Welcome – Snow College’s 17th President Brad Cook
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Welcome – Snow College’s 17th President Brad Cook

Hello, I’m Brad Cook, the new President of
Snow College, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with you in taking
Snow to its next level of excellence. I am a proud badger alum and it is a
thrill to back at Ephraim to get reacquainted with that Spirit of Snow
that I’ve missed after being away so many years, but no matter where I’ve gone
in my career Snow College has never been far from my
mind and I’m excited to now be in a position to engage more deeply with this
great place. I come here with a firm belief in the critical importance of
giving our students the best and most affordable experience possible. Helping
them achieve their academic goals, and successfully launching their careers, and
preparing them for lives of success. Places like Snow College recognize the
changes that the future demands of Students. The main campus in Ephraim, and
the Richfield campus, understand the world is inherently interdisciplinary
and that employers require more than just skill training which is necessary
but insufficient. The new economy demands thoughtful, engage, imaginative and
innovative graduates and this requires institutions like Snow to harness the
power of technology to create innovative learning environments and offer a broad
array of programs that meet not only our students transfer goals but also help
meet their career ambitions. I’m very enthusiastic to build on the successful
foundations of the current programs in both Ephraim and Richfield and I look
forward to finding ways of extending additional training education to the
broader six-county service region, but at the top of my list of priorities is
listening and learning from you the students, faculty, staff, alumni and
community and others who make Snow such a special place I want to hear about your
experiences at Snow and your ideas for its future so that we can understand
together the critical opportunities and challenges for Snow College. So in a time
when there is hunger for innovation everywhere Snow College can prepare a
generation of students that can rise to the challenges of our current age. The
world is in flux and we need to continually rethink and reimagine
education to help students face a rapidly changing future so then they not
only can succeed, but thrive as Shakespeare once wrote, “We know who we
are but we know not what we may be.” and it’s my sincere belief that Snow
College is positioned to be a wellspring of innovation and creativity and stands
on the verge of another exciting era Snow is an extraordinary place, with a
special and unique history, but it still has important work to do. Its best days
are still ahead and I’m eager for the opportunity to join you as we, together,
guide it toward its next level of excellence and public service. Thank you

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