We Re-created The Gotcha Pork Roast From Food Wars | Eatbook Cooks | EP 5
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We Re-created The Gotcha Pork Roast From Food Wars | Eatbook Cooks | EP 5

Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs, my name is Suphon, and today we’re going to do a really interesting episode. We’ll be re-creating a dish from Food Wars! Food Wars is actually an anime, where they make really exciting dishes, that you never knew could be mixed together. We’re actually going to do the Gotcha Pork Roast. It looks exactly like a nice piece of pork roast, but inside, we’re actually going to put mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Let’s get started. So we have, In the anime, what they do is they use eryngii mushrooms, which is king oyster mushroom. But we want to be a bit different, we add swiss brown mushrooms, to give it a bit more texture, at the same time a bit more flavour to it as well. Okay, we start with the swiss brown mushrooms first. We’ve got to take out the stalk, because it’s a bit … We’re going to take out the stalk, then we will chop it up really finely. So the next one is the king oyster mushroom. So this is also a very versatile mushroom, you can fry it, you can roast it, you can steam it as well also. And now we’re going to finely chop up the onions. So make sure you keep the root end as well, because it will help us later when we’re cutting the onions. If you keep the root end, you won’t tear so much. So now we’re going to start frying the filling, but, to save time, we’re actually going to pre-heat the oven. So that when the pork roast enters, it starts cooking immediately. So we’re going for around 220 degrees. So right now we’re going to start by sweating the mushrooms, with some onion and butter. Sweating means we’re going to go really, really low heat. To actually not colour the food, but actually cook it so that, the flavours get released very gently together. You know you’re done when the onions are a bit clear and translucent as they always say. It’s also very important to season as you go, just going to cook it very gently. Show it lots of love. Okay, so it looks like they’re almost ready, so we’re going to add the mushrooms. and then also the king oyster mushrooms. So we’re just going to sweat them again, just cook it without colouring, that’s the most important thing. Because, once you colour it, it becomes very hard. Just a pinch of salt, and a pinch of black pepper again. So you are building layers, season bit by bit. So we’re going to start peeling our potatoes. So, what we chose, is actually russet potato. What we’re looking for today, is to have a good amount of starch, not too much, not too little. So that our potatoes stay really nice and dense, instead of being too light, then it breaks up. so today is all about So after rinsing them, we’re just going to start cutting them. What we’re looking for is to cut them into even pieces. So that they boil really quickly. But at the same time not so small as well, So that it retains a lot of starch. So we’re looking at something around this size. So what we’re going to do, is we’re going to boil the potatoes. So it’s very important to start with cold water, Because if you start with hot water, the inside won’t get cooked. It’s been around 15 to 20 minutes, and you know that the potatoes are almost done when, you take the largest piece, and take a toothpick, the toothpick should be able to insert really cleanly, and it comes out. And we’re just going to drain them, and then we’re going to start mashing them. I’m using a potato masher, so I’m just going to mash it up. At the same time, I’m also going to add butter to it. So butter gives it a very luxurious and smooth mouthfeel. One thing to note, this butter is actually melted butter. If you add cold butter, it won’t mix as well as hot butter. So in the anime as well, we noticed that they didn’t add butter, but you know, want it to have a bit more of a smooth feel to it, a bit more of a luxurious mouthfeel to it as well. So now that they’ve been mixed up already, we’re going to use a spatula, to actually mix it around. And now we’re going to add in the onion and mushroom filling that we prepared earlier. Alright, so now this is the most fun part. We’re actually going to start assembling the pork roast. So we’re going to start by layering up the base first, we have this butcher’s twine here. And we’re just going to layer it nicely, once we’re done, we’re going to layer the bacon. I’m just going to form the potato filling, into a really round and compact ball. Looks like a really nice compact ball. So you see, because of the starchiness that we put, it stays nice and compact. Form it up really nicely, and then we’re just going to cover it. and then tie it up, adn we’re done. And right now, we have this very nice fresh rosemary, and we’re going to scatter it around the pork roast. Pop this into the oven at around 220 degrees for around 20 to 25 minutes. Just going to finish up with a really lovely red wine based sauce. We start by heating up the pan up on medium heat, we’re going to cook it down to about half it’s volume. And we’re going to add the soy sauce next, notice that I didn’t add the soy sauce with the red wine, because I didn’t want to get the soy sauce to get reduced so much. I noticed also that in the anime, they use sake and red wine. But, we tried experimenting with it, and realised that it tasted a little weird. We’re just going to season it here. Right now, we’re going to lower the heat, and finish the sauce with butter. So this is a very classic french technique, where they add in a ton of butter at the end of the cooking process. This gives the sauce a velvety and smooth mouthfeel. Alright, so we’re done with the sauce, and just nice, the pork roast is also ready. So we can take it out right now. We’re going to plate it, by pouring the sauce all over it, and then let a few people try. I know what this is, because I watch the show. Yeah, I also watch the show, so I sort of know what it is. Ya, I also watch the show … Liar! It looks like it’s bacon wrapped something. I guess more pork in the middle. It looks like a huge roast pork. Everything with bacon looks appetising. Actually it’s quite impressive that you made this in the office kitchen. Ya man, it was smelling so good for a good 2 hours. Woahhhhhh I’m going to see if this is elite culinary school material. My clothes better fly off man. K: Nice eh.
A: Wah, it’s really damn good. It’s comforting, and I would totally eat this, any time of the day. The potato is like really damn nice. The saltiness of the bacon sipped into the potato, So the potato has a more savoury taste, instead of being like just buttery. And it’s not dry, because of the mushrooms. Tastes like Christmas. It’s only potato and bacon, but it tastes like a fine dining meal, like I would totally pay for this. And we’re not even the type of people who will hype things up. Ya, actually I try to diss Suphon everyday. This is the nicest thing that Eatbook has given me to eat. I cannot stop. Do you want to eat? Producer. Cheers Suphon. Thanks Suphon. And my thumb toe’s also up. So after watching the ladies completely destroy the dish, I think it’s very nice to see that it’s well received, actually it’s not that difficult to do the dish, I think I definitely recommend people to try making it at home. It’s quick, it’s affordable, and I think people will like it. So, very simple ingredients. So if there are any other dishes that you would like us to re-create from Food Wars, let us know in the comments below. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, if you like this video, don’t forget to check out our other videos over there. And also, to like, share, and subscribe. Bye.

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61 thoughts on “We Re-created The Gotcha Pork Roast From Food Wars | Eatbook Cooks | EP 5

  1. yall seriously gotta try make soma's mapo tofu or for a more technical challenge, maybe the two vegetable terrines in the show?

  2. Maybe can add Shokugeki no Soma / 食戟のソーマ in the video title? #moreviews

    Also, I wonder if there can be a one-pot cooking challenge for those small electric pots?

  3. I get that it is recreated from food wars and it should stay true but Honestly, the sauce should be accentuated with some garlic and onions and reduced to almost a paste and add like half a stick of butter to smooth it out to get the really french feel and plate it with the sauce on the side.
    But do remember this mashed potato recipe is for a ball of mashed potato.
    Although a good mashed potato, its too stiff.
    If you want a good mashed potato, boil the potatoes as long as you dare, mash it up with butter, cream and pureed garlic until smooth for a nice garlic mashed potato. Make sure not to overwork it.
    Do tweak the recipe according to your taste but dont forget the salt and use unsalted butter.
    Salting the dish is better than salting a component single of the dish.
    Pepper and brown gravy are optional.
    But in most cases, not required because its so damn good.

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