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100 thoughts on “We Played A “Mario Party” Cooking Minigame In Real Life • Tasty

  1. 0:33 omg is it just me or does it reminds anyone else of when PewDiePie did that awkward high five / hand shake thing and really failed 😂😂😂😂

  2. "Dont do this at home" shits people on internet says while doin stupid things to be the cool one or the stupid one. What makes you special? Why cant i do it too? I want to do stupid shits and become stupid like y'all too

  3. I want to see if Alvin can make a huge pumpkin pie slice with whip cream on top and vanilla ice cream on the side

  4. Hmmm… Why not try to replicats Poffins from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum? Cute cookie/pastry cooking minigame, though I can't think of any real world equivalent.

  5. Should be using a gas stove top, the hot plate is not how they're doing it in game which means u cant hold it up like in game

  6. Avengers: Endgame will be the biggest crossover

    Tasty: Real life Felix from Reck it Ralph and real life the main character from Lorax play a Mario cooking game.

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