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35 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville – SNL

  1. Lmao. That was good. Neo nazis…makes me laugh because I bet most German nazis wouldn’t even approve of American wannabe nazis. Fucking idiots

  2. How is one woman so funny? She's a miracle of a human who does more than any President has to actually make people happier.

  3. 67% of Americans are convinced a second civil war is inevitable. 74% of enlisted military are conservatives, 93% of officers. A much higher percentage of veterans are conservative. Liberals hate cops, cops hate liberals. Conservatives love guns(in part for this reason), liberals hate guns. Liberals are centered in major cities completely dependant on uninterrupted supply chains. Newsflash traitors: there are no stockpiles of rice. When the shit hits the fan your friends are going to murder you for your last jar of pickles. Keep pushing, motherfuckers. Tick.Tock.

  4. Racism is bad. But the Charlottesville police let both sides get away with an insane amount of violence. I was amazed with the shooting, stabbing, punching and kicking that weren't stopped at all by anyone. Most of the time people got beat nearly to death on both sides. To be honest, the racists were in much more physical danger since there were thousands of angry antifa mob members there ready to fight the dozens of racists. Its amazing there weren't any racists who didn't get killed. I think it was only because of how well armed they were. Not because of police protection.

  5. The day after this aired, my mother and I bought a cake and proceeded to attack it with forks and shovel it into our mouths. We were inspired.

  6. awesome Tina, but we are the Moors the land you speak of is Morocco the Empire. black coloured and Indian are not nationality. We are Moors.

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