What Fans Should Know About The Stuffed Crust From Pizza Hut
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What Fans Should Know About The Stuffed Crust From Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza was hands
down one of the biggest revelations in pizza. Aside from being ridiculously delicious, stuffed
crust actually has a storied past, and we’re ready to learn more. This is the truth about Pizza Hut’s stuffed
crust pizza. Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust has been a staple
in households in the U.S. and across the globe for years. The genius pizza combination originally debuted
in 1995, and it has since taken on a life of its own. Pizza Hut originally opened in 1958 in Wichita,
Kansas, and up until the stuffed crust recipe was introduced, the chain hadn’t introduced
a new type of crust since Pan Pizza in 1980. That new type of crust was life-changing for
cheese lovers everywhere, and we all have Patty Scheibmeir, a former food scientist
for Pizza Hut, to thank for that. Scheibmeir told FoodBeast that her bosses
originally thought she was absolutely crazy when she first began talking about the new
product, and it took three whole years for stuffed crust to come to fruition because
of their skepticism. A lot has changed since Pizza Hut’s stuffed
crust was first introduced more than two decades ago. For one, Donald Trump, who was the first spokesperson
for Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust, is now the sitting U.S. President. But before Trump took the oval office, the
then-minor celebrity starred in a novelty pizza commercial with his ex-wife, Ivana. The commercial debuted in 1995 after Pizza
Hut had tried a number of marketing techniques for the new introduction. Creative director Janet Lyons told Business
Insider, “They tried to sell it a million times, a
million different ways, and it just wouldn’t sell.” Apparently, casting a celebrity couple gaining
a lot of press following their divorce at the time and asking them to describe eating
stuffed crust as doing it “the wrong way” was just the answer they were looking for. “May I have the last slice?” “Actually, you’re only entitled to half.” According to Restaurant News, stuffed crust
pizza generated more than $300 million in sales in its first year alone, and became
the inspiration for the Hut’s continuous innovations. Pizza isn’t really known for being healthy. It’s made up of carbs, carbs, and more carbs
topped with sauce, meats, veggies, and cheese. So when you add even more cheese by literally
stuffing it into the crust, you might think the calorie count would go way up. Well, stuffed crust lovers rejoice! As it turns out, stuffed crust doesn’t actually
add that many more calories to your meal. When it comes down to the nutritional content,
a large hand-tossed Pizza Hut pizza with marinara, pepperoni, and cheese comes in at 300 calories
per slice. Adding on the option of stuffed crust to your
pepperoni pizza only actually increases your calorie count by 40 calories for each slice,
topping each slice off at 340 calories. An extra 40 calories really isn’t very many
in the grand scheme of things. Maybe that means every pizza night should
be stuffed crust night? We won’t judge. Pizza Hut established a name for itself by
inventing crazy menu items over the years, and stuffed crust was just the beginning of
that trend. And even though Pizza Hut has been holding
on to that stuffed crust crown for over two decades, there still seems to be some debate
as to whether the chain was really the first to make stuffed crust. When the gooey, cheesy crust made its debut
at Pizza Hut, inventors came forward claiming to have invented it themselves as far back
as the 1940s. But a Brooklyn native named Anthony Mongiello
came forward saying he invented the same type of pizza in 1987, with a patent in hand to
prove his story. According to Paste magazine, the Mongiello
family sued Pizza Hut for a whopping $1 billion, but ultimately lost. Essentially, the judge noted that owning the
idea of cheese stuffed inside bread is impossible, leaving Pizza Hut to continue to make stuffed
crust for pizza lovers for years to come. In 2017, Pizza Hut debuted a Marmite stuffed
crust pizza in New Zealand. Marmite is a popular yeast-based spread found
in the UK and New Zealand, so naturally Pizza Hut stuffed it into a crust. But the unique combos don’t stop there. In Australia, the company paired up with a
famed meat pie maker to debut their meat pie crust. They served it up with eight little meat pies
as the crust, with some customers choosing to add ketchup as a topper. But perhaps the most delicious crust option
is in Taiwan, where Pizza Hut introduced a Pineapple Bun Crust Pizza. The crust was based off the love for Pineapple
Buns in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, and it’s made by serving up a crispy shell with
a soft, sweet crumb stuffed with cheese. Talk about the perfect sweet and savory combo. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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44 thoughts on “What Fans Should Know About The Stuffed Crust From Pizza Hut

  1. way to get your crazy facts @mashed.

    i live in New Zealand and have never EVER seen a marmite crust pizza advertised, had to do a little research myself it was introduced in 2014 for a limited time…and yeah that limited time ended in 2014…it fukn died. the hell you even resurrecting this monster in 2019?

  2. Basically the only time I'll eat Pizza "Hut pizza" is if it's stuff crust. Anything less than that,I'll politely decline.

  3. Back in the day it was my favorite pizza from there.Too bad they lost my business in 2003.When Little Caesars offer their stuff crust I buy them up.And,always have Degorno’s stuff crust in the freezer.Better stuff

  4. Why are US fast food pizza crusts so SWEET? Jesus fucking christ, look at Dominos, Pizza Hut OR Papa Johns.. so sweet, either the sauce or the crust! YUCK! NO THANK U

  5. The stuffed crust pizza always is super thin that always seamed super cheap to me and it had a different sauce to it that was not very good.

  6. The only pizza I buy is a stuffed crust from pizza hut. Unless I'm out with the wife grocery shopping. Then we get a costco pizza

  7. The average American diet is infested with ingredients that promote antibiotic resistance, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
    Organic pizza tastes better and it's healthier.

  8. Stuffed crust is one of the most annoying pizzas for the production workers to make. Normally they'll have enough prepped for the night, but then there is always that one person who orders one 5 minutes before close to the furthest place they deliver to, costing everyone about 30-40 minutes extra to close the store.
    I don't see why you would get alot more calories with the stuffed crust. Each slice has is just a normal slice with about 5/8ths of a mozzarella stick.

  9. The manager at the Pizza Hut on 50th and L Street in Omaha pisses on the pizza if you order it a half an hour before closing time is what my coworker told me

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