Whole Grain Pizza Crust
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Whole Grain Pizza Crust

using a blend of 50-50 whole wheat and enriched all-purpose flour
when preparing baked products like pizza crust is a good way
to enhance acceptance by children the characteristics of dough for pizza
crust made with whole wheat flour will look
and feel different then if you used only enriched all purpose flour because the bran in
whole wheat flour absorbs water while mixing and kneading you will
need to determine if you have the right liquid to dry
ratio. Observe that the dough pulls away from the sides
of the mixing bowl and forms a ball easily. If it doesn’t you may have to add
more water. After kneading dough made with whole wheat flour me feel tacky or stickier. Resist the
temptation to add more flour to make the dough smooth or less sticky. When whole grain dough feels moist, the dough will produce a lighter product. This is especially true for pizza dough
because it does not contain tenderizers such as non-fat dry milk or sugar and
will become dry if too much flour is added. Some school
food service staff have found that children enjoy pizza crust made with a blend 50/50 whole wheat flour and enriched all- purpose rather than 100 percent whole wheat. As you can see the crust is lighter colored then if it were made with a 100 percent whole wheat flour. The pizza sauce and
toppings like cheese are a good way to mask the whole wheat flavor. Pizza is a favorite food of most children so adding whole grain flour to the crust represents a strategic way to enhance acceptance.

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