Will Capri Curves Perform The Best Circus Trapeze Act?! | Mad Different Workouts
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Will Capri Curves Perform The Best Circus Trapeze Act?! | Mad Different Workouts

– Hey guys, it’s Simone
here with another episode of “Mad Different Workouts”. Today I’m here at Cirque School
L.A. Getting ready to get some
trapeze on. Why is it so hard? I’m a little nervous because
my upper body strength ain’t all that. I’m all lower body. But we’re about to find
out, so stay tuned. Guys, this is my trainer
Lindsay. Hi, Lindsay, how are you? – Good, how are you? – I am lovely. So I think we’re getting
ready to warm up, right? – Yes, so we’re going to start
with a pilates ball warm-up. – I’m ready, I’m ready, all
right. – The first thing we’re going to
do is very gently just move our
hips. – Oh, circus a little nasty
nasty. – [Narrator] Oh yeah. – The next thing we’re going
to do is some jumping jacks, which feel absolutely absurd on
the ball and we’re just raising our
heartbeats ready to get–
– Feels a little weird, guys, but reminds me of being
a kid all over again. – This next thing we’re
going to do can feel scary if you haven’t gone upside
down since childhood. – Seriously? Okay. – All the way to the ground. You’ve got it, both hands! Toes go up to the ceiling. – To the ceiling, hold on. (heavenly chiming) – Open into a straddle. – Okay.
– And then close. (both cheering) That was it! – This is just a warm-up.
– This is the warm-up. It’s going to be a problem. Oh my god. Lindsay just killed me on the
warm-up. But we’re about to get
into the real deal now. So what are we going to do? – The very first thing
we’re going to do is climb. Have you climbed a rope
or anything like that? (record scratching) – No, but okay. – (laughs) That’s okay. You’re going to start with the
fabric on the inside of your knee and your leg is going to whoosh
around. Very technical.
– She makes that look so easy. (Simone whines)
– Yes! Straighten your legs out and then you’re going to stand. Keep that bottom foot super
flexed. – I can’t move. (penguin honking) – You got it, yes, that’s it! Let’s go high again. – No! (Simon cries) I was so close, I did one. It’s day one, guys, take it
easy. Woo! – Great, so we’re going
to try to go upside down. – Lindsay! Lindsay has so no such
thing as baby steps. It’s just like (slapping). – Yes, yes, that’s it. – And then.
– Keep going, keep going. (Simone screams)
That’s it! (whimsical chiming) Then you’re going to let go of
your hands. (Simone whines) Yes, that’s it. – Don’t fall down.
– You can pretend you’re 30 feet in the air. – Okay. Finding my beauty. (camera clicking)
(triumphant music) – [Crowd] Wow! – I’m finding my dizziness. Yeah, oh! That was amazing. – That was our journey in silks. – Hell of a journey. (adventurous music)
(Simone shouts) We’re getting into trapeze,
right? – Yeah.
– All right. So what are we going to do? – The first thing is
to hang from our knees. (heavenly chiming)
– Okay. – I’m going to take one foot on
the bar and I’m going to sneak
my other one through. I’m going to point my feet, really squeezing my heels to my
butt and I’m just going to
try to hang for a second. And if I can, I’m going to pull
up and down.
– Okay Lindsay, that’s not happening. – [Announcer] What? (branches cracking) (Simone cries) – All right.
– I’ll be here. – Please. – Put one foot up, yes,
get the other one through. Go, go, yes, yes, yes, up.
(elephant trumpets) Nice, both knees on. (applauding) – Woo! (sighs) That wasn’t too bad. You feel it a little bit right
here. But that’s only step one, so I
don’t know. – [Lindsay] Yeah, that’s it! All right, we’re going to
try to find the balance. – Now we have to do this
with no hands, great. – [Lindsay] Yes, that’s it. (creaking) – Ooo.
– Yeah, that was it. Awesome, so how are your hands
feeling? You want to do one more thing? – All right, what are we going
to do? Let’s do it.
– Cool. (crowd cheering) (crowd gasps) (crowd cheering) – I had an amazing time
swinging from trapeze, the silks, and everything. Lindsay, how did I do? – You were fabulous. (crowd awing) – I did the best that I could
do. Trust me, my upper body is
killing me. I can’t wait to see you
guys next time, bye! To see much more content,
subscribe below. See you soon.

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