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100 thoughts on “Which Celebrity Has The Best Wings Recipe? • Tasty

  1. the asian girl is more pretentious than those sesame seeds… But her tasting is as bad as someone who eats while having a cold , right after brushing teeth lol

  2. I came to the comments to see if people also noticed how annoying that Asian chick was. I was not disappointed lmao

  3. I have a bad feeling the asian girl grew up in a really salty dish since she cant distingiush spices and limited spices to eat. CoughPinoycough

  4. Why did the second girl say there did not need to be any sesame oil on that it’s just pretentious there was no sesame oil at all there was sesames seeds

  5. Can the asian girl like shut the fuck up. Why is she even in this video. Ungratefull bitch, be happy that you at least get to eat all the stuff they make.

  6. Everyone’s talking about the Asian girl, and yeah, she’s a sucky human being, but can we just talk about HOW PRECIOUS THAT BLACK GIRL IS? OMG!

  7. The asian girl is that kid whos parents are rich but she pretends to be above all the “pretentious” shit and wants recognition for being so “humble” like wtf ur not quirky and relatable for saying that, it doesnt make u down to earth

  8. Asian chick was such a bitch. “Has no flavor” she says to a professional recipe but then compliments a wing that tastes like Pizza Hut. All her stupid comments ruined this video for me.

  9. I know this has nothing to do with the video like that but I’m gonna need that guy to paint his nails black that red does not look right

  10. Can someone re-take the video again but without the Asian girl. Like come on
    I am a calm guy
    But i want to deep hard chock her after i hear about Gordon wings and her LOVE to pizza hut…

    The food that pizza hut serves makes my ass in to a drive through

  11. Mate the fucking Chinese women needs to fuck off !!! Shes just salty with everything !! Please remove her from future video's …its fucking disgusting to see her!

  12. I would really² like to know what the Asian women doing for living. Honestly, I guess something like a Guard in a prison.

  13. Dude the I got so mad about the Asian Girl man I just want to punch her in the face man she got no taste and no mind Imagine the Asian Girl Watch The comments and Said "Guys Why You Hate Me"
    And I will say cause you don't have a mind and taste next time tasty don't put here

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