yes! Okay, you should come up with the grocery list first. Enough, enough. Hey, it’s mine! Okay, the ingredient list. (Producer:) Are you ready? Yup. Yes! (Producer:) Okay, I’ll see you outside in a minute. I have the red packet, I’ll go first! Hey, I need to talk to Qing about something. I’ll see you outside. I’ll see you outside, okay? We’ll meet at the door. (Softer) Mandon left already, right? Okay. The reason why I wanted to do the Yu Sheng course just now, is because Umisushi is actually collaborating with us on this video. I know that they have a lot of Chinese New Year bundles so later, when we go grocery shopping, I’m going to drop by their store, to check out their brochure, and I’m going to opt for their delivery option. So, let’s go! Let’s go. Don’t tell him, shh! Let’s go. So now we’re at the wet market to check things off our ingredient list, and we have a lot of things to buy for all of our dishes! It’s a long list! So, let’s go! (Funky music!) Okay, we’re here at the shopping mall and Mandon, what do you need to get? I need to go buy rice! Okay, go go go go. You’re not going?! No, I need to do something private. Private?! It’s girl stuff! Don’t ask, don’t ask. Go go go! See you back here in 30 minute’s time, okay? Bye bye, see you! I thought they only had Yu Sheng, but they have a whole delivery menu! Let me check it out. Wah! Eh, dude! This is going to save us a lot of time! So we can cook more pen cai and fried rice. We should get it, right? Shall we? (Producer nods approvingly) Okay, let’s get this. Is that…? What’s she doing there? Hey, what are you doing here? Okay let’s go I thought you said you were doing girl stuff?! Let’s go back to the office! Okay! We’re back from grocery shopping and the first dish we’ll be making today is Pen Cai we’ll be using ingredients like dried shiitake mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, black fungus, and dried fish maw. This is followed by radish, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, ginger, garlic, prawns and chicken stock! Oh! I almost forgot my favourite. We’ll put this right on top of the dish. First, I’m going to rehydrate everything that needs to be rehydrated. What about you? I’ll be peeling all the vegetables and cutting them up into pieces. You should do some NANTA. Okay, bye. Leaving so soon? Oh my gosh, it’s so fair. It’s almost as fair as your arm! It’s the same as me!! Mandon is washing the vegetables. Let me do a quick call for the delivery. Hi, is this Umisushi? Okay, thank you! Bye! Let’s go back to Mandon before he gets suspicious. For the prawn, I’m trying to keep the head intact because that’s where all the flavours are. But I’m having a tough time because they’re trying to escape. They’re trying to escape?! Yeah.. So now that we are done with our preparation, we are going to start cooking by blanching. We’re going to pre-cook all these hard vegetables first. Yup, for about ten seconds before we scoop it out with our dotted spoon… slotted spoon.. spoon.. dot? AH! (Chiara is alarmed) Just kidding. (Laugh) Do you know… Do I know? that carrots can give you a nice tan? I read it online once, and I started eating a lot of carrots Okay! Next one! Tsk… Mandon is so distant, he didn’t even reply me. One thousand, two thousand… … ten thousand! Bowl! Bowl! Bowl x8 The green one! The green one! The green one! We have no choice. The green one! The green one! The green one! Now that we’re done with the blanching, we need to split up our roles, make things work faster. Okay. So you do the sauce, and I’ll do the assembling. I’m making the sauce. First, we’re going to dry fry 5 slices of ginger, 5 cloves of garlic, rehydrated mushrooms, a handful of anchovies, and some seasame oil, until it’s fragant. After that, add 700ml of chicken stock, and mushroom water into the pot. After it boils, add 1 tbsp of dark soy sauce, 2 tbsp of light soy sauce, 2 tbsp of oyster sauce, and let it simmer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, strain out all the ingredients and save 2/3 of the broth for the pen cai pot. The mushrooms that we’ve sifted out will also be used as a topping for the pen cai later on. The other 1/3 (of the broth) will be used to make the thick gravy. We will need half a bowl of hot water, and 4 tbsp of corn starch to make a cornstarch slurry. At this mixture to the 1/3 portion of the broth that we’ve just sifted out, and add 1 tbsp of chinese rice wine, and salt and pepper for taste. So this is the kind of consistency that we want, there is a certain level of thickness and viscosity to it. Now we’re going to assemble the pen cai, and this is really simple. We just need to be very neat and tidy and beautiful ~~ We’ll start by layering the bottom of our pen cai with black fungus, cabbage, raddish and carrots, so that when they get stewed, there will be a natural sweet flavour from the vegetables. Beautiful. Who, me? (Smiles at her own joke) Next up, we’ll add in the king oyster mushrooms and broccoli in the middle, to give it a pop of colour! We’ll then add in prawns, more black fungus, fishmaw, shiitake mushrooms from Mandon’s broth, and, my favourite roast pork! … Lastly, we’ll pour in the broth that Mandon prepared earlier. Woo!!! Ta-da! And we’re done!! Cover the pot with a lid, and come back to check on it every 5 minutes. It’s ready!! And we are done!! Woo!! Are you ready? I want to see how you plated it! Oh yeah, you haven’t seen it yet. 3, 2, 1! WooOoooah!! This looks a lot better than I expected. Hey! Wha- What. Why? So now we are going to pour the glaze over it, and it will be ready to be served. (Imitates Chinese New Year music) This, is our Eatbook Pen Cai. This is not the end of the story. You still have to cook your fried rice. We still have my fried rice. And I still have my Yu Sheng. Now that Chiara has abandoned me, Sure. So to make Lap Cheong Fried Rice for one person, you’ll need overnight rice, one egg, salt and pepper, half a lap cheong (chinese sausage), fish sauce, 3 cloves of garlic, and of course, oil. Before we start, we’ll have to add the egg into the rice. Then mix it up to give it a nice, yellow sheen that you see in egg fried rice you can find in restaurants. So at this point, where everything is evenly coated, I would like to add my salt and pepper straight away. This dish is so easy to make, you could make it within 10 minutes from the preparation, chopping everything, to serving it to your friends and family. This is a bit suspicious, do you think Mandon knows? He didn’t even ask about the Yu Sheng ingredients, I didn’t buy anything for it. Okay, that’s good for us. Anyway, the delivery man is coming in about 5 minute’s time, so let’s take a break first. We will start off by toasting our garlic, then we will be putting our lap cheong in, so we get that very nice flavour and oil that will be incorporated into our fried rice later on. After the lap cheong is done, we will add some oil to stir fry them even further. To add more umami to the dish, we will also be adding fish sauce. Oh! Oh my gosh, I think this is the delivery man. Hello? Okay, okay! I’ll come down now. I still have two more ingredients to add. What? You’re so slow? Check out my Yu Sheng, look! Your Yu Sheng? (Laughs) No way!!! Where did you get the ingredients? Okay, I don’t want to take the credit. I actually ordered it from Umisushi. Ah, I knew it! Of course! How could Qing and I produce a platter like this? So what have you been doing? After you ordered it, did you just sit in the studio? No… I don’t know what you’re talking about! Okay, let me go and keep the Yu Sheng for later. Back to the fried rice! Once everything is fragrant, we will dump our rice into the pan and stir fry it until our fried rice is ready. I like my fried rice to be more colourful than usual, so I’ll add this in and sauce it up. Now, we are going to plate our fried rice. Aaah! To make that very nice igloo shape, cover your bowl with your plate and flip it over. And there you have your very own lap cheong fried rice for Chinese New Year! Now that we’re done with the Pen Cai and the Fried Rice, I’m gonna try my fried rice. Did someone say mmm? You always find me at the worst timings. I’m super hungry! Try try try try try try. Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Taste Testers! Oh! You guys miss that, don’t you? You must be wondering who we prepared this reunion dinner for! I will tell you, but after I finish my fried rice. We’ll see you in a minute! We’ve cooked up a feast for our foreign Chinese friends! This is because it may be difficult for them to head back to their hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year. So we’ve made a very local version of a reunion dinner, to thank them for their contribution. So today, we prepared a Chinese reunion dinner for… A HUNDRED PEOPLE!! (Claps and cheers!!) Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! We have come up with… Oh my gosh! First and foremost, before we start, we’re going to do something a lot of Singaporean Chinese do during Chinese New Year, which is Lo Hei! Huat ah! Lao ah! As you enjoy your Yu Sheng, let me tell you what other food we have today! The team has prepared fried rice and pen cai that you can take from the counters over here. We also have Umisushi platters that we’ll put right in the centre for everyone to enjoy! We’re back in the studio after a long day. It seems so surreal now that everything is over, that we were able to walk out of that room and say that Eatbook fed a hundred people today. I mean, it’s all thanks to the team as well. A lot of them helped with the chopping, the dicing. It really was a lot of work. Prep work is so hard for 80 to 100 people. Exactly! Imagine if Chiara had made Yu Sheng, she would have had to shred so much! Oh my gosh, my fingers would’ve been shredded off! She would have had to shred all the carrots and raddish! Just now, I ordered four festive bundles for the party. They were the Golden Treasures, Abundance Treasures, Golden Happiness, and Abundance Happiness. They all come with a sushi platter, a side, and Yu Sheng. Umisushi actually has a la carte Yu Sheng starting from only $32.80! If you’re still watching the video at this point, lucky you! Because we, in collaboration with Umisushi, have a promo code for you! It is: It gives you 10% off all a la carte items, excluding the delivery fee. If you have been tasked to plan for a reunion dinner this year, don’t forget to check out Umisushi festive deals, for a new and affordable alternative this Chinese New Year! If you liked this very special episode of Eatbook Cooks, you can watch more of our videos over there! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye!!!! (Imitates Chinese New Year music) (Choo choo choo sounds) (Jokingly asks for a red packet but does it wrongly) NO! The correct way to say it is (Jokingly asks for a red packet but does it loudly)

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