Wood Fired Oven Video – How to Make Pizza Dough
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Wood Fired Oven Video – How to Make Pizza Dough

Hi, my name is Anna from Los Angeles Ovenworks.
This is a tutorial on how to make the best pizza dough. The first half of making the dough,
is what we call “making the sponge.” The sponge consists of: 1-teaspoon sugar 2 ¼ -teaspoons dry yeast 1-tablespoon flour 1 cup of warm water, like 110 Degrees Wisk the ingredients together and let sponge sit for
about 10 minutes until the yeast “blossoms”. This will test the validity of the yeast and
make sure it is still good. Add the remaining cup of water
The two tablespoons of olive oil Then add slowly 4 cups of flour Once dough is formed let the machine knead
at slow speed for 6 minutes. Then turn the dough onto a working table and
finish kneading by hand, adding about ½ cup of flour in the process. Shape into a ball and set aside for proofing for about 2 hours. I prefer to proof the dough overnight in the
refrigerator for 24 hours, it will add more flavor. Now here is the dough after it has been proofing for 24 hours in the refrigerator After the dough has been proofing, punch it
down and place it on a lightly floured working surface. I don’t want to use a lot of flower. Weigh it and then divide the dough into equal parts.
For 14” pizza pies, divide the dough into three parts. For 12” pies divide into four parts. Place each ball into a plastic container with lid. Let it sit for another one hour at room temperature
[two to three hours if you let it refrigerate overnight] and you are ready to bake the most
delicious pizza ever! You can find out more on our website: losangelesovenworks.com

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